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Prime Juris, Advocates & Solicitors: Facilitating Reliable and Quality Legal Services

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“We, at Prime Juris, have been representing our clients through quality counsel and advocacy to put their interest at the centre of our attention.”

Rishabh Gupta & Prateek Goswami
(Partners, Prime Juris)


Expert Legal counsel and formal advice are essential to protect the rights and interests of an individual or an organisation. Everyone needs expert help when it comes to dispute resolution. Understanding the need for convenient access to formal legal advice, Prime Juris offers its expertise in quality counsel and advocacy. The highly professional and expert team of Prime Juris is well-versed in all dispute resolution mechanisms. 

The legal professionals of Prime Juris ensure that every legal advice by the team is viewed through the prism of accuracy, accessibility and accountability. The innovative legal solutions of the firm meet the specific requirements of clients which reduces the risk and optimises value. 


With the aim to provide exceptional legal advice, strategies and solutions to clients, Prime Juris was founded in 2019. The thought behind the inception of the firm is to provide quality legal services under one roof. Offering services that match the client’s expectations, Prime Juris has come a long way. 

The firm takes pride in representing its clients through quality legal advocacy and counsel by understanding their legal complexities and issues. With a team of legal experts and advisory professionals, Prime Juris stands tall among the top legal firms in the country.  And today, the firm is emerging as a trusted legal partner in the country. 

“We aim to achieve a global footprint while delivering exceptional representation, advice, strategies and solutions to our clients,” says Rishabh Gupta, Partner at Prime Juris. 


Prime Juris offers a cutting blend of expertise and capabilities that enables the firm to handle even complex legal cases with much efficiency. Building trust and confidence with its exceptional legal services, the firm has a strong Pan India network with several legal professionals from diverse fields. The firm also has experience in representing clients all over India across different courts including the Supreme Court Of India, High Courts and District Courts. 

Keeping up with the professional ethics and integrity of the imbibed values, Prime Juris is known for its quality and timely delivery of expert services. The diverse practice areas of the firm in which it provides legal services are Dispute Resolution And Arbitration, Insolvency & Bankruptcy, Consumer Protection, Intellectual Property, and many more.

“Our distinct approach is to understand each client’s needs, goals and requirements along with the implication of the legal issues,” says Prateek Goswami. 


Prime Juris provides a wide range of legal services to a myriad number of clients. The reputed clientele of the company includes Multi-National Companies, Corporate Houses, Startups, Public Sector Undertakings, MSME firms and many other individual clients. The firm believes that the key to maintaining healthy relationships with clients is to maintain transparency in work and ensure that quality work is delivered to the client at all times. 

Emphasising a healthy relationship with clients, Rishabh mentions, “The firm aspires to build long-term relationships with its clients through teamwork guided by integrity and principles of honesty, accountability and consistency.


Prateek Goswami Partner Prime Juris
Prateek Goswami (Partner, Prime Juris)

Integrating specialised legal knowledge and extensive experience in the field, the expert team of Prime Juris delivers the best legal service to its clients. The hard-working team of the firm has been working diligently to cater to the specific needs of the clients and offers the legal advice that suits them the best. 

The team at Prime Juris has an excellent record of guiding companies as well as individuals based on their legal needs and strives to offer a world-class experience to its clients.  


The most prominent award that Prime Juris has received so far is the trust and confidence of clients. A favourable relief that clients get from the court/tribunal is a notable milestone for the firm. For Prime Juris, client satisfaction is everything. Every time a client is satisfied with the expert services of the company, it moves the firm one step closer to achieving its vision. 

Prime Juris is getting its due recognition in the country for providing top-notch legal solutions and advice. The firm won Top-100 Lex Falcon Award in 2021 for impactfully contributing to the field of law. Taking pride in the expert services, Rishabh asserts, “Our quality services and achievements in a short span are an example of how outstanding things happen when the best minds work together.” 


With the aim to offer trustworthy, reliable and quality legal services, Prime Juris puts the needs and requirements of its clients first. The mission of the firm is to solve every legal complexity of its clients with value-added professional assistance. Prime Juris strives to evolve into a world-class firm with professional ethics and integrity among the advocates.

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