She Glorifying Businesses - Kirandeep Dham

Kirandeep Dham: An EdTech Pioneer Shaping The Future Of India

We, at Globus Infocom Limited, truly believe that education is the basic right of every child & technology has the power to transform the educational scenario to make it accessible for everyone. Kirandeep Dham (CEO, Globus Infocom Limited) Passion is energy. An energy that comes from inside you and gives you a purpose to live […]

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Kshama Bindu India's First Sologamist

Kshama Bindu: India’s First Sologamist

“Knowing your worth and not settling for anything less is the ultimate power of self-love,” are the words of Kshama Bindu, who married herself. She is India’s first sologamist who broke stereotypical concepts of marriage in society. The act of sologomy was an unheard concept in India, therefore when she married herself, Kshama became an […]

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Kavita Sanghvi An Ardent Educationist

Kavita Sanghvi: An Ardent Educationist

With the firm belief that education has the power to transform one’s life, Kavita Sanghvi emphasises the experiential approach to teaching through STEM education. For her great contribution to the educational landscape, Kavita is honoured with the National Award from the President Of India, Droupadi Murmu. She has also received “the Iconic Principal Award” from […]

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Smriti Nagpal The Social Crusader

Smriti Nagpal: The Social Crusader

Creativity cannot be restricted, believes Smriti Nagpal who is the Founder of Atulyakala, which is India’s first-ever lifestyle brand run by the deaf community. It is a social enterprise that consists of 90% of team members with hearing impairment who communicate via sign language. With a vision to bring inclusivity and opportunities, Smriti through her […]

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Aishwarya Sharma

Aishwarya Sharma: India’s First Fashion Activist

“If there is no purpose in fashion, it is no more fashion; it is null,” says Aishwarya Sharma, India’s First Fashion activist. Combining the power of fashion and social media, Aishwarya is creating awareness about climate change and its adverse impacts on women and children.  Breaking the stigma that fashion is only for the elite […]

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Barkha Trehan

Barkha Trehan: The Dauntless Voice Of Men’s Rights

“Men have emotions too, they also need support, but how many of us actually care?” These words of Barkha Trehan compelled us to think- Do we really think about the social rights of men? Why do we often forget about the issues related to our male counterparts? Taking a much-needed step towards Gender Equality, Barkha […]

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Veena Gupta India’s First Lady Bodyguard

Veena Gupta: India’s First Lady Bodyguard

Large muscular men bodyguards dressed in black is a myth. Meet Veena Gupta, India’s first lady bodyguard who is breaking all gender norms with her courageous attitude and determination. Making power her greatest strength, Veena is a true embodiment of bravery, power and supremacy. Since childhood, she is known for her rebellious nature and standing […]

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Dr Maya Rathod

Dr Maya Rathod: The Bodybuilding Champion

Whoever says bodybuilding is a sport for men should definitely meet Dr Maya Rathod. Breaking all the stereotypes of gender boundaries in sports, Dr Maya is undoubtedly an inspiration for many whose stories are worth listening to. Dr Maya is a gynaecologist in Sydney with roots attached to the western state of Maharashtra, India. Juggling […]

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