5 Ways to Use Instagram Stories For Your Business Growth

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Indeed, Instagram is becoming the most used platform for businesses and marketers to sell and promote their merchandise. Moreover, introducing Instagram Stories has become a great boom for business owners to flourish their businesses. 

Entrepreneurs use this Story feature to showcase their new products, offer giveaways, make important announcements, and for event promotions. Adding to this, most of the business owners buy instagram video views to increase their visibility and engagement for their business profiles. 

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to take your business to the next level? Then you are in the right place. This article will help magnify your business growth in ample time. 

How to Utilize Instagram Stories Feature? 

Instagram stories are a vertical, full-screen display where you can share photos and videos. The shared images and videos will disappear after a specific time limit, i.e., 24 hours. It is displayed on your Instagram homepage with the account’s profile picture.

Besides, you can also add stickers, polls, music, and filters to your Story content. The recent data shows that many users find the story more interactive and are able to connect with their followers in a direct way of communication. They find more attraction for the order of Instagram story viewers these days.

5 Ways to Grow Your Business Through Instagram Stories

So far, you have come to learn about the usage of Instagram Stories. So let’s get deep into it and discuss how to use this Stories feature to grow your business. 

#1 Record Your Video in Vertical Format 

If you are a new beginner, using the videos you have taken beforehand is okay. Also, if you want to run an ad through Stories, Instagram will automatically help you make your existing content into an ad format. 

But Stories that are recorded freshly will have a better chance of performance than sharing your already taken video. So plan and shoot your story content in the vertical format at the beginning itself. 

#2 Show up Your Brand Identity 

Instagram is primarily a visually driven platform. So visual content plays a prominent role in your performance of business development. Visual branding gives a better opportunity for visibility rather than using audio tracks in your Stories. 

While creating your Instagram Story, make sure you use a consistent style of colours, fonts, gifs, and story templates. These things will make your Stories look appealing to the audiences. You can even create your designs and templates for your Stories. You can develop your creativity to speak the best for your business. So please make use of it and express your true self.

#3 Highlight Your Stories On Your Profile Page

Instagram Story Highlights paved a new dimension to the Story feature since its release. It serves as a space for regular users to highlight their vacation or holiday spots and favourites. But for the business, Highlights are one of the ways to showcase achievements and products as an extension of their profile bio.

You can use this HIghlights feature to make the followers aware of your business. it includes details such as

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Why are you doing this business? And
  • About your products or services. 

While creating your stories, state these purposes and highlight them in your profile. This will make your page look like a mini brochure. Besides, endeavoring Inzfy will help to increase the views and engagement of your Stories instantly. 

#4 Use Stickers in Your Stories

Stickers are a great way to interact with your audience and know about them. If you click on the sticker option at the top of the story. It opens up with a wide range of stickers. Here are a few Sticker options which you can add to your story.

i) Polls Sticker

Poll stickers are the best way to help you interact with your followers. Also, you can use this sticker option to conduct research, get customer feedback about your product, or learn about your audience’s mindset and interest. This sticker offers more possibilities, so use it per your preference. 

ii) Question Sticker

This question sticker made it easy for the brand to allow its audience or customers to shoot out their questions. It is one of the beneficial features of Instagram Stories, where you can build a community for your business and brand. It will create a belief among your audience that your brand is reliable, trustworthy, and cares about the customer’s opinion. This will ultimately result in the growth of your business.  

iii) Reaction Slider Sticker

This Reaction Slider sticker allows the user to share a response to your story’s content. Most of the time, brands use these stickers to know whether the audience likes their product. So in this way, you can learn about your product’s performance in the market. Also, interactive stickers like this will help stimulate your Instagram profile’s engagement rate significantly. Besides, you can exert Inzfy, which will steer up your engagement rate in a reasonable period. 

iv) Countdown Sticker

Countdown stickers are an added advantage for brands to promote contests, sales, offers, and announcements. Business profiles can now set a count timer to make an important update or to release a new product. This will make your followers actively attentive to your profile to know what you are coming up with this time. 

v) Link Sticker

Recently, this feature has been available only for Instagram accounts that have 10k followers and more. However, you can use this feature if you are a business profile with a large follower count. Use this and attach the link to your landing page in every story post. This link will redirect your company website whenever your viewers click on the link. 

vi) Location Sticker

As you know, Instagram is all about interacting and building community over a shared common interest. So you can make use of this location sticker to increase the discoverability of your business. For example, if your followers welcome your products, there may be chances of paying a visit to your company. Also, this is one of the simplest and quickest ways to gain more impressions for your Stories. 

#5 Instagram Live Feature

Many brands find this feature effective for them to drive engagement for their profile page. Furthermore, if your lives get more viewers and attention, it will be featured in the ‘Top Live’ on the Explore Page. You can use this Live option to reveal your upcoming product updates, features, events, and interviews, and answer queries. 

Wrapping it Up

To sum it all up, Instagram is one of the potential social media platforms to grow your business. With the Stories feature, you can spread about your business or brand overseas, drive traffic to your web page and increase your e-commerce sales. 

Those mentioned above are only some ways, and you can do a lot more to upgrade your business to the next level in the market. So choose wisely and play nice with the Stories feature!

*The information in this article does not necessarily reflect the views of The Global Hues. We make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information in this article.*  

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