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“A Business Consulting company can give new life to an organisation. A consultant can act as a catalyst in bringing this change. We strongly believe in our Vision of Building MSME (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) a world-class organisation which can create value for the society and the future generation.”

Aruna Verma & Shailender Verma (Co-Founders, MSME Consulting)

MSME Consulting is one of the most highly acclaimed Business Consulting firms in India that exclusively works for the MSME sector. The company assists organizations to improve their performance and efficiency. It comprises a team of talented professionals who first understand the client’s needs and then design the consulting and further implement the same with 100% execution at the workplace. 

Aruna Verma & Shailender Verma are the minds behind the successful operations of MSME Consulting. Both are responsible for developing Business Strategy, establishing a long-term mission and vision, and overseeing the overall operations of the company. 

“As our name defines, our complete focus is to serve the MSME Sector which contributes to around 30% of the GDP in the Indian economy. Our company believes in the overall development, transformation, and innovation while focusing on maximisation of the efficient usage of available resources at the client’s place,” says Shailender.

“For us our client’s success is everything. We are passionate about assisting businesses and their leaders in achieving their true potential. We believe in commitment to the highest level of professionalism, and ethical standards in everything we do. At MSME Consulting, we work through the most innovative and creative consulting methodologies i.e. ‘5D’ or ‘Measurable Consulting’,” says Aruna, the Co-Founder, and CEO of the company.


The highly skilled and talented team at MSME Consulting has a vast expertise in their respective fields. The team uses innovative approaches and proven methods to create seamless solutions. MSME Consulting and their clients work collectively as a single global team for achieving extraordinary outcomes. 


MSME Consulting is fortunate to serve some of the biggest industrialists of Ludhiana, Jalandhar, and Delhi. The company’s client size ranges from 10 Crores to 2200 Crores which clearly defines the plethora of knowledge it carries with itself. In their journey of close to 2 years, their client retention %age has been above 90% and the re-serve %age is over 75%. The Belief and Trust of their clients motivate them in doing more and delivering extraordinary results. 

Irrespective of the turnover size, MSME Consulting puts equal effort to make every client successful. It is instrumental in improving the clients’ sales, increasing production processes, employee productivity, and much more. 


Trust is the key in consulting. The company’s uniqueness stands out as paramount in building strong and efficient client-consultant relationships. 

Some of the factors that position the company uniquely are: 

  • Regardless of the industry, it works as a subject expert in different domains. 
  • Its research is based on its unique methodologies i.e., 5D, 4D, and the P.U.R.P.O.S.E.
  • Understanding the client’s needs, it customizes its consulting by Pre-defining, defining, developing, designing, and then deploying the processes from consulting to implementation.
  • It works with the available resources & transforms the client’s vision into a reality. 
  • Its regular flow of consulting improves the coordination between the departments which results in the company’s overall growth. 
  • It designs a sales strategy along with increasing the number of sales channels from the existing ones.
  • It restructures the current software to improve the technical aspect of the organization.
  • It transforms individuals and organizations from Cost-centre to Profit-Centre.


MSME Consulting offers customized consulting services which sketch everything the clients need to take their businesses to the next level. It brings deep industry knowledge to every consulting project and works as a catalyst for imparting clarity in business concepts through a highly skilled and experienced team. The company delivers integrated solutions in various fields: 

  • Sales 

In order to attain profitable growth and results in the business, one has to have an immaculate sales plan which results in business consistency and organic growth. MSME Consulting focuses on constructing a sales model that helps businesses capitalize on the products or services they offer. It assists businesses to implement new sales methodologies to improve the existing sales channels and add new ones that eventually increase overall sales volume.

  • Production planning and control (PPC) 

Production planning and control (PPC) are two strategies that closely work together throughout the manufacturing process. PPC is done in three stages i.e., Pre-planning, Planning and Control. Production planning involves what, when, how to produce, and more. Under Control, the functions included are dispatching, follow-up, inspection, and valuation. MSME Consulting offers a team of skilled PPC Managers with vast knowledge and expertise in Production planning and control. It can solve organizational challenges through better strategy and help business owners excel in their trade.

  • Financial Consulting 

MSME Consulting offers a variety of financial planning solutions that fit the needs of businesses within their budget. It specializes in strategic, data-driven financial planning that helps companies to achieve financial clarity. It assists clients to strike the right balance between productivity and innovation. 

  • Human Resource Management 

HRM is one of the most vital aspects of any business. It is a set of practices and processes a business utilizes to manage the employees. MSME Consulting offers a team of dedicated consultants that provide various services such as HR strategy, HR shared services, and HR transformation services. 

  • Businesses Administrations & Operations 

MSME Consulting has a team of result-driven professionals who work on 5 different innovative factors of Business Administrations & operations and bring the best results from the existing resources. They offer specific tools that are most effective with remarkable processes, improvising ideas & employee training, and activities that develop individual capabilities. 


MSME Consulting follows a clear set of values i.e., simple, straight, ethical, togetherness & enthusiasm. The company’s Vision and Mission talk about the company’s Secret Mantra i.e. “To Build MSME A World- Class Organisation.” “To serve and Re-Serve the client”. 


MSME Consulting is planning to expand globally through its new unique platform, ‘Virtual Consulting’. This consulting would be one of its kind, where the company will be interacting directly and privately with the client. 

Ever since the inception of the company, MSME Consulting has been working on prioritizing the clients’ needs through its unmatched quality. It is indeed emerging as one of the top Business Consulting companies in India.

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