ARE YOU READY TO START A NEW BUSINESS? A guide | Necessary tips |

Are you planning to start a new business but can’t decide if you are ready or not? Then this is a perfect read for you. You have to give thoughts to some critical elements and respective areas of building a successful business. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy at all. It is full of risks and also asks […]

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Biography of Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos | Net Worth | Property & Possession | Foundations

Who doesn’t want to be rich? Everyone dreams of a day when they have everything just like Jeff Bezos.  Jeffrey Preston Bezos also known as Jeff Bezos was born on 12 January 1964. He hasn’t been rich since birth. He had no family heritage to carry him into being the Second- Richest man on Earth. […]

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what is Serial Entrepreneur

Who is Serial Entrepreneur ? How to Become a Successful one?

Who is an Entrepreneur? An Entrepreneur is someone who starts their journey with a single idea. They put in all the efforts to achieve success, with adequate risks. An entrepreneur aims to benefit maximum while keeping the expenditure minimum. One good quality about entrepreneurs is the determination and constant hard work. They take the business […]

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traits of successful people

Some Common Traits of Successful People | What Makes a Person Successful?

Many times, we face the dilemma. We wonder why a person sitting next to us has achieved so much in a little time while we are working in the same environment but lack. There are some common characteristics that can be observed in highly successful people’s lives. Success does not come overnight as it requires […]

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bill gates leadership style

Leadership Styles and What Lessons to Learn from Bill gates?

Leadership is the ability to “lead”, influence, or guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations. Proving to be a good leader is tough as one must possess all the basic qualities of a leader which are: Establishing a clear vision or a Goal, Sharing that Goal with others so that they also have a little […]

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