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Many businesses rely on IT consulting to keep pace with today’s rapidly moving IT landscape. To help businesses keep up with this pace, an IT Consulting company Cygnet Infotech was incorporated in 2000. Cygnet Infotech is a consultancy company that provides technology-enabled solutions to keep its clients ahead of the competition. The company’s work features a bouquet of 500 corporations, mid-sized businesses, fast-paced start-ups, and government bodies. ​

Through its wide range of services and solutions, the organization leads its clients to a journey of digital transformation through unique products, services, and superior product engineering. Starting from traditional technologies to emerging technologies powering innovation, Cygnet Infotech has the expertise to help transform an organization’s digital journey by identifying the right technology platforms that deliver the right solutions for the clients’ most pressing business needs.


Niraj Hutheesing, Founder and currently the Managing Director of Cygnet Infotech has orchestrated the overall growth with a vision of creating a leading Technology brand where quality, innovation, and personalized services outdo low cost, make-shift solutions. With his technical acumen and business insights, Cygnet Infotech has today grown from a workforce of only 7 people to 1000+ employees working for clients in 35 countries across the globe.

With over 3 decades of experience in industries like manufacturing, textiles, chemicals, and IT, Niraj has always planned on developing major accounting software within Cygnet Infotech. His recent development includes delivery of FACE software for VAT tax, POS-based software, large-scale ERP solution, GST Suvidha Provider, and many more. Niraj believes in adding value to each relationship and aims to simplify lives with technology solutions. 


The company offers services like product engineering, cloud and development operations, application development,  artificial intelligence, business intelligence, implementation services, infrastructure management. It also develops products for automation, digital signature, etc.

  • Product Engineering

Cygnet Infotech’s product engineering services are powered with deep expertise in different technologies and platforms, modern product design, development practices, and quality assurance benchmarks for a wide range of software requirements that aim to reduce investment and turnaround time. Capabilities under this service include Prototyping and Ideation, Customization, Software development, Re-engineering and migration, Support and Maintenance, and Testing & QA services.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Cygnet Infotech’s AI and ML-based services and solutions help develop AI and ML-powered applications, bots, and IoT devices that let business systems learn from data, automate everyday manual business tasks, make data-driven decisions in no time and multiply the business outcomes. Its NLP-powered solutions understand the language that people use to communicate and make it understandable and produce documents quickly. Other capabilities include Computer Vision, Predictive Analytics, Model Building, Recommendation Engines, and Capture & Filter Data.

  • Infrastructure Management

Cygnet Infotech offers Infrastructure Management services that take full responsibility for the IT operations from storage, networking, data, and security to round-the-clock support, maintenance, and issue resolution. Capabilities under this service include Consulting, Security & Compliance, Cloud Services, Data Center Operations, Managed Infrastructure, and Support & Maintenance Services. Cygnet infrastructure management checks the IT infrastructure’s health of businesses and identifies opportunities to optimize across hardware and software. 

  • Automation

Cyber Infotech provides Test & intelligent automation services. For test automation, TestingWhiz offers codeless software, web, mobile, web services, and API testing services. The company has also developed AutomationWhiz, an automation enabler that offers Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots that mimic human actions and performs mundane computer-based tasks at speed. Thus, minimizing errors and enhancing productivity. This tool automates critical business processes of human resources, logistics, finance, supply chain, manufacturing, and customer support across banking, financial services and insurance, healthcare and life science, manufacturing, retail, and other industries.

  • Digital Publishing

Cygnet Infotech offers digital publishing services to publishers and authors with a digital publishing platform, where books can be converted into e-Books for a better and improved reading experience. A team at Cygnet Infotech helps to create, edit, publish and manage all the content from a single platform to collaborate more effectively including books, magazines, brochures, catalogs, and more. 


Cygnet Infotech works round-the-clock to empower lives globally with technology-enabled business solutions. With an adamant mission to enthuse clients and their customers, Cygnet Infotech walks the extra mile to deliver beyond expectations to help them achieve their business goals. The company tries to deliver what it offers, following the highest ethical and moral standards. 

Furthermore, it encourages passion, innovation, speed, and calculated risk-taking values in the company. Strong teamwork is a priority aiming at creating a work environment that fosters mutual respect and growth.


Cygnet is among few companies on a global level to receive accreditations from various nodal agencies for its Tax Technology Suite including HMRC UK – R7VAT MTD for UK VAT, FTA for UAE VAT, and GSTN in India for GST filing.

Cygnet Infotech was also nominated as one of the leading technology providers for GST services and it has also assisted in executing GST transformation projects for several large and medium-scale conglomerates in India.

‘IT is About You’ – reflects Cygnet’s approach to every project it undertakes. It delivers value and sustainability to an evolving business environment with developing technology trends. Cygnet Infotech considers technological innovation as ‘A Game Changer’ for companies by delivering mission-critical solutions right from idea to execution.

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