Tenacious Services Leading the Evolution of HR Solutions

Tenacious Services: Leading the Evolution of HR Solutions


“We provide complete HR staffing and third-party payroll management solutions.”

Amar Nath
(Director & COO, Tenacious Services)

With over two decades of dynamic experience in Human Resources across top-tier manufacturing, projects, logistics and financial institutions nationwide, Amar Nath has cultivated a diverse skill set while maintaining his unswerving passion for learning. His journey to establish his own company, Tenacious Services Private Limited in 2014, has been marked by hard work, integrity, and perseverance. The company was born out of a vision to address the complexities of HR management for businesses.

Amar Nath explains, “I laid the foundation of Tenacious Services based on my experience and observations of the challenges businesses face in managing their human resources effectively.”  He further adds, “We recognised a gap in the market and envisioned a company that would not just assist with executive search and headhunting, but cover end-to-end HR solutions from finding permanent and temporary staff to handling payroll and third-party outsourcing.”

Moreover, as the Director and Chief Operations Officer, he has managed over 2000 employees and built strong partnerships with numerous clients. He has achieved a turnover of 33+ crores in the financial year 2022-2023. With over 18 years of diverse HR leadership experience and recognition as the ‘Best HR Manager’ for three years in a row, Amar Nath has been lauded for adept team management, timely deliverables, engaging employee activities, and streamlined HR operations.

End-to-End HR Solutions

The company offers a comprehensive suite of HR solutions. Amar Nath emphasises, “With the help of these solutions, businesses can manage their human resources effectively by offering high-quality recruitment, flexible staffing, accurate payroll management, and outsourcing non-core HR tasks. This allows businesses to concentrate on other primary operations while ensuring their HR needs are managed well.”

What makes Tenacious Services unique is its dedication to being flexible and maintaining professional excellence. It offers complete HR solutions tailored according to the client’s needs. This helps them reduce operational costs and focus on core business activities. 

Tenacious Services’ diverse clientele includes industries like NBFC, manufacturing and various others. The company serves many organisations and aims to make its clients happy and fully satisfied. Its success lies in its consistent practice to take feedback from the clients to continuously improve and offer top-notch solutions.”

The Path Forward for Tenacious Services

Tenacious Services aims to bridge the gap between exceptional talent and leading organisations, empowering individuals to find fulfilling careers and helping businesses thrive through strategic staffing solutions. Its vision for the next decade is to become the premier partner for talent acquisition and workforce solutions globally. 

The company’s goal is to be recognised as a trusted leader in staffing, innovating with technology and expertise to drive sustainable growth. It aims to impact individuals and organisations positively. 

The COO mentions, “Teamwork skills are essential for our company. They form the foundation upon which we achieve our organisational goals. Collaboration, communication, and collective effort are the cornerstone of our success.” He fosters a positive work environment where all employees feel appreciated and empowered to think out of the box and present ideas on the table.

Talking about his views on HR, Amar Nath remarks, “Human resources, for me, is about cultivating talent, fostering growth, and nurturing organisational success through strategic management and compassionate leadership.” 

The HR industry is undergoing significant changes because of new technological advancements, remote work trends and a bigger focus on employee well-being and diversity. Tenacious Services adapts to these changes and leverages advanced HR technologies to enhance recruitment and employee management processes.

Amar Nath, Director & COO of Tenacious Services

“We at Tenacious Services, now celebrating our 10th year, embrace the ethos of “Never Give Up.” We are striving continuously to provide the best HR solutions with integrity and professionalism in every interaction,” says Amar Nath while signing off.

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