India Cloud & Data Security Summit 2023

India Cloud & Data Security Summit 2023

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India has seen an Increased usage of cloud-based services and storage & sharing of data online, this has driven the demand for Data, Cloud and Cyber Security segments drastically. This growth is anticipated to remain consistent over the next 5 years. Revenue and investments in the Cloud & Data security markets are projected to reach US$110.70m by 2027 and Cyber Security as an overall market is expected to cross US$3543.37 million by FY 2027.

The premier “India Cloud & Data Security Summit 2023” is an industry-driven, growth-focused exclusive event being held on 11 & 12th May 2023 at Chennai, which will host leading thought leaders, industry experts, and decision-makers across the Cloud & Data ecosystem from multiple industry & business sectors in India. The two-day event will feature a custom exhibition showcasing strategic solutions as well as two days of concurrently running sessions focusing on insightful keynotes, use cases, technical presentations, services, and product briefs as well as interactive panel discussions which will discuss, benchmark and create a roadmap for the future of Cloud, Data, Data security and allied solutions and applications in the region.

India Cloud & Data Security Summit 2023 is an exclusive 2-day event, which will include strategic streams covering the entire ecosystem of the process or technologies used by organizations to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. The event will showcase deliberations on accelerating the evolution of IT security with a special focus on Cloud, Data & Cyber security frameworks. The event will have an inclusive approach towards understanding the importance of Application & Data security, IT Risk, Infrastructure Security, and the latest techniques in handling challenges in the Cloud, OT, IoT and IT domains. The India Cloud & Data Security Summit 2023 will be a great opportunity for Industry leaders from across the spectrum to engage and discuss a planned roadmap for growth.

India Cloud & Data Security Summit 2023 Key Focus Areas:

  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Infrastructure
  • Security management for multi-cloud environments & data
  • Leveraging Cloud and Data security practices
  • From IoT, smart devices and a digital environment
  • Containerization and DevOps technologies and the adoption of cloud-native applications
  • Solving complex problems related to data storage and management

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