What’s your Chase- Helping Millennials in Professional Development 

Ankit Misra- The CEO of Chase shared the idea and features of their unique platform with The Global Hues Chase is helping the 400M+ millennial generation pursue their interests and passions like Photography, Content Writing, Social Media, Design, Fashion, and many more. This is enabled through short video content, interactive courses, and a powerful community […]

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Xebia Academy Global: Promoting digital transformation and Learning

Mr. Brijesh Kohli, Director Xebia Academy Global walked The Global Hues through their company’s journey.  Xebia is a pioneering IT consultancy that provides solutions and ways forward to its customers and helps businesses grow, with experts specialized in Data & AI, Cloud, DevOps, Business Agility, Security, Training & Learning, Software Development, etc. The company promotes […]

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TriByte Technologies: Catering Interactive and Personalized learning 

Seethaprasad M- Founder & CEO of TriByte Technologies Pvt Ltd connected with The Global Hues to talk about their unique learning system. TriByte is a Bangalore headquartered technology company providing an Interactive and Personalized eLearning Platform through its Learning Management System (LMS) targeted at Educational Institutes, Corporates and EdTech companies. The company has successfully completed […]

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Tickle Right

Tickle Right: Inculcating love for learning in kids

Dr. Munira Dattani and Pranay Dattani– Co-founders of Tickle Right shared their company’s growth with The Global Hues. Tickle Right is a holistic brain development programme for kids between the age group of 0 to 7 years. Tickle Right works on extracting the unadulterated potential of young children with an aim to inculcate a lifelong love for learning in […]

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Saathigen edtech

Saathi Global Education Network: Changing the Landscape of Global Education

Kartik Sarda– The Founder and CEO of Saathi Global Education Network shared the success story of his company with The Global Hues.   Saathi Global Education Network is a multi-service platform designed specifically to ease the process of International Collaboration for schools around the world, with the goal of building leaders of the future who can […]

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Conscious Leap edtech

ConsciousLeap: Triggering self-awareness of subconscious behavioural tendencies for self-development 

Sanjay Desai– The Founder and CEO of ConsciousLeap connected with The Global Hues over an interview to share about his company’s journey.  ConsciousLeap is a global self-empowerment, multimedia, and technology platform that enables a global community to achieve self-development. through content, community, and products. ConsciousLeap offers self-development tools through a dynamic multimedia approach which includes art forms, […]

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Sarmentum Edtech

Sarmentum: Experts in Rapid Learning Solutions

Naveen Bhatnagar and Sharad Saran- The Co-Founders of Sarmentum shared the story of the company’s growth with The Global Hues.   Sarmentum is a Digital Learning company, providing customized courses compatible across different devices. They cater to go-to useful, cost-effective content solutions. The ideology behind starting Sarmentum is to create a customer-centric organization where the focus […]

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Ed-tech eAgetutor

eAgetutor: A Company on a mission to help you think in English 

Chander Madan- Founder & CEO of  shared the pragmatic approach of their target training with The Global Hues.   eAgetutor is one of the leading digital spoken English skill development training service providers with a target to achieve enormous scale by surpassing the barriers in the traditional format. eAge offers engaging training sessions with […]

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Ditigal Payments

Digital payments: The unsung hero

The nature of money is to evolve with time. Digitization of Currency is a landscape of constant development in payments.    Over the past few years, the money has fast-tracked into digital transactions with various cutting-edge technological approaches.  The digital currency took the wind and became one of the preferred methods of transactions since the […]

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Hi-Media Labs

HiMedia Laboratories receives the prestigious ‘BIRAC Innovator Award- 2020’

Himedia Laboratories Pvt Ltd., a bioscience company with expertise in media manufacturing and diagnostics for over 46 years having presence over 150 countries, has been conferred with the “BIRAC Innovator Award 2020” under the category of therapeutics, vaccines and drug delivery by Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC- A Government of India Organisation). The award […]

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