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We believe that beauty and nature have to co-exist. Wellness cannot come at the cost of nature, and therefore all our products are formulated using potent plant botanical extracts and are completely free of harmful chemicals. The packaging for this brand (Lotus Botanicals) is either completely recyclable or FSC certified. – Nitin Passi (Managing Director, Lotus Herbals)

The organic beauty market is in a lot of talks right now. It has witnessed a massive hike in recent years. Lotus Herbals, one of India’s most respected companies, is seen as a trusted manufacturer and marketer of herbal and natural cosmetic products. Many of their products are based on 5000 years of old science of Ayurveda; every product manufactured in the company is the result of endless hours of research and a combination of science, technology, and ancient wisdom of Vedas and Ayurvedic Secrets. 

Lotus Herbals derives its inspiration from the Lotus flower which signifies purity, simplicity, honesty, and divinity. The brand strongly believes that beauty is holistic and can be achieved by using effective natural ingredients while respecting the nature of human skin and hair. All their products are an ideal blend of natural ingredients, to ensure safe, wholesome nourishment, healing, protection, and scientific processes that allow for instant effectiveness with no harmful side effects and long product shelf-life. Their products are made using natural and exotic ingredients and are designed with an aim to provide natural, ancient and effective herbal remedies in modern times. 

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Lotus Herbals expanded its brand portfolio with the addition of a new organic skincare brand, Lotus Organics+ in the year 2019. Keeping into account the risks associated with artificial fragrances and colors, Lotus Organics+ makes sure that all its products are free from paraben, preservatives, and sulphates. Some of the ingredients used by Lotus Organics+ include Irish moss, cranberry, french clay, olive butter, argon oil, shea butter, white peony, and macadamia nut. Lotus Organics+ offers high-quality skincare (mineral sunscreens, divine face care, bakuchiol range, mystic hand, and body care) and haircare (scalp care, hair fall control) products.

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As Lotus Herbals sees the organic industry growing exponentially because of the Covid-19 pandemic, they launched Lotus Botanicals in 2021, a plant-based clean beauty brand with a focused D2C (Direct to Customer) strategy. The current product range of Lotus Botanicals comprises of Vitamin C, Baking Soda for skincare, and Ginger and Red Onion range for hair care products. Each product of the brand caters to specific skin and hair concerns. 

All products are ideal for everyday use as no preservatives are used at any life stage of the product. The entire range of products is free of silicon, sulphate, and paraben. Moreover, it is infused with minerals crucial for healthy hair and skin that help in keeping the pH levels balanced. Lotus Botanicals offers an exotic range of skincare products (day creme, night creme, face wash, face serum, face scrub, and face moisturizer) and hair care products (revitalizer, hair conditioner, oil, shampoo, and mask).


The company promises to handcraft and develop each product after years of research into Vedic science and with the beautiful incorporation of Vedic sciences and technology. Lotus Herbals produces products that enhance, protect, and heal skin, hair, and body. They believe in manufacturing products using natural ingredients rather than chemical-based and animal cruelty. Since its inception in 1993, Lotus Herbals has been true to its promise and strives to do so in the future too!

Lotus Herbals has become a very popular name now. The brand is continuously evolving with the changing times and sensibilities and has perfectly managed to carve a niche for themselves in the hearts and minds of their loyal and trustworthy customers.



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