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“With the highest success rate, we believe in re-engineering ourselves and upgrading our process, as is needed, with an intention to deliver the best for our client.”
Varun Singh (Managing Director, XIPHIAS Immigration)

Gone are the days when territorial boundaries used to limit the extent to which a person wishes to study and thrive. Legitimate immigration circumscribes many individuals to choose the global citizens’ status irrespective of what their nationality is. In a desire to blur the global boundaries to fulfill one’s passion, an immigration consulting company like XIPHIAS Immigration comes in the limelight. 

Established in the year 2009, XIPHIAS Immigration is one of the most prominent immigration consultants in India pioneering in any immigration matters. The company unconventionally offers to take care of all the responsibilities of emigrating to desired and preferred countries. 

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XIPHIAS Immigration delivers end-to-end services to its clients in availing an active temporary and permanent visa. It also helps clients connect with the ideal business opportunities and make overseas investments. 

XIPHIAS Immigration is a one-stop solution for:

  • Investors looking for cross border real estate investment
  • Entrepreneurs/businesspeople looking to invest in existing businesses or start-ups overseas
  • Corporates
  • Skilled professionals and workers
  • Students wanting to grow knowledge and build & develop their career


Varun Singh is the Managing Director of the renowned company, XIPHIAS Immigration. He always looks for opportunities that help him emerge as a valuable and recognizable asset in the corporate world. As the Managing Director of the company, Varun prepares and implements the desired business plans for the company. He also gives strategic guidance whenever and wherever required. 


XIPHIAS Immigration understands the varied needs and requirements of the clients and strives to provide top-grade services. Some of the services that the company offers are: 

  • Aiding Skilled Migration

XIPHIAS Immigration helps its clients relocate to countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, and other preferred countries to help clients successfully secure their jobs in the countries they want. 

  • Investment Visa Services

Investment always helps to secure the future and tap the right opportunities at the right time. XIPHIAS Immigration provides excellent services for those looking to make overseas investments in their desired sector. The company helps in making all the complex and critical investment decisions. 

  • Corporate Immigration Services

XIPHIAS Immigration is a top choice of all those businesspeople wanting to take their venture global. The company provides all the desirous people with all the services relating to obtaining the commercial visa, handling frequent international business trips, and guiding in every step.

  • Overseas Education Services

Many global highly reputed universities are opening their doors for talents around the world by accepting admissions to an array of courses pertaining to all major fields of education. XIPHIAS Immigration helps clients in obtaining student visas thus connecting them to reputed and well-known universities.  

XIPHIAS Immigration provides an array of other services as well such as EU Endorsed Investment Program, Corporate Legal Services, Intra Company Transfers, Free Post-landing, Legal Process Outsourcing, Residence & Citizenship planning to name a few. 


The team at XIPHIAS Immigration equips itself with the right value systems built on a strong foundation of Integrity, Honesty, Professionalism, Collaboration, and Accountability. With its efficient & smart consultants, the company guides and helps individuals, investors, corporates, and others with their immigration needs. 

The company partners and collaborates with the right solicitors and lawyers worldwide as per the needs and requirements. Furthermore, it also builds partnerships with people who can provide transparent investment programs. XIPHIAS Immigration thrives to be a multi-specialty immigration service firm that drives itself by a team of attorneys specializing in varied fields like employment, business laws, litigation, and diplomatic relations. 


The mission of the company is to continuously exceed the expectations of its clients and deliver a premier, and personalized advisory experience that is simple and results in empowering the clients and their families.

XIPHIAS Immigration wishes to be widely recognized as a premier advisory firm by rendering expert counsel to empower clients and their families in the entire process of being a global citizen.


Since the company’s inception, XIPHIAS Immigration has played a significant role in today’s rapidly changing competitive world. It has received many awards and recognitions for its commendable and consistent services throughout the years. Some of the prominent achievements are:


  • International Kohinoor Award for Excellence to Varun Singh by Economic Growth Foundation
  • Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Excellence Award in 2016
  • Fastest Indian Growing Company Award on the 7th International Summit in Bangkok, Thailand in 2015. 


  • The 10 Transformational Business Leaders to Look out-2020 by The Enterprise World
  • The Most Admired Business Consultants of 2020 by Prime View Magazine
  • Most Outstanding Immigration & Citizenship Services Firm of the Year 2019 India by CV’s Corporate Magazine-UK  

With its surmounting experience, immigration skills, and technological resources, XIPHIAS Immigration aims to nullify the anxiety and stress of all its clients by providing top-notch services. Its boutique of services covers the whole spectrum of Immigration Consulting Services making it one of the preferred and leading immigration companies.

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