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“We build institutions through transformational people practices.”

Col M Rajgopal (retd) (Founder, TranscendOrg)

For Col M Rajgopal, the founder of TranscendOrg, Human Resources is the soul of any organisation. With an illustrious career spanning 27 years in the Indian Army, Col M Rajgopal (retd) leveraged his leadership and strategic skills to transition into healthcare as the Chief Human Resource Officer for the CARE Group of Hospitals. It is a network of 13 multi-speciality hospitals across central and south-central India. He remained with the CARE Group till 2019. 

“Working as the CHRO made me realise the vital importance of good people management in healthcare and its direct impact on caring and curing patients,” says Col M Rajgopal.

He emphasises “Healthcare organisations should practice good people management, to meet the twin objectives of providing qualitative patient services and ensure desired profitability.” Furthermore, he recognised the need to help other healthcare organisations and institutionalise purposeful HR practices. That’s when he and his colleagues set up TranscendOrg, a premier HR consulting organisation.

Col M Rajgopal, Founder, of TranscendOrg

TranscendOrg helps healthcare organisations improve through good people practices. Since healthcare has traditionally been led by doctors, modern HR practices are relatively new and urgently needed.

He believes that when staff and doctors feel professionally satisfied, it leads to better patient safety, improved clinical outcomes, shorter hospitalisation, fewer return visits, and happier patients. Effective HR management in healthcare is also crucial due to rising medical costs, high customer expectations, urgent business needs, and declining service quality.

TranscendOrg Services

The company institutes transactional, strategic, or transformational HR systems/processes. It also provides managerial and frontline staff training and trains doctors on clinician leadership. Other services include OD interventions and executive coaching. 

Under its niche services, the company provides:

Clinician Leadership Program (CLP) 

Clinician Leadership Training

This program helps healthcare organisations to prepare clinicians for leadership roles. The training design of the CLP covers topics related to health system sciences (e.g. Healthcare Teams, Building Relationships, Mindfulness, Communication, and Finance for non-finance etc)

HODs/Manager Training

Managerial Leadership Training

This leadership program aims to develop managerial competencies and leadership skills in HODs and employees with good potential to drive quality service and achieve business goals.

Transactional HR functions cover core HR functions required throughout the employment cycle. Strategic Human Resource Management aligns HR strategy with short and long-term business objectives. Transformational Interventions include initiatives such as developing a leadership pipeline, IT-based HR Management Systems (HRMS), culture audits, competency-based management and visioning.

What makes TranscendOrg Stand Out?

Col M Rajgopal states proudly, “With over 15 years in healthcare, our team specialises in tailoring HR solutions according to the healthcare organisations’ needs and aligning interventions with organisational goals effectively.” 

TranscendOrg has worked with private hospitals, public healthcare systems, diagnostics, infertility clinics, rehab centres and academic institutions. Some prominent establishments include:

  • Dubai Health Authorities, Dept of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 
  • Dept of Health, Govt of Kerala & AMRI Bhubaneswar 
  • Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Fernandez, Star and Lotus Hospital, Hyderabad 
  • Gleneagles Hospital, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai 
  • Ucchvas Rehab and Oasis Fertility, Hyderabad

The company also aids healthcare organisations in tackling attrition by implementing HR strategies such as workload optimisation, career progression, and compensation benchmarking.

The company’s mission is to drive impactful HR solutions across healthcare by instituting purpose-driven practices that enhance business performance and elevate patient care quality and safety while aligning with the vision of the client organisation.

While signing off, Col M Rajgopal states, “Receiving awards like the HR Practice Leaders Award at the South Asia Regional HR Summit in Mumbai (2014) and being featured in Prime Insight Magazine as an influential leader to follow in 2024 is just the beginning for TranscendOrg. We have a long journey ahead in delivering impactful HR systems.”

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