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Mithibai College’s Colosseum strikes again!

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Mithibai College’s biggest and most sought-after Management Festival Colosseum’22 made an iconic comeback with its 20th edition this year. From CSR activities, an enthralling flash mob to a fascinating talk show, Colosseum levelled up this year with its pre-events keeping everyone in awe before its highly anticipated D-days on the 27th and 28th of January 2023.

Giving the opportunity of a lifetime to numerous participants from a host of colleges and non-delegations, Colosseum really brought them all together in a celebration of management!

The first day began with the registrations in full swing, for different events.

Mithibai College event

People turned up in huge numbers to get registered and be a part of the intriguing events that the Colosseum team had in store for them while the fest was inaugurated by the authorities in Juhu Jagruti Hall.

The events began shortly after, they were curated as a culmination of management with vivid excitement. It was a diaspora of Management, Tactical, Ingenious, Literary and Fine Arts events; each department brought in their finely curated events to the table, which tested one’s skills and tenacity like no other!

Major highlights of the fest were

A motivational session with none other than the motivational coach and spiritual orator, Ms Jaya Kishori; she shared her thoughts on the topic, ‘You only live once’.

Distinguished Panelists

A business conclave with a distinguished panel of the who’s who of the business world.

The panel consisted of-

  • Dr. Vijender Singh Chauhan
  • Mr Rij Eappen
  • Mr Shreyas Hegde

It was an enriching session where they divulged into interesting discussions and imparted wisdom on all things business.

In the admissions area, one could find a diversity of tables and stalls selling the tastiest delicacies, the funkiest jewellery and all things gorgeous while KHOJ- The band serenaded the people while promoting the message of Work-Life Balance. 

The Creator’s Summit

Coffee with Colosseum

The Creator’s Summit was also an event to be remembered. Three amazing panellists for this exciting event were-

  • Viraj Ghelani
  • Esha Kansara
  • Anmol Sachar

The event was a resounding success. At last, the day was concluded with a roar in the felicitation ceremony where the worthy were rewarded and a special mention was given to all the core members of the committee. There were cries of joy and a little sadness as the beautiful journey of Colosseum’22 came to an end. With that, all the months of diligence, hard work and sheer passion towards the fest were brought to life and the memories made will always be preserved in the hearts of many and will always live on as the legacy of this fest we call COLOSSEUM.

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