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“My passion for handicrafts, the need for modular furniture in urban spaces and love for solid wood are the inspiration behind Furnicheer”.

Subhangi Vaidyanathan (Founder, Furnicheer)


Rendered with earthy colour, from subtle ochres to burnt sienna, the amalgamation of traditional and modern bring something novel with every design. Almost a decade ago, the world saw the arrival of a creative perfectionist, Subhangi Vaidyanathan with her out of the ordinary furniture brand, Furnicheer with a motive to ingeniously synthesize Indian design aesthetics with the modern-day demands of style and sustainability. 

While most hardwood furniture comes in different shades of brown, Furnicheer came up with the most striking concept i.e. colour inspired range of furniture.

Furnicheer first understands the requirements, lifestyle, and personality of the customer, followed by taking the measurements of the space, preparing layouts, and styling furniture along with mood boards and 3D drawings. Post customer approval, the company makes engineered working drawings of the products to be made and then finally starts the production i.e. conversion of a space into a paradise. 

In the initial days of establishment, Furnicheer began interior turnkey projects for a diverse clientele. It made houses into distinctive and eye-pleasing homes and offices into productive and lovable spaces. Furthermore, Subhangi’s initial inclination was towards creating her designs with solid woods like locally-sourced Sheesham (Dalbergia sissoo) and mango, built in-house by skilled craftspeople on high-tech machinery. Besides being long-lasting, the shades and textures that she picks perfectly complement the sunny tropical climate of India. 

At our core, we are a furniture manufacturing unit and thoughtfully create functional, simple, and elegant furniture. The intricate knot patterns and the fine grains of solid wood from sustainable forests, lovingly grown, carefully seasoned, and passionately crafted is Furnicheer for all our customers,” reiterates Subhangi.



Furnicheer is the result of an Interior Designer turned Manufacturer of Solid Wood Furniture, Subhangi Vaidyanathan. She has been in the business of decor and interiors for more than two decades. The fervent Subhangi needed a creative outlet to do more than just interior designing. After observing how unorganized the Indian furniture industry was, she decided to serve the industry with a whole different and unique model. To convert her idea into an entity in 2010, she introduced standardized processes together with state-of-the-art imported technology in her 10,000 sq. ft. Navi Mumbai manufacturing unit. 

Subhangi’s passion for Indian handicrafts and wood reflects in every creation she designs. Her dedication, and enthusiasm to strive for perfection position Furnicheer apart from other players in the Indian Furniture industry. 

Being the Founder of the company, she determines the company’s mission and vision to keep her employees and team members aligned and on the same page regarding how they best serve their clients and customers. 

“My highly enthusiastic and professional team produces a wide range of ideas and insights and constantly strives to deliver by the ethos of Furnicheer,” says Subhangi. 



Positioning itself as a brand of solid wood, modular furniture and lifestyle accessories, and crafted specifically for the Indian homes, Furnicheer primarily manufactures customized home furniture including beds, wardrobes, chests, study tables, TV consoles, dining sets, coffee tables and many other accessories. Its entire range of products includes:


  • Living Room Furniture

Sofa Sets: Armchairs, 2 & 3 Seaters, Loveseats, Diwans, Sofa Cum Beds, Day Beds, etc.

Seating: Chairs, Benches, Stools, Swings, and Pouffes

Tables: Coffee Tables, Nested Tables, Center Tables, and Side and End Tables. 

Storage: Bar Cabinets, Bookshelves, Shoe Racks, Wine Racks, TV Consoles, Chest of Drawers, and others


  • Bedroom & Study Furniture

Storage: Bedside Tables, Wardrobes, Shelves, among others

Bed Backs: Wooden Bed Backs, Upholstered Beds, and Backs

Tables: Computer Tables, Study Tables, and other Tables as per the needs

Other products include Dressers, Mirrors, Chairs, Bookshelves, etc. 


  • Dining & Kitchen Furniture

Dining: Dining Sets, Tables, and Chairs

Seating: Chairs, Benches, and other Customizable Seatings

Accessories: Coasters, Trays, Dish Drainers, Chopping Boards, Platters and Trivets


  • Home Decor

It includes Mirrors, Shelves, Key Holders, Coasters, Cup Holders, Organizers, Cushions, Photo Frames, Planters, and other accessories.



Furnicheer converts any space into a paradise. It stands unique in the marketplace due to the below-mentioned reasons: 

  • The Luxurious Elegance Of Solid Wood Furniture

Using solid wood was not just a random idea, but a well thought out plan. As per different historians, wood has been used to create furniture since early Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt as it is associated with high end and regal decor. Wood furniture has truly stood the test of time and continues to be a widely popular and functional staple in most homes. 

People have started preferring solid wood as it is known for its solidity, durability, and sturdiness, Solid wood is the lumber that is milled directly from the trees sourced from managed and sustainable forests. Since it is a homogeneous material, it is stronger as compared to plywood or engineered wood. Environmentally, solid wood is much more eco friendly as it uses comparatively less energy during the production process. 

Solid Wood furniture retains its appearance and achieves a lovely patio as it ages. Although it is a little more expensive than engineered or plywood, it lasts much longer making it worthwhile. 

“We, at Furnicheer only use Solid Wood as the luxurious elegance that it achieves can never be possessed by plywood or engineered wood. An interior rich in solid wood increases the value of any house we manufacture and design,” says Subhangi. 


  • Polyurethane Finished Stains

Polyurethane coatings give wood excellent resistance to abrasion, rough use, scratches, and spills. Since the company’s inception, Furnicheer strives to bring cheer into people’s spaces with their PU finished stained vibrant furniture. 

The PU finished stains applied by the company have added vibrancy to the furniture it makes yet managed to retain the natural grains of wood. Some of the infusions such as folk paintings, handmade tiles, etc in the furniture add an Indianness to the products. 

“Crafted out of Mango or Sheesham wood, this range of furniture is designed exquisitely, pleasing to the eye, can be assembled with ease, and is quite compact, making it quite suitable for urban homes facing space issues,” explains Subhangi.


Furnicheer caters to the needs of end-users in India, the USA, and Europe. Furnicheer takes time to understand the needs and requirements of its customers before it embarks on any project, ensuring it delivers on its promise of excellence and gains the clients’ trust. It designs all of its furniture with top-notch quality and timeless beauty in mind. 

“In this competitive world of a huge number of brands, Customer satisfaction holds pivotal importance for Furnicheer. Repeat business always rides on customer satisfaction,” says Subhangi.


The biggest challenge that the company faced was working with Mango and Sheesham Wood as there was a lack of consistency in quality, in terms of seasoning (kiln drying) and also resistance to attack from insects. The problem to this solution was the usage of kiln-dried American Tulipwood. Subhangi, in order to overcome this challenge, ordered a container of this unique American hardwood species in 2017. 

“Currently, about 50 per cent of Furnicheer’s production is in tulipwood. Not only is tulipwood easier to work with, but its finish is far superior in comparison to the timbers we were using previously. We also liked the natural grain pattern.” says Vaidyanathan.


A home starts with a feeling. The team at Furnicheer curates inspiration, connects the creative work of designers and artisans to the customers. Its highly experienced and skilled team of designers and artisans constantly develop ideas and collections of the newest furniture design.

Through producing exclusive designs and high-quality products, the team at Furnicheer offers inspired living and provides a seamless experience. 


According to Subhangi, the ultimate success can be achieved by giving the best experience to the customer. Her knowledge, leadership skills, and ability to learn, create and innovate are helping Furnicheer to reach skyrocketing heights. 

“A superior customer experience acts as a blessing for the customer. A good customer experience always ensures a mutual and long association with the brand and a positive word of mouth among a majority of people,” says Subhangi while talking about success.


The mission of Furnicheer is to deliver the highest quality products. Furthermore, Furnicheer is committed to its values and protects its culture through its unwavering commitment to possessing integrity at the organizational level.  

“For us, integrity is the foundation of good leadership, demonstrating this value is fundamental to gaining the trust of our clients and coworkers,” explains Subhangi. 

Since 2010, Furnicheer is tirelessly inspecting, creating, and finding brilliant solutions to manufacture beautiful furniture from Solid Wood in India, Europe, and the USA. It has successfully built a reputation for exclusive designs and quality. 


Inspired by modern-day demands of style and sustainability, Furnicheer is committed to reinterpreting modern materiality by offering a perfect blend of form and style that celebrates timeless aesthetics and minimalist designs. It is indeed one of the best manufacturing companies as it promises to deliver holistic contemporary solid wood furniture that beholds the essence of Indian ethnicity.


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