Healthcare policies, schemes, and support for Corona warriors around the Globe  

One of the crucial lessons taught by this pandemic worldwide is that the well-being of a nation exceedingly relies on the efficacy of its medical workforce. Today, health care workers around the globe are experiencing a whacking amount of pressure in treating and caring for covid-19 patients at the forefront. Studies conducted around the world […]

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Did you know these facts about Instagram? Instagram features|

Are you thinking of taking your business online? Have you considered the power of Instagram? Stay with us and you will want to bring your business on Instagram asap.  Instagram is not just a photo-sharing app anymore! It has come forward a long way. The immense growth of Instagram in the past few years is […]

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Did you know these facts about YouTube

Did you know these facts about YouTube? Biggest Video Platform |

Undoubtedly, YouTube is the largest video sharing service in the world but do we know enough about this undisputed king of online video? Certainly not.  We all know that YouTube is the best platform to watch videos of different genres like entertainment, politics, business, and education among others. From watching cute cat and dog videos […]

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best selling fiction books of all time

Best Selling Fiction Books of all time

Today, most people get caught up in the world of non-fiction books like business books, self-help groups, books on health, relationships, love, and sales. Undoubtedly, these books are filled with immense knowledge and information that one needs for a better future. It’s good to spend time reading these books but fiction books are a forgotten […]

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best Netflix Thrillers

What are the 5 must watch Netflix thrillers? Best suspense Stories

Thriller is one of the genres that the audience loves the most. The sudden sense of surprise, the upbeat music, the electric feel, altogether boosts the audience and create intrigue. Some must-watch thrillers, everyone should add to their watch list are mentioned below:   1.UNCUT GEMS (2019) Duration: 101 min | IMDb Ratings: 7.5/10 The […]

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All You Need to Know About Most Awaited Netflix Shows

In the entertainment from the homeworld, Netflix has always been on the top. Especially in the lockdown, Netflix subscription has increased. Netflix never disappoints with its amazing selection of movies and shows serving its viewers with the best quality content. Netflix is coming up with some new and some original series, along with some amazing […]

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Inspirational business movies

Inspirational Business movies | Movies that motivate |

Some movies can create a life-changing impact on you. They can change the way you perceive major things in life. Talking about inspirational business movies, we have a whole list prepared that will move you to follow your passion. It is essential to have sources of motivation in your life that will inspire you to […]

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