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“The base of our advisory/consulting services is to optimize the functioning of the company by proposing the most advantageous form and source of financing, as well as reducing the cost of borrowing.”

Murali Krishnaa (Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer, Fingrow Capital)

Access to credit for the bottom of the pyramid has been a challenge, with medium and large industries aggregating to 74.5% of the overall credit growth, where the micro and small enterprises amount to only 7.9%. Personal finance has also seen a steady and normal growth of 11.20% from 9% last year. A financial and management consulting company Fingrow Capital addresses this challenge of the ever-growing requirement of credit access to the underserved population.

Out of the total population of 139 Cr Indians, 53% i.e. 74 Crs population is between the age group of 15-65 years out of which 25.67% of the population don’t even own an account or use one. With the Government’s push on the need for Financial Inclusion activity, many BFSI’s are striving to put the numbers to the wall by integrating and collaborating with Fintechs for their overall reach to the unbanked population through their Digital and Phygital models. 

Fingrow Capital takes this unique proposition to the next level, through its innovative cutting-edge technology and strong leadership with a combined management experience of over 10 decades in Retail and Business Banking.


Murali Krishnaa is the Chief Business Officer at Fingrow Capital. He is a management professional with a specialization in Banking & Marketing Management. He has been instrumental in driving growth, developing operational strategies, and delivering significant top and bottom-line impact in Banking and Financial Institutions he has been associated with. At Fingrow, he handles Debt and Equity Syndication, Retail Finance and Financial & Management Consulting.

Sivakumar KS
Chief Operating Officer – Fingrow Capital

Sivakumar KS is the Chief Operating Officer of the company. He is a Management Graduate from XIMB and comes with 15 years of diverse BFSI work experience. He has vast experience in Wholesale Finance, MSME & Small Business Lending, Financial Inclusion, Agri Lending, Affordable Housing, Consumer Lending & Education Finance in Banks, NBFCs & Fintech. At Fingrow, he handles Debt and Equity Syndication, Financial Technology, and Human Resources.


Fingrow Capital provides a wide range of services including Financial & Management Consulting, Syndication, M&A Advisory, and Financial Technology. Some of its core services include:

  • Corporate Financial Advisory

Fingrow helps facilitate the growth of businesses by providing many corporate financial advisory services like:

  1. Working Capital – Fund Based / Non-Fund Based & Trade Finance
  2. Term Loans / Corporate Loans
  3. Project Finance – Greenfield / Brownfield Project Funding
  4. Structured Debt Solutions
  5. Acquisition Financing
  6. Mezzanine Financing
  7. External Commercial Borrowings / Foreign Currency Loans
  • Equity and Structured Financing Advisory

Fingrow helps businesses to utilise new funding instruments to increase the cash flow and mu­tate the liquidity structure of the Balance Sheet through different sophisticated and tailor-made products.

  • Retail Loans Advisory

Fingrow helps its clients arrange different kinds of retail loans like home loans & mortgage loans, business loans, equipment finance, commercial vehicle loan, OD/OC/Term loans.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

The team at Fingrow develops a clearly articulated strategy and a Merger & Acquisition plan. It provides concept to completion of a deal right from drawing & developing the acquisition strategy to closing and integrating it. 

  • Human Resource Services

Understanding the complexities involved in hiring and managing people, Fingrow provides human resource services that include recruiting/onboarding, risk management, performance measurement, compensation, training/employee development, labor relations, and benefits administration. 

Except for these services, the company also provides top-notch SME Financing Advisory and Financial Technology Services. 


Fingrow’s comprehensive understanding of credit buying policies and access to a wide group of financial institutions, investors, fund houses, and banks help in optimizing the mandated objectives. Its expertise and network enable efficient syndication and structured finance solutions. Furthermore, the company’s research-driven approach helps innovative placement strategies and thus attracts a large set of lenders and investors.


Fingrow’s clientele group ranges from underserved/unbanked urban & rural population, retail clients (individual & non-individuals) entrepreneurs, to SMEs, and mid-sized & large corporates.


Fingrow believes in digitizing financial services and providing access to the underserved and unbanked population. The company constantly strives to address the ever-growing requirements and pain points faced by the Micro and Small Enterprises, and the practical difficulties they face as entrepreneurs. Through its cutting-edge technological tools, it ensures these small business owners have the privilege of running their businesses without spending much time tackling operational issues.


“When we are able to provide a meaningful solution to the client to address their present issues be it financial or operational while holding their future business interests intact, that marks as a success for us. Our secret to success lies in a thorough understanding of the client’s business operation and requirements by paying keen attention to details,” says Sivakumar KS who believes that client should be the topmost priority for any business. 

Within a span of less than 12 months from the date of inception, the team has advised and succes sfully completed deals worth over INR 500 crores. Led by a group of experienced professionals from the banking and financial sector with a combined experience of over 10 decades, Fingrow is putting an absolute focus on climbing up the ladder of success each day.

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