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Mira HealthCare: Leading the Way in Proctology Care

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“We have provided medical attention to more than 16,000 patients and have successfully performed over 8,000 surgeries.”

Dr Vani Vijay (Founding Partner, Mira HealthCare)

Nestled in the heart of Adyar, Chennai, Mira HealthCare is a leading proctology clinic that dedicates itself to serving people and helping them lead a life of fulfilment and well-being. Mira HealthCare takes pride in its distinguished team of proficient doctors who not only cure health issues but also help patients embrace a life of vitality and normalcy. 

The Clinic’s expertise lies across an expansive spectrum of medical domains including proctology (anus and rectum), gastroenterology, hernia, breast specialisation, and laparoscopic procedures.

The Woman Behind Strategic Growth 

Mira HealthCare is helmed by Dr Vani Vijay, a highly skilled and experienced surgeon with a specialisation in proctology, hernia, and breast speciality. She masters in conducting research, providing patient care, and mentoring medical students and resident physicians.

Proficient in nurturing relationships with physicians and fellow healthcare providers, she actively contributes to the growth of Mira HealthCare. With a wealth of experience in shaping clinical protocols and guidelines, she consistently pursues enhancements in the quality of care rendered. Her dedication extends to collaborative efforts within the healthcare team, ensuring comprehensive patient well-being. 

“I stay truly committed to ensuring that the clinic complies with all relevant laws, regulations, and standards, and also promoting the highest ethical standards and best practices,” mentions Dr Vijay. 

As a Senior Consultant, Dr Vijay plays a pivotal role in the holistic development of Mira HealthCare as a renowned Proctology laparoscopic and breast speciality clinic. 

Services Offered 

Mira HealthCare specialises in Laser Piles, Fissure, and Fistula Surgeries, Laser Pilonidal Sinus procedures, Gastroenterology services, Laparoscopic surgeries (Hernia, Appendix, and Gall Bladder), Endoscopy, and Breast care.

Moreover, the clinic’s offerings also include the home collection of blood samples and pre-surgical investigations, an in-house pharmacy and a range of nutraceutical products- KIZVANOM, WUFINIT, and EASPOU. 

Additionally, Mira HealthCare also provides specialised aids for Piles such as a uniquely designed Donut cushion, a perfectly sized gel pack, and a sitz bathtub, tailored to enhance the patients’ comfort. 

The Differentiating Factors 

Mira HealthCare

Mira HealthCare clinic, since its inception, has always stood different from the rest of the market players. Here’s how:

  • Emphasis on non-surgical approaches through home remedies, dietary guidance, nutraceuticals, and support products; surgery offered only when necessary
  • Pre-and post-surgery evaluations with in-house specialists like Anaesthesiologist, Diabetologist, and Nutritionist
  • Assistance with insurance processes
  • Convenient EMI facility available for minor procedures
  • Virtual video consultations for both new and existing outstation/international patients
  • 24×7 patient support via calls and WhatsApp
  • Long-term electronic health records management (over ten years) for reminders, guidelines, post-treatment instructions, and more
  • Dedicated patient follow-up for optimal recovery
  • Regular patient feedback for internal enhancements

“We are always open to leverage the latest advancements in surgery, medical equipment, clinic management techniques and tools, in-house products and the use of media and creatives to deliver information to our patients and public in an interesting way,” reiterates the doctor. 

Milestones Achieved

Mira HealthCare has won quite a few awards and accolades in just a few years of inception which clearly reflects the clinic’s hard work and dedication towards serving patients. Here are some noteworthy achievements of the clinic:

  • Successfully treated nearly 16,000 patients and executed over 8,000 surgeries
  • Won the ‘LEXA Healthpreneur Award’ for Best Clinic for Patient Care in 2022
  • Recognised through various media features and  television appearances including STARVIJAY, BBCTAMIL, NEWS7TAMIL, SUNTV, DD PODHIGAI, and Times of India

Besides, the clinic actively participates in social initiatives and conducts healthcare camps for underprivileged schools, old age homes, and rural communities. 

The Highly Dedicated Team

Like any other healthcare clinic, Mira HealthCare also had its fair share of challenges, but these have only made the clinic stronger than ever. All the doctors and other team members always resonate with the tagline – “Positive healthcare at MIRA”, which helps them scale forward, overcoming all the challenges that may come their way. 

Each staff member is trained to understand the difficulties of the patients and be empathetic to offer support and guidance at all times. 

Dr Vijay proudly mentions, “Each and every team member contributes towards making Mira HealthCare the best clinic in Chennai for the treatment of piles, fissures and fistula.”

The Expansion Plan 

As Mira HealthCare commits itself to serving people with top-notch healthcare services, it is in the process of establishing a larger facility. The aim is to expand the scope of non-surgical treatment choices and advanced diagnostic options. Moreover, there is the prospect of incorporating an internal surgical space later. In a continued effort, in Dr Vijay’s words, “ we are preparing to introduce novel products that would help in pain management and facilitate post-surgical recuperation.”

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