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“We have built an institution which matches the highest standards of healthcare delivery across the world, where care is provided to patients at an affordable cost.”

Dr Naresh Trehan (Chairman & Managing Director, Medanta Hospital)

Medanta is a renowned name in the hospital industry for its expert medical services and treatments. The home to eminent doctors, Medanta is a perfect destination for advanced care. The multispeciality hospital provides a range of services such as Critical Care Units, Lab Tests, Day Care, Air Ambulance, and many more. The hospital provides treatment to more than 20,000 patients every year globally. 

The thought of establishing a hospital struck in Dr Naresh Trehan’s mind while he was associated with NYU Medical Centre in the USA. He realised that for every 1000 patients he treated there, another 1000 couldn’t even afford to go abroad to get the treatment. He realised that India needs a super speciality medical institution of its own. With the vision to make an advanced multispeciality hospital that treats the patients with world-class health care services at affordable costs, Dr Naresh laid the foundation of Medanta. 


With the experience of five decades in cardiovascular surgery, Dr Naresh Trehan acts as the driving force of Medanta. Dr Naresh is the Chairman and Managing Director of Medanta, who is a renowned cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgeon. The area of specialization and expertise of Naresh Trehan is Cardiothoracic Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Heart Transplant and Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery.

He has successfully performed 48,000 open-heart surgeries. Dr Trehan is awarded the highly prestigious Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan by the Government of India for his services in the healthcare industry. He is also associated as the President of the Indian Health Care Federation. 


Medanta brought a new era to the world of health care. The foundation stone of Medanta was laid in 2006 in Gurugram and started its operation in 2009. Since then the multi-facility hospital serves the patients with its quality healthcare. Treatments are done with cutting edge advanced technology and by thorough medical research. The hospital invested more than $15 million in technology and installed the advanced Da Vinci robotic system. Starting from Gurugram, Medanta has now marked its presence in 6 countries globally. 



The hospital provides the patients with the best service ensuring their comfort and well being. The features that make Medanta a one-its-kind hospital are: 

  • Renowned & Qualified Doctors

Each doctor and specialist at Medanta is highly qualified and has years of expertise in their respective fields. The hospital has over 800 qualified and experienced doctors. The researchers and doctors of the hospital have participated in award-winning research and medical journals. 

  • Holistic Approach Towards Treatment

The hospital adopts a holistic approach towards healing its patients. From traditional medicine, and advanced and integrative medicine to Ayurveda, Medanta finds the best way to treat its patients. The hospital is specially geared to customised ayurvedic treatment of Cancer, Heart, Urology, Orthopaedic and Neurology patients. 

  • Use Of Latest Technology

With the use of cutting edge technology, Medanta offers the highest level of precision for patient treatments. The advanced technology makes patients’ treatment more comfortable and reduces the recovery time. The hospital offers customised treatment plans with a wide array of advanced technologies.

  • Accredited by National & International Bodies

To bear the testimony of the quality of services provided by the hospital, Medanta is accredited by the Joint Commission International, NABH and NABL. The patient outcomes of the hospital are phenomenal. 


Medanta serves with one-of-its-kind facilities across the world. Spreading over 43 acres, the hospital caters to 20 specialities that include 1250 beds, 350 critical care beds and 45 operation theatres. The hospital provides treatment for various ailments like Bronchial Asthma, Prostate Cancer, Sepsis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Liver Cirrhosis, Chronic Otitis Media and many more. To ensure the safety and better treatment of the patient, Medanta offers services in:

  • Critical Care Units

The professional team of doctors and nurses provides the best care to patients that require critical care. ICCU’s team at Medanta include cardiologists, internal medicine physicians, neurologists, gastroenterologists, nurses and technicians trained in intensive cardiac care.

  • Air Ambulance

Medanta provides every possible help to treat its patients. With the aim to provide health care service to all, Medanta introduced its Air Ambulance and Flying Doctors. “Medical air evacuation service acts as a lifesaver to save lives by making highly specialized emergency medical care accessible despite geographical challenges,” asserts Dr Naresh. 

  • Lab Tests & Diagnostics

To prevent life-threatening diseases, the hospital performs various types of Lab tests, Radiology tests and other advanced diagnostic tests. It is a one-stop solution for all the diagnostic needs of the patients.

  • Wards and Rooms

The wards and rooms of the hospital are hygienic, and economical and include amenities like a wardrobe and television. The multi-bedroom of the hospital has 3-4 beds per room with ensuring the privacy of the patients. 


Dr Naresh envisions making Medanta a healthcare institution to deliver quality, holistic and affordable healthcare services. Every facilitator of the hospital is committed to caring the patients beyond their duty.


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