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ZEST India: Offering Innovative Corporate Training With High Tech LMS

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“For more than a decade, we, at ZEST India, have been working tirelessly to help organisations develop a workforce they can be proud of.”

Souvik Biswas
(CEO, Zest Learning And Consulting)


Employee loyalty has become more elusive than ever. But one thing that helps the company to attract and retain top talent is Learning & Development. Once considered a back-office activity, employee training and development have become more of a strategic function in many organisations. Learning & Development not only helps employees but companies also with a more skilled, productive and innovative workforce. That’s where Zest Learning And Consulting comes into play. The company offers world-class corporate training to prepare talented industry professionals and leaders for tomorrow. 

ZEST India was incepted in 2013 with the aim to inculcate communication and soft skills in working professionals. The core idea behind the company is to develop a skilled and efficient workforce that proves to be an asset for businesses. ZEST India has successfully trained more than 70 thousand employees and blossomed them into star performers for their organisations.  


An excellent corporate training facilitator, Souvik Biswas started his journey as a corporate trainer in 2008. His modules and training worked like magic for companies. His clients were very satisfied with the techniques and methods of effective management, right decision-making, and adequate resource management techniques that helped them regain their confidence. Realising that more companies have big dreams but they need proper corporate guidance, Souvik Biswas laid the foundation of his own brand ZEST India in 2013. 

The CEO of ZEST India, Souvik Biswas ensures that the corporate training modules of the company go beyond the traditional methods and techniques and help clients in building skilled manpower. He brings 15+ years of rich experience and expertise to the company and keeps the highly skilled team of ZEST India motivated. 

“We know how it works, what challenges the L&D team faces at the corporate and the LMS is designed to address those more effectively,” mentions Souvik. 


To measure employee learning trends effortlessly, ZEST India introduced its In-House Learning Management System (LMS), ZICO. The LMS helps employers to evaluate every employee based on skill set, learning capabilities and on-the-job performance. This system also fast-tracks the career growth of employees. ZICO can be easily integrated with associated management software and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). Here are the key features of ZICO:

  • It records each learner’s information so the training content will be relevant to their role, skills and function.  
  • ZICO also keeps learners engaged by sending notifications about training deadlines and course completion rates. It will also alert trainers on a user’s course completion status.
  • The company’s LMS is 100% mobile-friendly. Learners can access training content anytime, anywhere. 
  • ZICO also comes with a powerful video conferencing feature. This can help learners keep in touch with each other through web conferences. 


ZEST India firmly believes that it is employees who create the goodwill and the legacy of any organisation. When it comes to spearheading innovations, brainstorming strategies, and building the reputation of the organisation to the next level, it all comes down to having the right workforce. ZEST India provides best-in-class corporate training to build the right workforce. The exceptional services of the company include:

  • Soft Skill Training

Be it basic communication skills or the art of giving seamless presentations, ZEST India does it all efficiently. The company also offers services in team-building, the skill of cooperation and collaboration with others, and managing conflicts tactfully.

  • Sales Training 

The sales training offered by the company helps the sales professionals in mastering the art of delivering sales pitches, brushing up their product knowledge and handling client queries & objections adroitly. Till date, ZEST India has bloomed the careers of many sales professionals.

  • Retail & Hospital Management Training

The entire business of the Retail & Hospital Industry relies on efficient, helpful and friendly staff. ZEST India helps these businesses to create their dream team by imbibing several skills including making visitors feel welcome, answering queries promptly, dealing with angry/dissatisfied clients and patients with tact and converting casual visitors into satisfied customers.

  • Customer Delight Training

Any business is successful only when its customers are satisfied and happy. ZEST India trains its staff to give visitors a seamless and happy customer experience. Customer delight training helps brands to build a company’s reputation through positive reviews and word-of-mouth (WOM). 


Offering top-notch corporate training services, ZEST India adds many feathers to its cap. The most noteworthy achievements are:

  • ZEST India was awarded “Most Promising Company For 2022-23” by the Indian Achievers Awards
  • The company was named among the 50 Best startups by Silicon India
  • Souvik Biswas was awarded as “Most Dynamic Director”


Along with the training and LMS, ZEST India is also planning to implement AI in corporate training in the next 5 years. Souvik iterates, “We will be building up a learning eco-system for every organisation where knowledge, skill and attitude will be the only mantra for success.”

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