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“Each and every service we provide is unique and supports businesses in achieving their organizational goals. We enable people to achieve the highest level of success.”
Ajaybhaalaji Thulasingam (Leadership Development Consultant, Triumph)

Whether it is a small business, medium-sized enterprise, or a successful business in the market, every company needs consulting when it comes to seeking expert advice and making complex decisions. This is where a consulting company walks in and saves the day by offering top-notch consultancy services. 

To serve the corporate world and provide the right resources & consulting, a leading consulting company, Triumph HR Consulting Services was established in 2012 by Jayanthi Bhalaji. Triumph started as a small recruiting consulting firm but has now expanded to provide a gamut of services like Talent Acquisition, Head Hunting & Executive Search, Training & Development (Technical, Soft Skill & Behavioral), and Organization Development- Analysis & Interventions. 

The company provides its services across various sectors like:

  • Power, Manufacturing and Engineering Sector
  • Healthcare Industry
  • IT & ITES (Both Voice & Non-Voice)
  • Banking and Insurance Sector


Ajaybhaalaji Thulasingam is the Leadership Development Consultant of Triumph. He is a Senior Human Resources professional with working experience in the information technology and services industry. He is a developed growing leadership coach & Certified Master Behaviour Skill Trainer who envisions making a striking difference in the lives of 1 billion people around the world with leadership conversation. 


Each and every service offered by Triumph is unique. It supports businesses in achieving the desired organizational goals and business outcomes. Some of the core offerings of the company are:

  • Executive/Leadership Coaching & Training and Development 

Coaching is a form of development in which a highly experienced and skilled person called a coach supports a learner in achieving a specific goal through training and guidance. Triumph provides excellent executive coaching, training, and development services to help the clients improve their conflict-resolution skills, restructure tough conversations & situations and enhance their leadership skillset.

  • Organization Development – Analysis

Organizational analysis is the process of appraising the growth, personnel, operations, and work environment of an organization. Triumph improves the organization’s functioning and enables managers and leaders to manage the company’s culture and the team better. 

  • Organization Development – Interventions

OD Interventions are structured programs designed to solve a problem, thus enabling the company to achieve desired outcomes. Through OD Interventions, Triumph assists businesses to examine, target, and redesign organizational processes and help them analyze the current state/problems in the organization. It also helps them to find approaches for eliminating the existing problems. 

  • HR Administrative Services

Triumph takes the administrative burden on its shoulders through complete and solution-oriented HR administration services. Ranging from general management tasks to specific recommendation tasks, Triumph handles everything. 

  • Executive Search

It is a special recruitment service in which organizations pay to seek out and recruit highly experienced and qualified candidates for senior-level and executive jobs. Triumph headhunts the best candidates, schedules interviews, selects the best talent, and prepares a smooth onboarding process. 

  • Payroll Processing 

Every business goes through the complex process of preparing salaries for its employees. There are many behind-the-scene steps involved in payroll processing. A qualified team at Triumph uses its human resource knowledge to offer end-to-end payroll processing services to its clients.  


Triumph provides recruitment services to all levels like Senior Management Recruitment, Middle management recruitment, and mass recruitment at entry level on a turnkey basis. 

Furthermore, all its HR Consulting projects cover a wide variety of specific HR needs that many businesses often struggle to address. It helps businesses manage employee performance. If desired, it also designs and helps businesses to implement performance management plans to ensure better employee productivity thereby benefitting the company in achieving its business objectives. 


Triumph aspires to create an inspiring career for people through training & development. The company’s vision is to embrace the future of work by empowering people to thrive towards success and giving them the opportunity to uplift their individual future with the fullest satisfaction. 

Triumph supports corporate & entrepreneurs towards their business growth by offering the best talent resources & developing human resources using various learning methodologies. The mission of the company is to empower people & enable them to create financial freedom.


“Success is progressive realizations of a worthy Idea. Our secret of success is client satisfaction,” says Ajaybhaalaji. 

Triumph unwaveringly adheres to its core values of Integrity, Quality, Commitment, and Customer-centricity. Strengthened by a team of highly qualified, skilled, empowered, and accountable people, Triumph offers top-notch consulting services to help businesses focus on their expansion and growth. 

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