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Deco-Arte takes pride in saying that there is an eye for details while designing a project, from a facade design to the smallest of furniture.  – Amardeep Gulri (Principal & Founder Designer,  Deco-Arte)

Deco-Arte is a multidisciplinary design and interior architecture studio founded in 2008, providing services in the field of Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Interior Turnkey Projects, Furniture, and Project Cost Consultancy. It offers bespoke solutions for residences, restaurants, offices, hotels, and retail showrooms. Ever since its inception, the company has worked on over a hundred projects and delivered what was promised.

The company believes that design is irrelevant if it fails fashion. It pays special attention to the functioning and the smallest of details. Its aim is to be defined by a culture that reflects its core values.



Deco-Arte is a fully integrated team of architects, interior designers, technicians and specialists who work together to create solutions based on the client’s budget, scope, schedule and operating practices. A reminiscence of motifs, forms, lines, curves, colours and materials are revived at the company to create an abstract spirit for the designs.


Deco-Arte provides different kinds of top-notch services:

1. Interior Design Solutions

It provides complete interior design solutions for restaurants, offices, hotels, homes and retail spaces. The company first understands the client’s requirements and then creates designs, carves spaces, highlights them with the perfect elements, and enhances the surfaces with exquisite materials.

2. Interior Architecture Solutions

Deco-Arte amalgamates three distinct design disciplines: Interior Design, Architecture, and Product Design. Its Interior Design process focuses on the selection of interior materials, finishes, and furnishings, the Architecture process focuses on the design of building forms and systems, and the Product Design process focuses on the design of manufactured products.

3. Turnkey Projects

Deco-Arte’s dynamic team from diverse disciplines of Architecture, Interior Design, and Furniture design works impeccably to create interior turnkey solutions for all kinds of spaces. It offers bespoke design-build solutions to meet the requirements of its residential and commercial clients.

4. Project Cost Estimation

The company also provides comprehensive cost estimating solutions for interior project teams. It provides assessments for planned, ongoing, and completed construction projects.

5. Furniture Services

The company designs and manufactures furniture of top quality. From the designers’ minds to the shop floor, every piece of furniture goes through various stages of development, which involves sketching of the furniture piece, to the making of technical drawings, leading to the mockups and referring it to an intrinsic ideology before putting it into final production.



When asked about the clientele of the company, Amardeep said, “Our clients are usually homeowners who have recently purchased their space or people who want to renovate their homes. We do commercial, retail, and hospitality projects as well. As an interior designing firm, we at Deco-Arte trust and believe that communication is the key to make any professional relationship in order to deliver the best possible project. We show them that our vision is best for them not only in terms of style, but also to resolve issues of space and that it is perfectly adapted for their specific needs.”


While mentioning the team ethos of the company, Amardeep said, “Design processes require having a tight cross-functional collaboration between all teams involved in the creation of the product. Having a shared design language empowers teams to collaborate more effectively. We have built a vision to ensure that everyone is looking in the same direction.” 


According to Amardeep, “Success cannot be defined in one sentence; it is comprised of many things. Success can be achieved when you try your best in all aspects of everything you do,  even if that doesn’t lead to big results. If you’ve done your best, you should feel proud of your efforts.” He further says that “Deco-Arte has established its name in the market over the years and has become a trustworthy company to associate with. I can say that we have achieved a certain target but there is still a lot more to come.”


Since its inception, Deco-Arte has bagged many awards and recognitions, some recent awards are:

  • The Most Innovative Designing Firm of the Year by The Global Choice Awards 2021
  • Delhi’s most outstanding multidisciplinary Design Studio by The LUX life Awards 2021 
  • Most Prominent Interior Designing Firm – Delhi NCR by Business Mint
  • Eldrok Architecture Awards – Best in class transformation of Home Interiors

To keep pace with the current trends, Deco-Arte is providing Virtual Reality based visualization of space to its clients which has made the deal closing process faster. In the next 5 years, Deco-Arte wishes to capture over the market and close over 1 million sqft area of designing in each sector by 2024. Deco-Arte is certainly emerging as one of the best bespoke interior architecture and design companies.



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