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The economic and ecological aspects of waste processing are crucial. It is essential to safely manage the non-recyclable components of municipal waste as well as different types of industrial waste.

There are certain companies that despite being big still value that difficult waste must be treated in a safe, compliant, responsible manner. 20 waste management and housekeeping companies that are ensuring a healthful environment are listed below:

waste management companies

Amkette was established in 1986 as a storage device manufacturer and now it is an Indian multinational technology company and manufacturer of computer hardware and electronics. Many electronic products contain toxic waste. The correct disposal of old products helps in preventing any damage to the environment. Amkette complies with E-waste management and has partnered with Pro Connect, India’s leading Producer Responsibility Organization.


Carbon Masters is a carbon management company that has offices in the UK, India, and Ecuador. It is passionate about helping organizations reduce their carbon impact and adapt to inevitable climate change by replacing their fossil fuel consumption with innovative, clean energy solutions. Carbon Masters presents practical solutions that are not only eco-friendly but also make great business sense. That’s because they follow the rule that a good business keeps all the stakeholders happy and that the earth is the biggest stakeholder.


Founded in 2013 Comprehensive Support Services is an India-based international hospitality company, headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra that provides services like Catering, Housekeeping, Facility Management, staffing solutions to Industrial, institutional, health Care, Oil & Gas, and remote site services providers.


Incorporated in 1998, Handiman is a certified company incorporated in 1988 that provides cost-effective and customer-centric facility management solutions. With a presence in major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai, Handiman provides “Complete Facility Solution” by not just being a better service provider, but by being a “CareTaker”. For this, it is not just about maintaining or guarding your premises but taking away your tension about uncertainty in service delivery.


Hasiru Dala Innovations is an enterprise focused on encouraging entrepreneurship and creating better livelihoods for waste pickers through inclusive businesses that have an environmental motive to ensure economic justice for the community that it partners and works with – waste pickers. Their services include Total Waste Management for the responsible bulk waste generator and Event Waste Management for the eco-friendly event host.


J.N.Facilities is a part of the J.N. Group that serves the Industrial needs of the facility as well as security. J.N.Facilities started operating in 2014 with manpower resourcing in the Industrial and corporation area along with supplying the security personnel. It provides facility services like Housekeeping, Horticulture, Pantry, Technical/Maintenance Services like Facility/Estate Manager, Assistant Facility Manager, Shift Engineer, MST (Multi-Skilled Technician), Electrician, Warehouse Management Manpower, Automobile Industry Manpower, Skilled and Unskilled Labor. 


Maison De Luxe Services is a Lifestyle and Facility Management company that provides Luxury Home Management Services, Personalized Housekeeping, Deep Cleaning, and Personalized Butler Services. Its services portfolio also comprises Luxury Hotel Management and Commercial Facility Management services. The company is known for creating a bridge between Luxury and Lifestyle services and a very niche clientele of High-Net-Worth Individuals. Running for almost four decades as the luxury cleaning business, the company runs on its sole motto, “Providing clean, safe and healthy living environments, always delivered with perfection”.


MBIZ India is a certified Eminent & Trusted facility management organization based in Kolkata. It provides a wide range of services, including Facility Management Service, Security Guard & Surveillance support Service, Housekeeping (Manual & Mechanised), Road Sweeping Service (Manual & Mechanised), All sorts of Cleaning Services, Façade Cleaning Service, Ladle Cleaning, Dross Handling Service, Lawn & Garden Development, Beautification & Annual Maintenance, Pest Control Service, Human Resources, Manpower Supply, Operation & Maintenance of Sewerage Treatment Plant (S.T.P), Water Treatment Plant (W.T.P), Reverse Osmosis Plant (R.O. Plant), Road Sweeping Machine, Maintenance of Conveyor belt, Event Management. MBIZ is one of the prominent service providers of Facility Management Services, known for quality features like efficient functioning, optimum performance, and perfect operations.


MyChores is a tech-enabled platform delivering full-stack homecare and lifestyle support services to urban households in India. Initiated by launching domestic help hiring services in 2015, its services specifically help households to connect, vet, and ultimately hire domestic bits of help such as maids, cooks, child care, patient care, elder care, pet care workers, and drivers, etc from nearby vicinity.

After establishing My Chores as a leading Domestic Help hiring platform in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane, My Chores extended its platform to offer a full range of cleaning services for home and office and till now it has successfully launched 3 Services – Domestic Help Hiring platform, Home & Office Deep Cleaning Services and Police verification for the household Staff.


Paterson energy is a Chennai-based circular economy start-up, recycling plastic waste into quality Plastic Oil using a continuous type of Thermochemical Depolymerization Technology. It is a complete Green Technology that has zero effluent and zero discharge from the plants that it employs. The excess fuel is collected in a balloon and is routed back into the reactor as a heating agent. It is a continuous process that runs at optimum pressure thereby reducing the escape and mixing of carbon together with the fumes, preventing them from coming out with the Thermo Chemical Depolymerization oil.


Recykal is an end-to-end digital solutions provider, facilitating transactions for all stakeholders across India’s waste management and recycling value chain. Their unique and integrated approach connects waste generators, processors, recyclers, and brand owners to solve some of the biggest challenges faced by the industry including demand-supply mismatch and lack of transparency and traceability.


RLG Systems India is India’s first CPCB-registered Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) that designs and operates sustainable solutions for the recycling of E-waste. Since its inception in 2017, RLG India has been supporting producers, importers, brand owners & manufacturers across India to fulfill their Extended Producer Responsibility under the E-waste Management Rules 2016.


Saahas Zero Waste is an environmental enterprise with 20+ years of experience in waste management, resource recovery, and social impact. This organization introduced its decentralized waste management units – Kasa Rasa centers in the year 2012 in Bengaluru. Saahas Zero Waste is a registered, impaneled vendor with the government in Bengaluru, Noida & Chennai to manage waste. Currently, it is working with 100+ clients across 17 states and 2 union territories. It manages on an average 80 tons of waste per day.


Incorporated in 2002, South India Facility Management Services was acquired by the South India Group of Companies during 2006 to bridge the gaps existing in facility and property management services available in India. SIFMS offers world-class facility management services including housekeeping, corporate manpower outsourcing, and facility maintenance. SIFMS is equipped with its technically equipped manpower, experienced managers, and hi-tech management system to operate its services at an affordable cost all over India. 


Shakti Plastics Industries was incorporated in 1969 and is a Mumbai-based company that recycles all types of plastic waste, and is one of the leading recyclers of polymer waste in India. Shakti Plastics has been recognized widely as a pioneer in the field of plastic waste management that started by manufacturing all types of reprocessed plastic granules from waste or scrap. Their facility boasts of infrastructure designed to manufacture eco-friendly products from recycled material.


Trashin is a company trying to solve the biggest supply chain problem through technology and community involvement. It helps solve the waste management problems by educating people on how to segregate waste. It provides other services like segregation, collection, processing, recycling, etc. 


Vivesty green Recyclers is the leading environmental solution provider based in Kerala, offering services to municipal, commercial and industrial customers. Its work not only includes disposal and recycling, but personal counseling to help customers achieve their green goals, including zero waste. It has received a bunch of satisfied customers using its portable biogas plants, Green portable toilets, Eco compost bins, etc. Instead of exporting the plastic waste to large mills, it transforms waste into valuable products without brand new shredding, extrusion, and injection molding machines. 


World Scrap Recycling Solutions has its process, technologies, and machinery for the recycling of E-waste. This company is committed to ensuring to act in an environmentally responsible manner across all areas of business. Playing the role of a Recycler, it converts Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) waste into raw materials like Metals, Plastics, and Glass following almost no landfill and clean environment.