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Lexicon Legal: Embracing Innovation to Elevate Legal Consultancy

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“We are a bunch of new-aged professionals who are keen on solving legal problems creatively and efficiently.”

Kashish Poojara & Sadaf R. Khan
(Founding Partners, Lexicon Legal)

When two seasoned legal professionals, having honed their skills in the Gujarat and Bombay High Courts for several years, decided to introduce an innovative side to traditional legal consultancy in their hometown, it led to the inception of Lexicon Legal in 2021. With over seven years of experience in various legal domains, such as Company Law, Corporate Law, Arbitration, Mediation, Commercial Disputes, and other practice areas, Kashish and Sadaf bring a wealth of experience to the table. 

Unlike traditional law firms that stick to conventional practices, Lexicon Legal believes in embracing change and staying ahead of the curve. The firm excels in providing legal services in practice areas ranging from Arbitration and Mediation, Banking and Finance, Corporate, Commercial and Merger & Acquisitions, to Information Technology, Intellectual Property Rights, Labour Laws, Dispute resolution, Media and Entertainment, Real Estate and Restructure & Insolvency. 

“Realising the potential in Surat’s burgeoning market and its growing industries, we saw an opportunity to establish a comprehensive boutique law firm that would provide corporate and insolvency consultancy. Our journey began with three to four associates, and after 850 days of consistent hard work, we are now a close-knit family of 20+ associates, serving more than 200 businesses, ranging from start-ups and MSMEs to well-established firms,” recalls the Founders. 

The Differentiating Factors 

  • Equipped with professionally certified arbitrators, mediators, and trademark officials
  • Over thirty-five years of combined experience from family and veteran panellists, who are readily available for consultations
  • New-aged professionals committed to creative and efficient problem-solving, ensuring timely and quality legal solutions
  • Surat’s pioneering boutique law firm, specialising in niche practice areas to maintain high-quality work
  • A vast network spanning seven states in India and expanding internationally, providing accessible legal services to clients worldwide

The Diverse Clientele

Lexicon Legal serves clients from diverse categories ranging from startups and MSMEs to established companies in goods and services such as e-commerce and marketplace, media and entertainment, fintech companies, electronic vehicle companies, solar companies, food and beverages, jewellers, advertisers, consultancy, textile, non-banking financial institutions, among others.

“Since day one, we prioritise client satisfaction and focus on building strong relationships with our clients. We maintain transparency in our communications, offer tailor-made solutions, and explain the potential risks and benefits clearly,” reiterates Kashish. 

“Our biggest challenge is to cater to clients from diverse backgrounds. However, effective communication and teamwork among associates help us address this challenge,” adds Sadaf.

The Firm’s relentless commitment to delivering top-notch solutions led to its honour as the esteemed “Emerging Law Firm” at the prestigious Times Business Awards Surat 2023. A special feature of the Firm by a leading e-business publication added an extra touch, conveying Lexicon’s mission and services to clients and businesses.

Embracing the Latest in Legal Innovations

Lexicon Legal always keeps itself abreast of legal developments by:

  • Encouraging the associates to participate in various professional legal certifications and other educational programmes to enhance their skills
  • Conducting a weekly informal debate with the associates on the current legal advancements to gain comprehensive insights into legal affairs
  • Publishing blogs on the website about legal advancements, ensuring that clients, associates, and others who visit the website have access to critical commentary on such legal advancements

Growth Strategies For Future

Kashish and Sadaf aim to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the services they provide. Additionally, they look forward to establishing an Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre and adopting alternative dispute resolution methods to resolve disputes swiftly and cost-effectively. 

Besides that, Lexicon is actively developing Legal Tech to leverage Artificial Intelligence and revolutionise legal services. The firm is also working on embracing Blockchain Technology to simplify transactional work and immutably store legal agreements.

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