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Studio Lotus was founded by Ambrish Arora, Ankur Choksi, and Sidhartha Talwar in the year 2002. It is a multidisciplinary design company whose work seamlessly weaves interior and exterior spaces, from large architectural ideas to the smallest of furniture details. The company works on the principles of conscious design. It is an approach that celebrates local resources, cultural influences, an inclusive process, and a determined attention to every detail.

Studio Lotus takes every design to an extremely conceptual level by taking inspiration in ordinary things, everyday events, and chance encounters. Its design process looks at sustainability through the multiple lenses of cultural, social, and environmental impact. 

The founder of the company, Ambrish Arora has also campaigned for the revival of crafts and the integration of vernacular wisdom and artisanal skillsets in modern building practices, to achieve sustainability in all areas; cultural, social, and environmental. He has been a part of several national advisories and Juries on Design & Architecture and has extensively lectured internationally and within India. He has a keen interest in building design leadership as a catalyst of change.


studio lotus


The company provides different architecture and interior design solutions.

1. Institutional Design Solutions: The company provides design solutions for every institution, be it a government facility, an art studio, a museum, or a school. Its designs empower the equations between context and building, spaces and community, and craft and technology.

2. Workplace Design Solutions: Keeping in mind the emerging needs and technologies, it designs and creates engaging and sustainable workplaces. 

3. Home Design Solutions: The company deeply understands every space, structure, material, technique, and craftsmanship and then imbues it with bespoke detailing to create intimate experiences.

4. Hotel Design Solutions: It creates meaningful experiences in hospitality to address the needs of the clients and applies its understanding of the context, authentic luxury, and the brand narrative.


By working in a highly collaborative and cooperative environment, the team at Studio Lotus combines distinct strengths over multiple domains to shape master plans, interiors, buildings, and other related endeavors, that are the cutting edge of the design process and thinking.


studio lotus


Studio Lotus has worked with many prominent clients like Appejay Group, Max Estates, Max India Enterprise, National Crafts Museum New Delhi, Bennet Coleman Group, Pidilite Group,  PVR Cinemas, Royal Enfield, Everest Industries, Silvergrade Holdings, Fastrack, Tanishq, Tata Steel, Hindustan Unilever and many more.


Studio Lotus follows certain values and works according to those values:

  • It believes in innovating every day. It thinks that bold visions are a result of a continuous and persistent pursuit of the elusive state of perfection.
  • It tries to foster a culture of co-creation, collaboration, and mentorship. Everyone who is a part of the process contributes their genius to create a unique and thoughtful design.
  • It creates an environment where individuals learn, grow, and perform fully which eventually empowers them to perform at their full potential both professionally and personally.
  • It honors every relationship it makes with businesses, collaborators, vendors, the team, the society, and above all the planet. It aims to bring out the best in each of these relationships.


Studio Lotus has received many awards and milestones so far.

  • Best Store Design of the Year for the project ‘Paro By Good Earth’ by Retail Design Awards 2020
  • AZ Azure Award for Krushi Bhawan in Commercial and Institutional category
  • First Prize in Green buildings category for HUDCO Design Awards
  • Recognized under the 7 architects and Interior Designers by Forbes India in 2010
  • Grand Jury Prize and Special Award to RAAS Jodhpur by Design for Asia Awards 2012. 

Studio Lotus is an award-winning interdisciplinary design company that delivers enriching solutions through a value-driven and result-oriented approach empowering all stakeholders and the environment. Undoubtedly, it is counted among the top interior design companies bringing the true essence of any space. 



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