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Being in the Professional Services sector for years has helped Texila understand every aspect of the education industry.

-Saju Bhaskar S P (Founder and President, Texila American University Consortium)

Texila Education Global Holdings (TEGH) is motivated by its core values, ethics, expertise, and leadership through its brands and affiliates namely Texila American University Guyana, Texila American University Zambia, and University of Central Nicaragua. It is one of the most trusted names in offering diversified educational programs like Medicine, Allied Health Science, Business and Management, Professional Development Courses, Short Term Courses, and many more.

TEGH through its brands has been developing great minds in the field of medicine for more than a decade. Represented by a tradition of innovation and research, it is breaking new grounds, pushing forward the boundaries of knowledge and making an impact on the students’ lives. It wishes to continue this tradition for a future that will define its work and recognition at the international stage.

Being in the Professional Services sector for years has helped Texila understand every aspect of the education industry, thereby enabling it to develop the curriculum of global standards, create great process systems called “Texila Business Systems” including managing its own software solutions to perfectly suit the needs of the industry – scaling every nuance of business’ operations, processes, and strategic needs.

Texila India operations has been offering KPO services in the educational sector to its partner universities across the globe. 


Texila is a leading innovator in the field of education and has been operating education institutions in 4 different continents since 2010. Texila Consortium till now has graduated more than 3000+ students from over 50+ nationalities since its inception in 2010. 

With over 10 years of experience, Texila has been committed to developing, offering, and investing in innovative programs, facilities, and operations within the fields of education and technology in North America, South America, India, and Africa. The group brings together a diversity of knowledge and experience with senior leadership from around the world, serving as experts within medicine, education, research, health information technology, business strategy development, leadership, and management.

In 2020, Taksha SmartLabz, an online education services Company was launched. The objective is to partner with wider brands of Education institutions from North America, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe & Asia to offer programs jointly with them on the online space. SmartLabz also is providing online tutoring to students in few countries. There are also plans of launching online K-12 Schools with American and British Curriculums.  The company has been operating out of Dallas, Texas, and India. 


As the Founder and President of Texila American University Consortium, Saju Bhaskar has a deep understanding of the challenges of leading a major educational institution.

His leadership skills, technological prowess, and stewardship have strengthened Texila’s culture of innovation. With his futuristic leadership, he has expanded the university’s verticals and enhanced its global reach over the years.

Mr. Bhaskar oversees the development, planning, target setting, auditing, and reviewing processes of the entire congregation. With his impeccable work ethics, he has inculcated a strong value system in the organization.

Another prominent personality who is instrumental in Texila’s growth from conception to reality is Chithra Lakshmi Saju. She is the Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Texila Consortium.

With her vast experience in the field of Finance, HR, Strategic Planning, Team Leadership, and Gap Analysis & Planning, Chithra has played a vital role in devising the university’s vision and strategy. Mrs. Lakshmi oversees the Global Accounting and Finance Operations of the group. She also facilitates the smooth and flawless functioning of the day-to-day activities of the organization.


With a presence in three continents (including South America, Africa, and the Middle East) and international partnerships, Texila American University (TAU) is the world’s leading university. Since 2010, Texila American University has been offering rigorous academics, cutting-edge research, and leadership across the continents. Its campuses are a driving force for innovation and discovery which serve local, national and global communities in many ways.

Currently, it trains over 5000 students from across 70+ countries. This diversity greatly enriches the collaborative learning experience by giving students the opportunity to gain a global perspective and develop cross-cultural communication skills. In addition, students build a global network of like-minded peers and educators.


“There is a strong need for the Edtech Space and Online Learning Platform, and we are the pioneers in the Online Education space where we are currently ensuring that we have the highest retention of students enrolled into the Online Programs (78%) while the industry standard is benchmarked at below 60%. The services we offer, the systems put in place, and the processes we follow, make us unique among the league of other service providers,” stated Saju Bhaskar.


Inspired by “Takshashila”, the world’s first Centre of Learning, Texila aims to make education accessible to all. 

As a top international university, Texila American University aims to play a foremost role in research and teaching. It is committed to providing high-quality education that is crucial for a healthy, sustainable, and prosperous world.

The mission of the group is to excel in a wide range of medicine and non-medicine disciplines with high-quality research and teaching. It is focused on achieving the maximum impact on the students and other stakeholders with close collaboration with regional, national, and international partners.

TAU Consortium endeavours to instil the highest ambitions for quality and integrity among its various members. It focuses on discovering and disseminating knowledge and educating the next generation of doctors and healthcare professionals.


Saju Bhaskar proudly stated, “Our Purpose statement is the reason we exist. Our constant efforts to adhere to the same and percolate till the last mile in the organization have helped the brand to grow.” 

The company ensures that its businesses empower citizens around the world to lead an inspired and productive life in whatever sphere of business it operates. It achieves success and milestones through the collaboration of highly dedicated teams, extremely skilled professionals, innovative technologies, fearlessness & effective utilization of resources.


As a team, the organization believes in collective intelligence which is the key to its organizational success. It has a greater level of control over decisions. The strong leadership team put in place ensures the smooth functioning of the operations and the goals.

The company has clearly defined its culture & values which helps in maintaining the team ethos.


At TAU, the company is united by its values of Respect, Honesty, Integrity, and Excellence. Through its actions, the company lives these values, and it is against them that it holds itself and others accountable. At TAU, the company fosters a value-driven culture – one that is built around relationships and community, mutual respect, diversity and inclusion, and a strong commitment to ethics and integrity, collaboration, creativity, and innovation. 

The company believes that every individual has a role to play in bringing its values to life. TAU lives its values every day through the positive, supportive, and meaningful relationships it creates with peers and the community.


TAU’s actions create value for stakeholders thereby benefiting the community at large. It values sustainable growth that promotes profitability to fuel its global aspirations. 

The company values:

  • Customers as they are the centre of all the activities
  • Leadership without title
  • Innovation in work & creativity in thought
  • Integrity, transparency, honesty & ethics


Saju Bhaskar, President of TAU received the Most Promising Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2020.

TAU Consortium is committed to learning and creating considerable value to the education industry. In the last few years, it has invested in business diversification and globalization, enabling the company to evolve and grow in the education industry.  

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