How To Become A Better Leader In Business

How To Become A Better Leader In Business


Effective leadership is key to the success of any business. It’s an important quality and trait that every entrepreneur or manager must possess. After all, businesses are built on the foundation of solid leadership. It’s what allows companies to scale new heights and achieve their goals. In other words, business leaders can steer the company in the right direction, inspire employees, and have the ability to make tough decisions.

According to research, around 83% of businesses believe that leadership is essential at every level of an organization. That’s why United States (US) companies spend USD $166 billion on leadership development programs yearly. This data is a clear indication of how much businesses value leadership.

So, how can you step up your game and become a better leader in business? Check out the following helpful tips:

1. Provide your team with the latest technology

Nowadays, cutting-edge technology is no longer an option or luxury but a necessity in business. It is believed that technology will transform businesses as it continuously progresses.

As a business leader, you want the best for your company. You want to ensure that your organization has the ability to stay ahead of the competition, or at the very least compete in the market. One way to start is to provide your team with the latest technology. For example, if you’re a contracting service, you might want to invest in software like Jobber. Such software streamlines your business’s workflow, from managing projects to communicating with clients. This can help your team become more efficient and productive.

Another innovative solution is to use free invoice template online tools to create professional-looking invoices. Your team members will appreciate the convenience of not starting from scratch whenever they need to generate an invoice. Likewise, your clients will be impressed by the detail and care you put into every transaction.

2. Encourage transparency

An open and transparent relationship is crucial in any business setting. It allows different departments to coordinate and work efficiently towards a common goal. It also builds trust and respect between employees and managers as everyone is kept in the loop.

One way to encourage transparency in the workplace is to reduce the communication gap and conduct regular communication sessions. This allows team members to share their thoughts and suggestions openly. It’s also an opportunity for managers like you to provide updates on the company’s progress and address any concerns that employees may have. The key is to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable communicating with each other.

3. Delegate authority

Micromanaging is one of the top leadership mistakes that managers make. In a 2020 survey, around 55% of employees say that constantly monitoring hinders their productivity, and 68% decreases their self-esteem. This is because micromanaging stifles creativity and innovation. It also makes employees feel like they’re not trusted to do their job correctly.

Being a good leader doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself. It’s important to delegate authority and empower your team members to make decisions. This allows them to take ownership of their work and be more accountable for their results.

When delegating authority, ensure to give clear instructions and provide adequate resources. This approach will help everyone understand their expectations and perform their tasks more effectively.

4. Be decisive

It’s no secret that you wear many hats as a business leader. You have a lot on your plate, from making strategic decisions to handling daily operations. And with so much responsibility, it’s easy to second-guess yourself. 

Remember that it’s essential to be decisive to develop your leadership skills. That means being confident in your decision. This will instill trust and respect in your team as you show that you can make tough decisions under pressure. 

Of course, being decisive doesn’t mean rushing into decisions without thinking them through. It’s crucial to weigh all the options and consult your team before making a final decision. But once you’ve made up your mind, stick to it and don’t doubt yourself.

5. Be a good role model

Business leader

As a leader, you set the tone for the entire company. Your team members look up to you and try to emulate your behavior. You can start by setting the right example regarding work ethic and attitude. For instance, if you’re always punctual and meet deadlines, everyone in your organization will likely do the same.

Being a good role model allows you to inspire and motivate your team to do the best work. This approach will help increase employee retention, which may also lead to reducing your company’s turnover rate.


Becoming a better leader in business isn’t an overnight process. It takes time, dedication, and hard work. But if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can boost your leadership skills. Just remember to focus on the essential qualities that make a good leader. And always keep in mind that being a leader isn’t about having power over others. It’s about using your ability to inspire and motivate others to achieve great things.

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