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Brinda Goswami: The Thought Leader, Architect of III Studio

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“A project is a fulfilling journey, never limited by people’s limited imaginations.” 

Brinda Goswami (CEO & Principal Architect, III Studio)

“Since my college days, I always dreamt of having my own design practice,” says Brinda Goswami who has been running a renowned interior design company since 2010. While she was pursuing graduation from NIT Bhopal and doing internships, she noticed work exploitation in smaller offices. Architecture wasn’t a well-paid-off profession, particularly with a scarcity of substantial opportunities in larger design firms. Amidst the historic computer revolution and dotcom burst from 1998 to 2000, while many of her batchmates and colleagues were moving to IT and management roles, Brinda stayed adamant about her dream. In a batch of 30 people, she found herself in a group of less than five people who decided to pursue architecture. 

She started her corporate career with Stup Consultants in Mumbai and later explored diverse architectural firms in Delhi and Hyderabad. She took a career break between 2002 and 2006, to dedicate time to family and children. In 2007, she re-entered the corporate world when she moved to Hyderabad with her family. After dedicating two years to a reputed interior design firm, the entrepreneurial bug of setting up her own business bit her again. 

“Hyderabad was a completely new city for me and establishing connections here had to be a challenge. At first, I felt a bit unsure about what to do, but my dreams were stronger than my fear.  In December 2009, I took a bold step and founded my proprietorship firm – III Studio, an acronym for Infinite Ideas Interiors. When we started, it was just a team of two, and our office was actually in the living room of my apartment,” shares Brinda while explaining the company’s initial days. 

She started by offering design consultation and project management services. During the initial years, she took baby steps, gradually evolving and exploring her capabilities. After approximately two years, she expanded the firm’s horizons and started taking turnkey contracts. From a modest team of two, III Studio saw remarkable growth, progressing from 2 to 7 to 15 and now exceeding 25 creative minds.

From A Living Room To A 2000-square-foot Workspace

iii Studio

Setting up a business is the birth; running it is the journey of growth, challenges, and triumphs. When Brinda established the firm, she found it extremely difficult to fit herself in the role of ‘Sales’. The world of sales, business pitches, and lead generation was an uncharted territory for her and the concept of networking and pitching felt like stepping into the unknown. Securing projects, pitching, and following them through to closure was entirely outside her comfort zone.

Brinda, with her willingness to learn from the unknown, turned every challenge into a lesson. Her family, as she shares, served as her greatest support system during this transition. They helped her with mock sessions and prepared her for client meetings, eventually boosting her confidence in facing clients and responding to their queries.

“I also faced issues in onboarding reliable execution contractors. Finding dedicated people who could deliver work on time, maintain quality standards, and be trustworthy was a tough row to hoe. We underwent a trial-and-error process, testing various contractors, rejecting a few, and finally, we’ve established a team of reliable contractors,” explains Brinda.

COVID left no business unaffected. Like many businesses, Brinda had to close down the firm’s operations for three months. Yet, as circumstances improved, she rebounded with renewed vigour, receiving numerous requests for remodelling and renovation projects from different clients. “Starting up again after the shutdown was a positive beginning. I feel thankful for the good things happening to us and around us. I genuinely believe that God’s kindness has been my guiding force, helping me stay strong and on top of things,” shares Brinda while expressing gratitude. 

III Studio, under the stewardship of Brinda, took every business challenge as a thread that weaves the fabric of success. Today, it specialises in residential & commercial interiors, Styling & Décor, and Sourcing & Renovation services. It serves a vast clientele ranging from senior management and IT professionals to business owners, real estate builders and commercial shops and stores. The company has won the Times award for its flagship store Gelatissimo in Hyderabad and multiple other awards for its residential projects. 

Brinda’s Vision For Her Firm

Brinda Goswami The Thought Leader, Architect of III Studio

In the next few years, Brinda envisions making III Studio a renowned name in the interior design industry. She, along with her team of creative professionals, gears up to venture heavily into the hospitality industry and premium residences. Her next big mission involves teaming up strategically, introducing new products, and enhancing the firm’s styling services. The sustainability mantra is also on the horizon in the coming years. 

I learned to take on things, I’d never done before. Take life day by day and be grateful for the little things. Focus on the positive and take pride in the choices you make. Don’t get caught up in what you can’t control. Maintain a positive mindset. Embrace the Present.

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