Data Next Conference 2023 Harnessing Data for Business Impact

Data Next Conference 2023: Harnessing Data for Business Impact

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The Data Next conference is set to take place on the 10th of August at JW Marriott, New Delhi. The theme for this edition of the Data Next event is “Data: Integration to Impact”. It will address how data leaders can harness the power of data-driven transformation for better business outcomes. This event will bring together 150+ Chief Information Officers, Chief Data Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, Heads of Data, Vice president Analytics, AI, Machine learning and Heads of Customer Analytics from across industries in the region. 

The Data Next Conference will provide a platform for industry leaders to discuss the transformation of data for better business outcomes. The conference will be led by industry leaders like- Vinod Bhat- CIO and Chief Ethics Counsellor- Vistara Tata SIA Airlines Ltd, Kapil Mahajan- Global Chief Information and Technology Officer- Allcargo Logistics, Mohit Malik- Chief Technology Officer- Chaayos,  Kapil Maadan- CISO and Data protection Officer- Max Healthcare, Chandra Shekar Prasad- Chief Data Scientist -Mahindra First Choice Wheels among others. 

Topics To Be Discussed in Data Next Conference

One of the key topics that will be discussed at the conference is Data-Centric Leadership to enhance the value agenda. This session will focus on how organizations prioritise the strategic use of data to enhance the organization’s value agenda. It revolves around making data-driven decisions, fostering a culture that values data and analytics, and leveraging data to drive innovation and efficiency.

Some of the other key topics that will be covered at the conference include Leveraging Data Analytics for Data-Driven Decision-Making. This panel will cover ground on how BI & Analytics is crucial for strategic business decision-making, understanding business dynamics, anticipating market shifts, and managing risks, AI-enhanced analytics improve talent, customer, and resource management. 

Transforming Data Storage with Cloud

This session will cover ground on how Enterprises are extensively using complex data landscapes. With abundant data being produced and utilised by enterprises, its value largely relies on accessibility and application. Cloud computing offers an affordable solution for managing this large amount of data without costly infrastructure. Cloud-based services, tools, and platforms enable various data handling tasks, such as ingestion, cleaning, enrichment, and aggregation, allowing enterprises to create desired formats and decisions.

Data Privacy and Security

This session will cover ground on how a multi-cloud and IoT environment offers flexibility, scalability, and access but also presents a complex security landscape for information security officers. To address data breaches and evolving cyber threats, security leaders must integrate privacy, engage AIOT, build a secure data culture, and optimize models for business outcomes.

Driving CX value with Data

This session will cover ground on how CX design is a growing priority for businesses, with data leaders investing in understanding customer data, building recommendation engines with AI/ML, and combining customer metrics with operational data to improve CX strategy.


The Data Next is supported by Denodo as a Gold Partner. Small Enterprise, The Global Hues, News Patrolling, Block Tides, Coinvoice, Asia Token Fund and India Tech Online as Media Partners. Analytics Society of India and DCAL as Association Partners. This conference is an opportunity for CDOs, CIOs, CISOs, CTO and heads of data and analytics and customer experience to learn, explore and enhance their data transformation for better business outcomes.

For more information on the DATA NEXT conference, please visit the official website]. Register today to enquire to secure your spot at this exciting and informative event.


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