Aman Deep Saini : The Astrological Mentor and Educator


“To date, I have taught astrology to over 10,000 students worldwide.”

Aman Deep Saini (Horoscope Analyst & Educator, AstroSatva Counseling Services)

Every human being once in their lifetime wonders how stars and planets that are far away from Earth might affect their lives. Meet Aman Deep Saini, a visionary astrologer who sees beyond the stars and planets. In a world where people ponder how distant celestial bodies might influence their lives, this renowned astrologer brings in a refreshing perspective that resonates with both skeptics and believers. 

“I believe that the outer bodies may or may not impact us, but our emotions, thoughts, and deep-rooted subconscious beliefs certainly do. Every human carries a whole universe within. We may call our different emotions with names similar to planets,” explains Aman Deep Saini, Horoscope Analyst and Educator. 

He further explains, “We may call our wisdom and all the positive thoughts stemming from it as Jupiter. Our negative thoughts, on the other hand, can be seen as Rahu.” The study of the interplay of these planets/thoughts to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of an individual is astrology.

How He Found His Calling?

Aman Deep’s fascination with astrology began in 1996 while he was still in college. He was amazed by the sight of someone using computer software to print horoscopes and surprised at the idea that life events can be predicted through them. This sparked a daily dedication in him to study and learn more about astrology, which gradually made him a knowledgeable and passionate astrologer to look at. In 2004, with more and more clients seeking his help and a strong inner calling, he started AstroSatva Counseling Services.

Today, Aman Deep not only guides others through his consulting services but also teaches astrology, sharing his insights and expertise with those eager to learn. He specialises in Vedic Astrology and uses predictive techniques to interpret horoscopes. He primarily teaches astrology through his online courses. To date, over 10,000 students from around the globe have learned astrology through his courses.

Aman Deep Saini

Furthermore, he is also a Member of The Systems’ Institute of Hindu Astrology (SIHA), Gurgaon, India & Member of the International Institute of Predictive Astrology (IIPA), USA.

In two decades of extensive astrology journey, Aman Deep has made a significant impact on people’s lives. Citing one of the cases, he shares, “One memorable case that stays with me is of a couple who were about to file for divorce after six months of separation. The husband sought my astrological guidance, and after examining their horoscopes, I advised specific remedies. He began them promptly, and within a week, his wife also joined in. By the second month, they reconciled and resolved their differences, choosing not to pursue divorce. Nearly 18 years later, they remain happily married.”

Businesses are made up of people. No business can grow without the right individuals. When the top management understands ethical principles, and guidelines, and navigates towards favourable directions and energies, they tend to utilise the cosmic power properly. Hiring the correct candidates in an astrological light can be a game-changer for any business.

Astrology’s Role in Holistic Wellness and Self-Improvement

Aman Deep Saini

Our thoughts primarily dictate our life’s successes or failures. According to Aman Deep, prolonged negative thoughts can result in chronic diseases in the body, where physical ailments are the final outcome of ongoing negativity in the mind. He explains that initially, negativity affects the mind, but over time, it can lead to physical discomfort such as pain, soreness, or rashes—a state he terms as “dis-ease,” where the body is no longer at ease.

In his view, when events unfold in our lives, we understand our positive and negative emotions. Meanwhile, astrology allows for the identification of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses from birth. Aman Deep believes that timely corrective measures to manage negative areas, thoughts, and emotions can effectively enhance health, boost wellness, and facilitate continuous self-improvement throughout life.

Supporting Consistency and Growth in Astrology

After the initial consultation, when the horoscope is analysed and the recommendations are given, the clients follow advice with enthusiasm but when daily routines take precedence then consistency wanes over time. To address this issue, Aman Deep encourages clients to stay connected through social media platforms for regular updates. It helps them stay committed to following their remedies and continue their journey towards personal growth.

Also, those interested in deepening their understanding of astrology are offered discounts to start their journey of learning astrology. Furthermore, the company’s referral offer helps people remain connected and motivated to watch their stars regularly.

Addressing Common Misconceptions About Astrology

“We do not believe in astrology,” “Why should we believe in astrology?” and “How do I know if astrology is real?” are some of the questions that Aman Deep comes across quite often. He often responds by drawing a parallel to gravity. Whether one believes in gravity or not, it still affects us the same.
Aman Deep Saini: The Astrological Mentor and Educator

He says, “People who are content and don’t have major life issues tend to question astrology. When they face challenges, they are often first to seek astrological guidance. By providing a thorough horoscope analysis, examining the Dasha and transits, and offering tailored astrological recommendations and timing for various events, I help build their confidence in astrology.”

Aman Deep emphasises that astrology is about managing ourselves and learning to live a disciplined life. Sometimes people set unrealistic expectations from astrology. For instance, if someone is given a timeline for getting a job and if they don’t apply anywhere, how on Earth would they get a job? Just planning something or having faith in something never helps anyone. One must act and take action. The individual seeking astrological support must also take recommended actions. 

Therefore, when he offers astrological advice, he emphasises that clients have the freedom to follow or reject it. He aptly puts it, “Astrology is not just about predicting the future; it’s about understanding ourselves and making informed decisions to create a better world.”

“Learn and follow astrology to make a better world.” 

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