Pt. Dr Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava: Legend of Nadi Astrology


“Nadi Astrology is a science of time. It stands out for its precise predictions in the Hindu astrological tradition.”

Pt. Dr Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava (CEO & Founder, IINAV

From the tender age of 9, when most children were just beginning to explore the world, Pandit Dr Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava invested himself in learning astrology from his father, a well-known doctor and astrologer. Today, with 28 years of extensive experience, he has emerged as an internationally acclaimed Nadi and Vedic celebrity astrologer, revered for his accurate predictions. Consulting in over 70 countries and boasting a prediction accuracy rate of 90-95%, he stands as one of the most trusted astrologers for millions around the globe. From foreseeing elections and global events to personal destinies, his predictions have consistently hit the mark.


“Under the guidance of my father, I learnt that astrology is not just about predicting the future but understanding the intricate connections between cosmic energies and human destinies. I truly believe in the transformative power of Guru’s grace, devotion, astrology, prayers, and righteous actions, all of which serve as avenues to safeguard and positively shape lives,” shares Pt. Sanjeev.

Furthermore, Pt. Sanjeev is a TEDx speaker and life coach known for his expertise in Vastu, Numerology, and Palmistry. His straightforward and practical solutions have positively impacted countless people globally, enhancing their quality of life. He tweets his predictions on social media platforms like X.

Pt. Sanjeev’s insights are always accurate. Some of his accurate predictions include the Lok Sabha elections 2024, Gujarat elections, Himachal elections, Russia-Ukraine War, UP elections, COVID-19 Lockdown, Delhi elections, UK PM Boris Johnson, the World Cup, IPL matches, Balakot Strike, Ram Mandir and many more.

His recent celestial observations stated that the Ram Mandir is destined to transcend its physical form. It will become a global attraction. As per his prediction, in the coming decades and beyond, India is poised to become the world’s foremost destination, breaking all tourism records. Pt. Sanjeev predicts, “Over the next 111 years, India will experience unprecedented economic prosperity, a surge in wealth and an influx of visitors seeking both leisure and spiritual enlightenment.”

Excellence in Nadi Astrology

Pt. Sanjeev masters in Nadi Astrology. He explains, “Nadi Astrology divides the Zodiac into 12 signs and 27 Nakshatras, with each Nakshatra further divided into unequal “Sub lords.” The Sub lord is considered stronger than the Nakshatra, and the Nakshatra is stronger than the planet.”

“In Nadi Astrology, each planet is analysed on three levels: the Sign, Nakshatra, and Sub lord. This detailed approach results in highly accurate predictions. To create a horoscope, we use the native’s birth date, time, and place to draw the Lagan chart and the Nirayana Bhava chalit chart (a chart that shows the actual position of the planets in the horoscope). Predictions consider combinations of Houses and use the Vimshottari Dasa system (a system of planetary cycles used to understand the timing of events in a person’s life) with Transits for timing events.”

“Nadi Astrology gives accurate predictions across various life events including education, litigation, career, marriage, health, childbirth, travel, vehicle purchase, longevity, property and more.” 

“Nadi Astrology offers detailed, pinpointed predictions that combine both individual planetary influences and combination of houses. This holistic approach, based on the alignment of stars and planets at birth, offers clear insights into future life events.”


The Genesis 

Pt. Sanjeev started his career as a software engineer and later as a management professional. He worked with Top MNCs such as Aricent, UTStarcom, and Ericsson. These roles honed his strategic vision and acumen, which he now applies to his astrological practice, blending corporate insights with profound astrological wisdom. He draws inspiration from two influential figures– Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji and his father Lt. Dr LK Srivastava, a renowned homoeopathic doctor and astrologer.

  • 28+ years of delivering precise predictions
  • 70+ countries, serving clients worldwide
  • Above 95% accuracy with the grace of the divine
  • 5000+ students have successfully completed the courses

Pt. Sanjeev’s teachings focus on more than just predictions. He aims to help people lead happier and more prosperous lives by overcoming obstacles, negative energy, and bad karma.

In addition to his expertise in astrology, Pt. Sanjeev is also a dedicated Homeopathic Practitioner. He has successfully treated a wide range of critical cases. His patients have found relief from chronic skin diseases, debilitating conditions like frozen shoulders and even Covid-19.

Pt. Sanjeev emphasises, “My goal is to embody the principle of ‘Every Home-One Astrologer and Wisdom.’ I aim to make astrology accessible to every household and ensure it serves as a guiding light for many.” Furthermore, he also specialises in Vastu, Numerology, Palmistry, Mantras, and Gemstone recommendations. He contributes as a meditation teacher and Art of Living Happiness Program instructor.


“I owe my name, fame, and success entirely to Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji,” Pt. Sanjeev mentions proudly.

The International Institute of Nadi Astrology & Vastu (IINAV)

To spread the ancient knowledge, Pt. Sanjeev founded The International Institute of Nadi Astrology & Vastu (IINAV) in 2020. 

“At IINAV, we offer an advanced Nadi Astrology course designed to transform astrology enthusiasts into proficient astrologers in just six to nine months,” explains Pt. Sanjeev. “We also offer a three-month internship program where students gain hands-on experience through live astrology consultations and engage in meaningful research projects.

The comprehensive course requires no prior knowledge which makes it perfect for beginners. Students have the opportunity to join a global community of learners and create an alternative source of income through their newfound skills. The curriculum spans over 75 hours of detailed modules and practice sessions, ensuring a deep understanding of Nadi astrology. They go through hundreds of case studies and analyse more than 500 charts, thereby providing them with a thorough and practical approach to learning.

By the end of the course, students develop the skills to achieve a prediction accuracy of 85-90% or higher. This high level of proficiency allows them to start a new career path as professional Nadi astrologers. With the support of IINAV, graduates can offer astrological consultations, and utilise their training to help others.

Values of Pt. Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava

  • Honesty

Provides honest feedback in all consultations which ensures clients receive accurate insights.

  • Confidentiality

Prioritises client privacy and maintains strict confidentiality of personal information.

  • Diversity 

Believes in serving clients equally from diverse backgrounds and across the globe.

Reaching Across Borders

Pt. Sanjeev Kumar has been sharing his ancient knowledge through engaging talks and sessions worldwide, including the top institutions like Stanford University (USA). He aims to create awareness of Nadi Jyotish in all major universities in the US and India. Pt. Sanjeev also supports adding Vedic and Nadi Astrology to schools and college courses.

He mentions, “We are soon launching a platform on Nadi Jyotish. My vision is to connect ancient wisdom with modern education, encouraging schools to include this timeless knowledge. This will give students a unique perspective that combines traditional teachings with modern learning. This will further help them understand how cosmic forces influence life.”

Apart from his work in Astrology, Pt. Sanjeev is actively engaged in social work and serves as a respected member of the World Human Rights Protection Commission. His dedication to social welfare has earned him certifications and awards, thereby establishing him as a highly respected figure in both astrology and humanitarian endeavours.

Pt. Sanjeev exclaims proudly, “These awards and recognitions inspire me to continue my journey of sharing knowledge and guiding individuals towards a deeper understanding of their lives through astrology. Along with these awards, I have also been certified by Bharat Gaurav Ratna Shri Samman Council. I feel deeply honoured and humbled to have made significant contributions to the field of Nadi Astrology.”

The Vision Ahead

Looking forward, Pt. Sanjeev envisions expanding the reach of astrology and sharing his knowledge and wisdom globally. He aims to enhance the offerings at the International Institute of Nadi Astrology & Vastu and collaborate with prestigious institutions worldwide to make astrology accessible to everyone.

Pt. Sanjeev has made a big impact on Nadi astrology. By following his teachings and remedies, people have been able to live more successful lives. His extensive knowledge offers a path to balance and harmony, thereby enabling them to live a prosperous life by overcoming negative energy, obstacles, difficult times, and negative karma. 

While signing off, Pt. Sanjeev asserts, “Astrology should be integrated into the school curriculum starting from the 5th grade and continue as a subject of study in college.” 


Gems In The Crown

Pt. Sanjeev’s accurate predictions and significant contributions to astrology continue to improve many lives, offering reassurance and guidance to those seeking direction and purpose. Pt. Sanjeev has garnered an impressive array of prestigious awards and accolades throughout his illustrious career in astrology. 

  • Received the ‘Global Indian Award for Excellence in Ancient Wisdom of Nadi Astrology Education’ from Shri Nitin Gadkari in 2023 
  • Honoured with the ‘Best Global Nadi Astrologer & Mentor Award’ by veteran actress Madhuri Dixit in 2023
  • Recognised as the ‘Living Legend in Divine Sciences’ by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Yogi Adityanath in 2022
  • Bestowed with the prestigious ‘Jyotish Vibhushan’ and ‘Jyotish Brahm’ title by the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand in 2022
  • Awarded the ‘Excellence Award – Living Legend in Nadi Astrology’ at the Global Business Awards by actress Shilpa Shetty in 2022

Pt. Sanjeev has also been named among the ‘Top 5 Astrologers’ by The Times of India, achieved the 2nd position in the ‘Top 3 Astrologers’ by Zee Business and was awarded the 1st position in the ‘Top 5 Astrologers’ by Republic Bharat.

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