Deepika Mhatre The House-Maid Turned Comedian

Deepika Mhatre: The House-Maid Turned Comedian

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There is a quote about comedy, “Making people laugh is literally the best feeling ever.” It is what comedians do; they make people laugh. Initially, the comedy industry was male-dominated, but now women have become comedians too. However, the story of Deepika Mhatre is a bit different. She was a house-help and jewellery seller. With a knack for turning everyday experiences into laughter, she transitioned from mundane chores to stand-up stages. Through her comedic prowess, Deepika not only found a new career for herself but also became a symbol of breaking barriers, reminding us all that laughter knows no gender or societal norms.

A Day In The Life Of Deepika Mhatre

A Day In The Life Of Deepika Mhatre

Deepika is currently focusing on her career in comedy. When she started practising standup a few years back, she began with the clock striking 4:00 A.M. As she hurried to the railway station, she caught the train by 4:15/4:30 to sell imitation jewellery to the commuters. She would sell jewellery on various trains, and by 6:30 A.M., she would finish selling the jewellery and head to several households to cook and clean until 4:00 P.M. After completing the work, she would again buy imitation jewellery from the Malad wholesale market and sell it on the train. 

“I am now focusing on comedy as I have found my passion in it,” shares Deepika.

Rather than succumbing to the pressures and stress that life may impose, she embraces humour as her best coping mechanism. For her, humour makes her look at the brighter side of life. Talking about her family, she says, “I have three daughters and one husband.” She starts her set with these lines, “I have seen stand-up comedians often sharing stories about their maids, but now, I will speak.” Deepika derives her humour from real-life instances, making her comedy effortless and natural.

When Deepika Entered Into The World of Comedy

When Deepika Entered Into The World of Comedy

Deepika is now a full-time stand-up comedian. Talking about how she got into comedy, she shares, “It started when Sangeeta Madam (where Deepika used to work as a domestic help) arranged a talent hunt for us ‘bai-log.’ It was a fun activity, and I did comedy on Madam. To my surprise, everyone loved it.” As fate would have it, Rachel Lopez, a reporter for a renowned newspaper, Hindustan Times, was in the talent activity and saw Deepika performing on stage and loved her show. Afterwards, she took Deepika’s interview and published it in the newspaper.

Rachel contacted Aditi Mittal, a famous comedian. She met Deepika at Sangeeta’s house and recognised her talent. She motivated Deepika to not restrict this talent within herself and to showcase it to the world and perform on a professional stage. Afterwards, Aditi mentored her and helped her better her act. And then there was no looking back. Deepika had entered into the comedy world.

While talking about performing on stage, Deepika says, “ I have become viral, and I enjoy doing comedy, and the best part is that I am getting a good salary.”

Deepika initially thought the audience would be angry with her, only to realize they enjoyed the show. Post-performance, the audience would express their appreciation by hugging her and taking photos, often saying, “Deepika ji aapki baatein dil ko chu jaati hain and bahut se log sudhar gaye.” (Deepika ji, your words touch the heart, and many have improved.) Furthermore, there has been a shift in people’s attitudes towards maids. Traditionally, people used to keep separate cups and plates for domestic help. Now, there’s a notable change where they invite maids to sit at the dining table, sharing meals together, reflecting an evolving and more inclusive mindset.

Where Deepika Stands Today

As the famous saying goes, There is a talent hidden in every person. If honed diligently, it has the power to change your life. That’s what happened with Deepika Mhatre. 

Deepika feels proud that what she has set out to do with her comedy is becoming popular and successful. Her comedy voices out genuine feelings and daily instances and showcases a humorous side of her work culture. Furthermore, Aditi, who mentored her, played a crucial role in bringing Deepika to her performances, and together they filmed an episode of ‘Bad Girl.’ 

So far, the journey has been amazing for Deepika, marked by many achievements in her life. Imminent newspapers such as the Guardian newspaper, Aajtak, Chitralekha, Better India, Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Times Now, and many other radio channels have conducted her interviews. She received an Appreciation Award from Kareena Kapoor at the 104.8 FM ‘What Women Want’ festival and performed at PSIT Kanpur, in 2018. She has also collaborated with Colgate, Godrej HIT, and Gala. Moreover, she has appeared in TV shows such as Sabse Smart Kaun, Sakhe Shejari (Marathi), and Dance India Dance Supermoms on Zee TV. Deepika remains open to exploring more opportunities as they arise.

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