TOP 10 Stand-Up Comedians In India

Top 10 Stand-Up Comedians In India 2024

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  • Who is the highest-paid comedian on this list?

  • Rahul Dua is a presenter in which show?

  • Whose stand-up comedy routine is, ‘Life Mein Chahiye Izzat!’

As the famous saying goes, “Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.” In today’s stressful life, listening to jokes helps relieve your stress. Whether travelling or unwinding after a hectic day, listening to jokes makes you feel better. With YouTube gaining more and more popularity, a whole new generation of stand-up comedians is emerging. They connect with their audience by bringing in different ideas and thoughts that make them laugh and happy. 

Here is the list of the top 10 stand-up comedians from India. These comedians can surely make you laugh with their phenomenal sense of humour.

10. Rahul Subramanian

Rahul Subramanian, Top 10 Stand-Up Comedians In India

YouTube Subscribers: 733k (As of May 2024)

Instagram Followers: 871k  (As of May 2024)

Rahul Subramanian worked as a brand manager before he became a full-time comedian. Afterwards, he created the YouTube channel ‘Random Chikibum’ along with comedian Kumar Varun. Unlike other comedians, he is active on LinkedIn as well. Furthermore, he has participated in shows such as Amazon Prime’s Comicstaan, and Netflix’s Comedy Premium League. He has also acted in a movie titled, ‘Kal Mein Udega.’ 

In 2024, Rahul boasts of a net worth estimated between $1 million and $1.5 million. This impressive net worth stems from his multifaceted career as a comedian, actor, and writer. Moreover, his humorous take on everyday situations and observations from Indian middle-class life made him popular.

9. Vir Das

Vir Das, Top 10 Stand-Up Comedians In India

YouTube Subscribers: 913k  (As of May 2024)

Instagram Followers: 2 Million  (As of May 2024)

Vir Das is a well-known stand-up comedian, actor, and musician. He completed his graduation in Economics and Theatre. Afterwards, he made his career debut as a host. Additionally, he hosted two famous television shows on the Zoom channel. They were ‘Is Route Ki Sabhin Linein Mast Hain’ and the stand-up comedy late-night show ‘Ek Rahin Vir’.

Moreover, he has worked in many Hindi films like Delhi Belly, Go Goa Gone, and Badmaash Company. Furthermore, he has performed in over 35 plays, 100 stand-up comedy performances, 18 motion pictures, 8 TV shows and 6 comedy specials. Additionally, he has written humorous columns for Tehelka, DNA, Exotic, Femina, and Maxim. Writing these humorous columns has made him one of the top stand-up comedians in 2024.

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8. Rahul Dua

Rahul Dua, Top 10 Stand-Up Comedians In India

YouTube Subscribers:1.11million  (As of May 2024)

Instagram Followers: 625k  (As of May 2024)

Rahul Dua is a popular Indian stand-up comedian and writer. He is known for his humorous observations, witty one-liners, and engaging stage presence. Additionally, he gained recognition through the show ‘Comicstaan,’ and developed a devoted fan base. He is now known as one of the up-and-coming comedians in India. 

He has appeared as the presenter of Shark Tank India since season 2. Moreover, he along with Nishant Suri travelled across the country for the Dua Suri Show, which garnered immense popularity. Furthermore, he incorporates social commentary, cultural references, and personal experience into his comedy. It helped him become one of the top stand-up comedians in 2024.

7. Abish Mathew

Abish Mathew, Top 10 Stand-Up Comedians In India

YouTube Subscribers: 1.1 million  (As of May 2024)

Instagram Followers: 365k (As of May 2024)

Abish Mathew is yet another popular Indian comedian, actor, writer, and content creator. He is known for his stand-up comedy, sketches, and hosting skills. Moreover, he is widely recognised for his contributions to the ‘All India Bakchod,’ (AIB) YouTube channel. 

Moreover, he has worked with other comedians and hosted several shows such as Son of Abish, Journey of Joke, and Comedians on Board. He is one of the top ten stand-up comedians in India. Furthermore, he creates comedy by focusing on his personal experiences and lighthearted observations of daily life. 

Moreover, he became popular because of his ability to engage with the audience. He does that through relatable material and entertaining punchlines. It helped him become one of the top ten stand-up comedians in India.

6. Gaurav Kapoor

Gaurav Kapoor, Top 10 Stand-Up Comedians In India

YouTube Subscribers: 1.35 million (As of May 2024)

Instagram Followers: 846k (As of May 2024)

Gaurav Kapoor is an Indian Stand-up comedian; who uses a mix of observational and anecdotal comedy. Additionally, he has won several open mic competitions including ‘Chalta Hai,’ ‘Big Mic’ and ‘Buzz Off.’ He has two YouTube channels. They are ‘Gaurav Kapoor’ and ‘Gaurav Kapoor Vlogs.’ Furthermore, his journey as a stand-up comedian started in 2015.

His comic style centres on his memories of growing up in a middle-class household, relationships, and the difficulties & quirks of daily living. Moreover, he can engage with the audience and make them laugh with his humorous stories and funny one-liners. Next in his schedule is the US & Canada tour that will happen in July-August 2024.

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5. Aakash Gupta

Aakash Gupta, Top 10 Stand-Up Comedians In India

YouTube Subscribers: 4.2 Million (As of May 2024)

Instagram Followers: 1.4 Million (As of May 2024)

He has to be on the list of top 10 stand-up comedians in India as his sense of humour is just outstanding. Although he started his career in standup comedy at an early age, he didn’t get too much popularity. Moreover, he is the new generation of comedians who gained fame through YouTube and comedy clubs across India.

Aakash is the co-winner of Comicstaan season 2. Additionally, he started his career in theatre and improvisational comedy. However, he ended up becoming a full-time comedian. It was on April 27, 2017, that Aakash uploaded his first comedy sketch titled ‘Manhoos Man’ on his YouTube channel.

Some of his popular videos are ‘Dogs’, ‘Delhi Metro’, ‘Relationships, Clubbing & Cocktails’. On 11 September 2018, he received the YouTube Silver Play Button. Furthermore, on 22nd July 2020, he received a YouTube Gold Play Button. Moreover, Aakash’s creative skills extend to writing, directing, and acting in sketches for Amazon Mini TV.

4. Anubhav Singh Bassi

Anubhav Singh Bassi, Top 10 Stand-Up Comedians In India

YouTube Subscribers: 4.97 million (As of May 2024)

Instagram Followers: 3.3 million (As of May 2024)

If you have watched one of the two most famous comedy videos Cheating & Waxing, then you must be very well aware of how humorous Anubhav Singh Bassi is. He makes people laugh by sharing his past experiences with his friends in school and college. Anubhav is one of the top ten stand-up comedians in India.

His YouTube debut in 2019 on ‘Cheating’ made him a star overnight. His YouTube bio says, “Lawyer turned UPSC Aspirant turned Entrepreneur turned Standup Comedian. Moreover, Anubhav is a storyteller and retrospective comedy is his USP. Most of his sets are based on his experience with his friends at school and college.

3. Abhishek Upmanyu

Abhishek Upmanyu, Top 10 Stand-Up Comedians In India

YouTube Subscribers: 5.14 Million (As of May 2024)

Instagram Followers: 2.9 Million (As of May 2024)

A very famous YouTuber & Comedian, Abhishek Upmanyu was born on 19 May 1990 in New Delhi, India. He is one of the top ten stand-up comedians in India. Moreover, he loves to make people laugh and entertain since his childhood days. It was 8 January 2017 when he uploaded his first video. 

It was on ‘Indian insults, parents, and their comebacks, and had a total of 31 Million views currently (as of May 2024). Moreover, his comedy shows ‘Thoda Saaf Bol’ and ‘Jealous of Sabjiwala’ were huge hits. After Abhishek gained fame, he did many stand-up comedy shows at national and international levels. Thereby, making him even more popular and famous among the youth.

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2. Gurleen Pannu

Gurleen Pannu, Top 10 Stand-Up Comedians In India

YouTube Subscribers: 331k

Instagram Followers: 2.1 million

Gurleen Pannu is a prominent female stand-up comedian. Additionally, she has captivated audiences with her sharp humour and witty storytelling. Moreover, she dons multiple hats as a stand-up comedian, YouTuber, and writer. She has participated in several comedy shows, web series and live events. Furthermore, she advocates for significant social causes. 

She weaves humour through her own life experiences. Furthermore, she shares hilarious stories about family, relationships, and the quirks of daily life in India. Additionally, she addresses gender-related issues with humour. She also challenges societal norms while making her audience laugh and think.

1. Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan, Top 10 Stand-Up Comedians In India

YouTube Subscribers: 7.76 Million (As of May 2024)

Instagram Followers: 6.2 Million (As of May 2024)

Whenever we talk about India’s best comedians, Zakir Khan is the first name that comes to everyone’s mind. He is known for his humorous take on love, heartbreak, and small-town life. Moreover, he came into the limelight, when he participated in the comic reality series, ‘India’s Best Dramebaaz’ in 2012. 

Afterwards, he became well-known for his YouTube stand-up routine titled, “Zakir Khan-Life Mein Chahiye Izzat!” He became quite famous by grabbing the opportunity to work for ‘On Air with AIB’. Furthermore, his famous work includes comedy specials. Their names are Kaksha Gyarvi (A highly acclaimed Amazon Prime series), Chacha Vidhayak Hai Hamare and a podcast, ‘Umeed.’

In Conclusion

So, in a nutshell, the article highlights the top ten stand-up comedians in India in 2024. It also brings into the spotlight their achievements and contributions to the comic scene. Moreover, these comedians showcase that comedy is not just a time-pass thing. You can make a full-fledged career out of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is India’s number-one comedian?

Kapil Sharma is India’s number-one comedian. He shot to fame and came to be known as the “King of Comedy.” Furthermore, it was because of his hit television show, “Comedy Nights with Kapil.”

Who is the number one comedian in Karnataka?

The number one comedian in Kannada cinema is Narasimharaju – The king of comedy.

Is Kapil Sharma the richest comedian in India?

Yes, Kapil Sharma is one of the richest actor-comedians in India.

Who is the highest-paid comedian in South India?

The highest-paid comedian in South India is Brahmanandam.

Who is the famous comedian in Bollywood?

Johnny Lever is a famous comedian in Bollywood.

Who is the famous comedian VIP?

VIP is Vijay Ishwarlal Pawar. Moreover, he is better known by his stage name V.I.P.  Furthermore, he is an Indian standup comedian and TV actor.

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