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Are you Getting the Most Out of Your Inverter with Battery? Read to Find Out


Most often, we buy an inverter with battery not because of the reviews but what the sales executive tells us about the products. They give us long threads of impressive words about the inverter that we eventually might end up buying. But it is only time that can tell us if the inverter we bought was up to the mark. 

You can measure the performance and see if you are getting the most out of your inverter with battery. Read along to find out how.  

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But before you proceed, make sure you are keeping up with these tips that ensure optimal performance. 

  • Make sure you have kept the inverter in an airy space. Keeping it in inside would not provide it a suitable environment to cool down. Consequently, your inverter would heat up. 
  • Make sure you have set the correct battery mode on the inverter. 

So, if everything is correct, let’s proceed as to how you can measure the performance of your inverter with battery. 

  • Check For the Lights 

Some inverters with battery are backed up with lights to signal if your inverter is operating fine. So, if your inverter has the feature, look for green/red/orange lights. While you are at it, ensure that you are checking for these lights during the daytime when the inverter is operating. 

Green Light – A green light means that your inverter is functioning well. 

Red Light – A red light means that the inverter is having some issues. You might want to contact the customer service executive to check to determine the problem. But before you do, ensure that all the wires are properly attached and are not broken. 

Orange Light – An orange light might indicate that the inverter is in sleep mode. However, in some instances, it might also mean that there’s an issue that requires your attention. You can contact your technician to fix the problem. 

  • Monitor If Your Appliances Are Working Properly

A quality inverter ensures that your appliances stay in the best of their health. Therefore, keep monitoring your appliances. When your appliances (those connected with the inverter) are operating well without any issues, it’s a sign that your appliances are working well. 

Dim functioning lights, slow fans, or fans producing squeaking sounds may not be a good sign. At the same time, if you think your appliance’s performance has been affected for the worse, just after they began operating on an inverter, there can be a problem with your inverter. Getting it checked by your technician is highly recommended if you experience such issues. 

  • Check If Your Inverter Battery Is Getting Charged Properly

An efficient battery is a requisite to an efficient inverter. Any problems related to inverter battery charging can be either because of melted fuses, burnt rectifiers, or a loose battery connection. Nonetheless, inverter battery issues may

 be a sign that either inverter or your inverter battery is not functioning properly. 

So, keep monitoring the battery performance to monitor your inverter. Ensure that the inverter with battery is getting fully charged. Note the time the battery takes to get charged, check if the charging duration is uniform. 

Additionally, you can also check the acid levels on the battery to determine if your inverter battery is healthy.

To do that, find the float indicators at the top of your inverter battery. Ensure that all the acid levels in the float indicators are uniform. Once that is done, note their color. A brown or black color might indicate battery corrosion. In case, it is colorless, it means that your inverter battery is healthy. 

  • Check for unusual issues 

An inverter with battery always displays signs that it may be facing some issues. These signs may be heating issues, poor charging, shortened backup time, or unpleasant noises. If you have not seen any such signs, you are getting efficient results from the inverter. If you have, these issues might be a sign of internal problems in the inverter. You may want to get the help of a technician to fix the issues. 

Apart from all these pointers, it’s highly recommended to invest in a reliable and reputable inverter brand. A reputable and reliable brand, like Luminous for instance, guarantees top-notch products and excellent customer issues, should you face any difficulty.


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