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Artificial intelligence is gaining momentum in the Business Community, receiving investments from major tech giants. How will AI impact the Future?

Everything that’s not yet been done has potential under the umbrella of Artificial Intelligence. Human-like intelligence can be a threat to extinct mankind. Perhaps, experts understand the complications surrounding this sensitive progress of technology. To put it in a clearer picture, artificial intelligence is unlike natural intelligence. It’s a technology that simulates human-like intelligence in the machines to execute various tasks, through complex programming via digitization. AI is conquering every sector in the 21st century. A technology now termed in textbooks as “Intelligent agents”. A major gain of popularity in the advancement and demand for AI happened due to its cognitive functions. Shrinking it into keywords, the cognitive approach is associated with the human brain where skills like ‘learning abilities’ and ‘problem-solving’ are key features. The aim of creating a new innovative technology, now known to the human race as AI technology, was high confidence in machines to mimic human-like thinking and understanding abilities. The world of AI is huge, but sadly not strongly interrelated yet. While taking into consideration the evolution of digital technology, there’s no space for doubt in declaring AI as the ultimate future. A key to innovation for today and the foreseeable future.

Rise and Fall

“AI is a rare case where I think we need to be proactive in regulation than be reactive.” – Elon Musk.

In past decades, AI has followed a steep graph of highs and lows. A wave of increased interest and fundings in Artificial Intelligence follows an AI winter. As the research and new developments commence, the occurrence of failure is always a possibility. A chain phenomenon where one failure distracts belief in the capabilities of AI. On the other hand, achievements have been plenty, regaining the interest of major investors in innovations. The

abilities, previously counted under the developments of AI are continuously re-analyzed, and if found unfit, removed. A concept famously named as AI effect. The dynamics are fluid, randomly changing, and continuous. Hence, a keen eye towards all its offerings. The basics of intelligence, already widely distributed, are voice recognition features pre-installed in all the latest mobile phones and devices. Some popular names assigned to these highly functioning assistants by tech giants are Siri- Apple, Cortana- Microsoft, and Alexa- Amazon. A new paradigm shift is an onset. Indeed the graph is rising higher each day.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning work hand in hand, refurbishing many pre-existing technologies to a whole new level. Today, AI occupies a major standing in the market where contextual chatbots are continuously updated. Techniques that can detect various human motions, wholly automated systems, voice modification, and 3D printing is a new reality. The noble pursuits including healthcare and medicine are also looking forward to this upcoming change. India has developed a breast cancer-detecting artificial intelligence technology- Niramai, with fairly lower costs. Research in AI needs to proceed with a well-educated approach towards its biases and drawbacks.

The world of AI

AI has already grasped a strong foot in a common man’s life. Since digitalization began, activities, professions, and developments have become dependent on innovations. Paving a warm welcome to artificial intelligence and machine learning, important services took the initial progressive steps. Google introduced the voice search feature, government systems shifted to automated data handling while Businesses accepted ROI calculating alternatives of AI. Optical character recognition is playing an important role in the banking and data entry departments of various businesses. A technique that converts handwritten text to machine language. While some advancements became embedded like a daily routine others shook the nation with awe. One such development was the invention of virtual reality. Transporting a person into an imaginary world where every experience feels like a real one. This development is currently a successful part of the entertainment industry. However, it has the potential to be substituted in dentistry to relieve patients from horrifying pain.

Who could’ve imagined calculating data usage, electrical load, mechanical capacity, and even small intricate details about hi-tech optimization of devices? Artificial intelligence has made everything possible. Pushing walls of limit, uncountable humongous production of data around the world needs to be stored and managed appropriately. Many developments in AI are providing a push towards cloud computing for the same. Tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft provide their storage services. AI makes it a highly efficient and result-oriented process. Research suggests a bright future for organizations that are embedding Artificial Intelligence in their working systems. Regardless of who is ready for this change, AI is already here. More than ever impacting the retailers. Since the onset of machine learning for personalization of advertisement a noticeable boost in sales, helping various e-platforms to grow at a two times higher pace, is seen. Insights and better information about machines have guided creatives in a better direction, especially blooming the media industry. Now worldwide News travels faster than the speed of light via applications and automated notification response made possible via digital systems. Despite the field or industry, Artificial Intelligence is embedded everywhere. It’s changing everything coming in the way. It’s becoming omnipresent.

The Globe is changing

AI technology is not like traditional technology but a smart approach to integrating digitization into efficient innovative solutions. A technique advanced enough to mimic most human-like features. As the name suggests, intelligence is a key section of AI. Specific issues and problems are automatically scanned and rectified with help of fast working AI-installed systems. Data to be converted into intelligence comes in the form of binary, consisting of information of high importance. Later, this data is transformed into readable texts, speech, or imagery. Aviation, defense, and national security have developed keen foot in technological advancements. Military stimulation is the new reality of testing theories related to traditional

warfare without indulging in any hostilities. The projections of estimated prototypes help in analyzing its functioning. It’s a debated topic. Few criticize these simulations as inappropriate when it comes to real situations. However, the results are quite promising to date.

A few years ago, automatic (self-driving) cars were introduced in the automobile sector. A change indeed in the pre-existing developments made possible due to artificial intelligence. Features like GPS, hybrid navigation, modularity, and sensory information controlling advanced systems supported the new development. A reprogrammable smart approach to ease driving experience, requiring minimal to no human input. Automatic cars are a revolution for the digital age. Widening the view more is the advent of flying cars. Many latest technologies revolve around sensitive approaches to successfully produce A Flying Car in markets. A reality becoming true in real-time. Many countries like Japan and India are going through testing phases of advanced flying cars. Business tycoons like Elon Musk who shape a better future by indulging in the development of flying cars, spacecraft, satellites, and other uplifting technologies, utilize machine learning and AI as their integral base system. A new era is unfolding with space exploration, colonization, and whatnot. “For us to have a future that’s exciting and inspiring, it has to be one where we’re a space-bearing civilization,” said Elon Musk.

A New Beginning

The prospects of artificial intelligence are wide open. Artificial intelligence is already blooming. But the important question to ask today is, how much potential does it hold? How much more growth can we expect in this magnificent technology which holds the power to dethrone the human race? Debates and separate views prevail in high societies. Geniuses seek answers to this mind-boggling intelligence installed in machines. Is this the end of mankind or the beginning of something even supreme? Overcoming every doubt and debate, Artificial Intelligence is claiming the world. It’s an irreversible change. A forward-moving force with power and potential to renovate the world.



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