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Dhriti Nidarshana: Serving With Devotion

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“I believe, if you are competing, you are not doing it right.”

Dhriti Nidarshana (Director & Co-Founder,
Upevently Xotira Private Limited
Brand Consultant, Sampoorn Aradhna)

What does it take to lead your own venture? Dhriti Nidarshana, successfully running her own business today, not only dreamt of it but also took decisive steps to make it happen. Dhriti knew that to lead a business empire she would have to learn how to be the jack of all trades. She worked with many startups which helped her function around multiple domains and understand her strengths and weaknesses quite clearly. 

“I grew up in Ranchi, Jharkhand and completed my graduation there before heading to Delhi to pursue a post-graduation in HR & Marketing. My initial job as a Soft Skills Coach at a local institute had to be a part-time engagement as I was awaiting my MBA results but it evolved into a full-time commitment. Despite my parents’ eagerness for me to immediately pursue further studies, I managed to persuade them to let me continue working for a year.”

“I was genuinely passionate about my job as I believed that hands-on work experience serves as a superior teacher compared to any highfalutin degree. Nevertheless, that ‘fancy degree’ did open up new doors for me eventually. After completing my post-graduation, I started my corporate career,” shares Dhriti while emphasising that each job she did was an opportunity to learn business in its entirety. 

Dhriti Nidarshana (Director & Co-Founder, Upevently Xotira Private Limited Brand Consultant, Sampoorn Aradhna

Dhriti worked in multiple firms in different roles like BFSI recruiter, technical recruiter, corporate relationship manager and corporate culture agent at an automotive mechatronics R&D organisation. As she secured leadership positions, it further sharpened her entrepreneurial instincts. As the saying goes, behind every successful leader, there exists a team – a team of brilliant minds with diverse yet complementary traits. When Dhriti’s search for like-minded people and ideal counterparts ended within her trusted network, she and her counterparts decided to quit their employee status. And there they were, with high hopes and spirit– laying the foundation of Upevently Xotira Private Limited in 2018. 

“The inception of our venture was aligned to our vision of being the flag-bearers of ‘experience crafting’– experiences that are joyous and enriching. We started under the brand name Xotira Events as an Event Production company,” explains the Co-Founder. Xotira Events produces mega spiritual events like Maha Yagya Anushthans, Navratri Dandiya Nights, Janmashtami Mahotsavs, Jain Panch Kalyanaks and more such events, all at the scale of 40 to 50 thousand crowd footfall and more.

When She Brought In Spiritual Bliss

Observing people revelling in spiritual euphoria, Dhriti and her team realised that the supreme of all experiences is the spiritual connection. That’s when they decided to bring this experience into the private spaces of people. Thus, it led to the conceptualisation of a product line that allows customers to purchase this transcendent joy off the shelves.

In 2019, Sampoorn Aradhna was born as a flagship brand of devotional merchandise, with a diverse array of products spanning categories such as aromas (organic incense cones, hand-rolled dhoop sticks made from natural resins), camphor, tilak, herbal fumigation products (aushadh yagya hawan samagri), festive decor items, spiritual books, and related products. The aim is to offer people the means to bring the spiritual experience directly into their homes, making the sublime connection accessible to all.

“In India, people are slowly becoming more aware of conscious consumerism, but it’s happening at a snail’s pace. For a long time, most Indian consumers didn’t bother reading labels or thinking about what went into the products they brought. Very few considered factors like environmental impact, long-term health hazards, re-usable packaging or whether the products were locally made. Unfortunately, many decisions were based solely on the price. Our flagship brand, Sampoorn Aradhna, operates in the devotional merchandise market where we vouch for the quality of our products,” shares Dhriti, who serves as the Brand Consultant for Sampoorn Aradhna. 

Even today, particularly in the devotional segment, there’s a prevailing sentiment among the general public to sacrifice quality for a discounted price willingly. As Sampoorn Aradhna commits itself to top-notch quality, it faces challenges in reaching customer segments at the lower end of the market. Whether the brand manufactures products internally or collaborates with other brands, it prioritises safety, minimal or zero chemical usage, and local sourcing. Compromising on quality has been a strict no, right since its inception.  

Our ‘vision’ is our USP. Through Sampoorn Aradhna, we want to help people enjoy experiences that can teleport them to a place or vibration that is emotionally and spiritually uplifting. Though we operate in a generic category, we also inject personalised elements into our products based on the segment we serve. 

Targetting The Unconventional Modern Market

The brand serves the unconventional modern Indians, a niche that is expanding day by day. This particular segment juggles their multiple roles sincerely trying to live and do it all. Therefore, the brand maintains an omnichannel presence to be accessible to them. One can find the products on leading online platforms like Amazon and Flipkart as well as at mega marts, supermarts, and speciality stores.

Dhriti Nidarshana Serving With Devotion

Dhriti, who finds her inspiration in the mantra – “Be undeniably good and be consistent at it”, envisions her venture as the most sought-after brand, that always achieves more than it commits, through its high-class creativity, strong market intelligence, high-efficiency vendor network and uncompromising commitment to client delight.

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