Team Finanza from Mithibai College Succeeds in Menstruation Drive

Team Finanza from Mithibai College Succeeds in Menstruation Drive

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The dread of social exclusion, judgement and harassment often discourages menstruators from mustering the courage to address the natural phenomenon of menstruation. Purchasing a sanitary napkin somehow is all about concealing it with newspapers and dark plastics. 

Team Finanza, with its Menstruation Drive, made a modest attempt at shattering the age-old cultural taboo by effectuating dialogue around menstruation and menstrual hygiene. With the distribution of sanitary pads for all menstruators at Kapaswadi on Saturday, the 4th of February, 2023, volunteers from Team Finanza had a memorable experience interacting with women in the locality, many of whom work as daily wage labourers at different locations in the city. 

Menstruation Drive by Team Finanza

Conversations about the periodic struggles of missing out on significant events and opportunities during menstrual cycles due to the mere inaccessibility of menstrual hygiene products brought to light various issues that are seldom addressed. Relatable subjects of discussion, pertinent as well as light-hearted conversations and lots of laughter aptly described our experience at Kapaswadi.

The warm smiles on the faces of the women and the excitement of the children made nearly everything feel worthwhile. Our endeavour would have been fruitless without the support of volunteers from the Robinhood Army, a zero-funds organisation based out of Mumbai that lent us their valuable time and energy. This social cause project with the Inner wheel club of Bombay, Andheri East provided us with sanitary pads for the cause.

As we sit back and reflect upon all that we observed and gathered from our visit, we realise how we as a community have a long way to go when it comes to acceptance and destigmatisation of various existing social blemishes. Still, with hope in our hearts and sincerity in our actions even Herculean tasks come off as minuscule impediments!

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