Lt Cdr Bijay Nair

Lt. Cdr Bijay Nair’s Story is About Not Quitting & Dreaming Again


Jim Watkins once said, “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” The story of Lt. Cdr Bijay Nair reestablishes the fact that a little more persistence and a little more effort, can turn hopeless failure into glorious success. 

We connected with  Lt. Cdr Bijay Nair to listen to his story in his own words. He also has a great piece of advice to share with everyone.

1. First and foremost, tell us what you are currently doing. 

I am a  Post Graduate in Engineering specialising in Marine and Weapon Controls from the Indian Navy. I completed my MBA in Defence from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS), Mumbai.

I have a total of 25 years of work experience. After completing engineering, I served Indian Navy for 10 years, relinquishing as Lieutenant Commander, with many medals and accolades. I was also a part of Operation Talwar (Kargil War) in 1999. I am decorated with Ops Vijay Star and Vijay Medal. I was also awarded a commendation by the Flag officer western Naval command in 2003 and 2004. 2006 was also a fortunate year as I was awarded the prestigious Chief of Naval Staff commendation. 

For the past 15 years, I am working as an Associate Vice President for the National Ship Classification Society and Heads Quality, Compliance and Audits. 

I am also a blogger and writer with humour as my forte. I am the author of one of the best-seller books- #TheyInspire. ​Besides, I am a motivational speaker and love to speak at different forums.


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2. To serve the nation is a feeling that goes beyond words. Despite being declared medically unfit, you didn’t lose hope and started preparing for the Navy. Why did you choose this career? 

Since my childhood, I always dreamt of wearing the white uniform. I gave the National Defence Academy exam and cracked it but I was declared medically unfit, I could see my dream collapsing. I then enrolled myself in engineering but in my 3rd year, I got to know that I could join the Navy again through the Short Service Commission (SSC), and the dream of joining the armed forces ignited again. I dedicatedly put myself to achieving this dream.

My unswerving commitment and dedication paved the way for my entry into the Navy. I feel proud of the fact that I donned the uniform for 10 years.

3. You are Fit India Ambassador, winner of the Best Author Award, storyteller, author, and motivational speaker. How do you manage to wear multiple hats with great ease? 

One of the best things that the Indian Armed Forces teaches you is Multitasking. That’s how I brought that aspect into my life too. 

I have a flair for picking up talent. I always make sure that if I try something new, I give my 100 per cent to it. I was a weak runner in the academy but when I came out I made sure that I become a good runner. That’s how the journey towards distance running started. 

I am a good listener & observer and love to read books. That’s how the love for writing happened. My writings are all about people. 

4. How did you develop love for writing books? Tell us about your very famous book- They Inspire. 

They Inspire is my first book as a Writer which features the story of 42.195 runners who’ve run 42.195 kilometres (and beyond). These stories have the power to motivate people and most importantly help you understand what the human body can do when one sets one’s mind to something.

I wrote my second book BHAGH (Bijay’s Hilarious Anecdotes Gags and Humour) during the lockdown period. This book is a collection of articles of my humorous take on different situations which an amateur distance runner may encounter. I also have quite a few anthologies to my name.

5. What keeps you motivated daily? Any tips that you want to share with the readers?

Life Can Change at the Snap of a Finger. My mantra of life is ‘Be Happy’ and ‘Live in the moment’. Always Give your best shot and the entire universe will conspire to make it happen for you. 

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