Entrepreneurship is about turning what excites you in life into capital, so that you can do more of it and move forward with it.”  – Richard Branson

Can entrepreneurs be born? Yes! Can entrepreneurs be made? Yes! These may seem like very simple questions but have a hidden meaning attached. The ability to apply dedication, discipline, hard work, and aptitude the right way and in the right space is what makes an entrepreneur successful. We can all be made into something fruitful if we have the correct vision and mission to apply ourselves unconditionally to anything we want. The same applies to entrepreneurship. As stressful as it may sound, but entrepreneurship is an amazing experience. Here are some reasons why it can be said so:

  • You are the decision-maker

Obviously! It’s your business. You are your own boss and you own your own time. You don’t have to take orders from anyone, it’s really that simple. It’s all about you, your plans, your actions, your opinions, your thoughts, and your potential. And most importantly, being an entrepreneur you have full control over your destiny and nobody will get in or hold you back in the way of your ultimate vision. You enjoy much better independence and liberty while making business decisions and choices.

  • You can turn your dreams into reality

Your dreams and planning are not just in your mind anymore! You get the full freedom to implement your ideas in your company. And wouldn’t it be interesting to watch your vision transform into reality right before your eyes? You can pour into your ideas and invest all the necessary resources, take risks, learn from your mistakes, build connections and communities and acquire new knowledge each day thereby, helping you to excel and grow exponentially.

  • You are a satisfied Entrepreneur now 

The satisfaction of saying you’re a business owner now is just beyond imagination. You can now proudly hold your head up and say “This is the company I own.” Although building a business is not an easy job and it needs more effort than being an employee of a company, but the satisfaction of creating your own business empire is a whole different feeling. 

  • Connections with brilliant minds

As it is your business, you make connections with extremely intelligent people from around the globe. You connect with like-minded people and professional leaders who can guide you in your journey. On the other hand, you have the freedom to work with and hire creative and brilliant minds who are full of innovative ideas, opinions, and thoughts.

  • Earning a living from what you love

What’s better than earning a living doing something you really love. We can’t deny the fact that money is a very prominent aspect of any business. It’s like a win-win situation when you earn money from your own business. Moreover, you also enjoy financial freedom. You can always think of reinvesting in your business and building it into a brand. This really gives you a sense of fulfillment as you are no longer stressed about your expenses.

  • You become an innovator

You must have heard that “An entrepreneur is someone who is willing and able to transform an invention into an innovation.” As an entrepreneur with aptitude, perseverance, and focus, you become an innovator. The ability to innovate in this sense isn’t just an important component of a thriving business but can also be seen as an essential element of entrepreneurship itself.

  • A work without fear

Let’s face it. In a highly volatile economy, especially post-Covid scenario, there is always a fear of layoffs and terminations when you are just an employee and not the owner. Sometimes, the fear of losing a job can make working seem more like a punishment rather than a source of joy. But now that you are working for yourself, there’s no such fear. And work without fear always gives space to more innovative and out-of-the-box ideas.

  • No age barrier

Unlike jobs, entrepreneurship comes with another significant relaxation i.e. no age barrier. There is no age barrier to entrepreneurship. You can become an entrepreneur whenever you feel you are ready for it. In this digitalized world, online businesses are evolving each day. Many people wish to become an entrepreneur at a very young age; some straight out of school, some after completing college, and some while pursuing it as well.

  • A healthy routine and lifestyle 

This is one of the prominent reasons why many people shift towards entrepreneurship. After nurturing your business properly, you can live the way you want, especially when you know that your business is doing well. As you say goodbyes to hectic schedules, you can create a fitness routine and stick to it.

  • Contribution to Society

As entrepreneurship is all about creating products and services, you can surely contribute to society by innovating new and improved products. New offerings, products, or technologies enable new markets to be developed and new wealth to be created. Entrepreneurship is all about creating something new and appealing. When entrepreneurs introduce any product or service that is genuinely appealing and provide real-world environmental solutions, their ideas get traction from a wider audience.

So, pull up your socks and get ready to enter into the world of entrepreneurship but don’t forget to wear different hats because starting a business is not an easy job and you need to put your heart and soul into running your business. It’s time to live your dreams and turn them into a reality. It’s time to be prepared for a new exciting joy. Don’t forget what Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, the founder of Biocon Limited said “An entrepreneur’s life is always a continuous journey. Entrepreneurship is about being able to face failure, manage failure and succeed after failing.”



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