6 Surefire Ways To Earn Money On TikTok

6 Surefire Ways To Earn Money On TikTok


TikTok isn’t all about funny videos; it’s a golden goose for people who are trying to make money. This article is perfect for you if you are one of those people. We have gathered a few ideas that you can leverage to make money on TikTok. TikTok is a social media platform that was launched in the year 2016. And it was made available to the international market in 2017. Users can create, share, find, and watch short-form videos using these platforms. 

It’s true that you can get lost in the endless amounts of videos on TikTok. But what if we say you can reap great benefits when tiktok is used correctly? Yes! That’s right. You know what? You can also buy tiktok views and efficiently enhance your social media presence on TikTok. In fact, after realizing TikTok’s immense reach, people from all over the world were eager and started exploring it. Which eventually paved the way for different money-making opportunities. 

Why Should You Make Money On TikTok?

The real question is, why not? Who doesn’t want to make money on a platform that is free to use and has stunning features? Also, the app has users from every corner of the world, and people of all ages, identities, and varied regions. So all you have to do is create an account on TikTok, meet specific criteria like age followers, and apply to the TikTok Creator fund to start earning money on the platform. Else you can use any of the ideas mentioned below to generate the revenue you want.

6 Surefire Ways To Earn Money On TikTok 

TikTok is not solely made for big multinational companies or celebrities. Indeed, the notable popularity increase of TikTok was due to its unrestricted usage. People can use this platform with no limitations. So even if you are a startup brand or a person just starting out, no worries, TikTok is the right place to earn money. 

People on TikTok have already started taking different approaches to reach financial success. So it is your time to commence the journey of making money on TikTok that too more efficiently and productively. For that, you can leverage the ideas in the below article.

1. Try TikTok Creator Fund

As we mentioned, you can sign up for the TikTok Creator fund and earn money. But there are certain things you must have before opting for this option. Such as the points listed here.

  • You must be 18 years of age or above.
  • You must have more than ten thousand followers.
  • Your account must not have any violated content; that is, it must have followed all the guidelines of TikTok deliberately.
  • Your TikTok videos must have had 100k video views in the past thirty days.

After ticking all these benchmarks, you can try the tiktok creator fund to commence the monetization process. The revenue is varied from person to person. The revenue will be calculated based on audience size, engagement rate, etc. Alternatively, you can also use TikViral to boost your income on TikTok.

2. Sell Your Own Products

One such excellent monetization method is selling your own products. And there are tons of options you can choose from. It can be T-shirts, bags, watches, pets, notebooks, pieces of jewelry, or clothes; the list is endless. So here is a quick tip. Sell products that have high demand and allow users to customize their orders. Also, you can create a website that makes it easy for users to buy all your products in a single place.

3. Partner Up With Influencers On TikTok

Do you know? You can increase your profile awareness even among your non-followers. Yes! But how? The answer is” Influencer Marketing.” It is one of the most innovative ideas because it’s a win-win situation for the influencers and also the opting party. To make money on TikTok, you can try either one of these options. 

The first one is partnering up with an influencer who has a tremendous social following and is reliable. By doing this, you will get to enhance your exposure and gain the necessary results. Also, you can opt for TikViral to increase your exposure more effortlessly on TikTok.

4. Become an Influencer On TikTok

The second one is becoming an influencer on TikTok. So that brands will approach you for a paid promotion campaign. As we said earlier, it is a win-win situation. Because you get to increase your reach and also earn money. But in order to become a reliable influencer on TikTok, you must do the following.

  • Have a proper strategy.
  • Good following rate. 
  • Good looking TikTok profile.
  • Enough credibility to prove yourself.
  • Good connection and communication skills etc.

5. Opt for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money. Because you will need less or zero investment in this marketing method. If you need to be made aware of what affiliate marketing is, here is a brief description. An affiliate marketer earns a certain amount of commission whenever a person purchases through an affiliate link. That is it!

So all you have to do is find a good affiliate program with a decent commission rate. Then add the affiliate link on TikTok. For instance, you can add the link in the bio space below your username. Now, you need to inform your followers about the link you have added. For that purpose, you can make content related to your affiliate program and post it on TikTok. So every time a person buys a product through your link, you earn money!

6. Collaborate With Top Brands

Partnering up with brands is an excellent opportunity for people to earn money on TikTok. Especially people in industries like music, art, gaming, sports, etc. This is not precisely influencer marketing but is similar to its mechanism. For example, let us assume you are a singer on TikTok. By collaborating with brands in your niche, you will obviously get a lot of exposure and money! So reach out to brands that may accept your collaboration.

Summing It Up

There are multiple income streams on TikTok, which makes it easy for people to earn money. But the real challenge is finding the methods that best suit you. TikTok is all about the right strategy and capturing people’s attention. So when that is done right, earning money on TikTok will not be a big deal. Therefore, try the above ideas and generate a source of income on TikTok. Lastly, don’t be tricked by the overnight success people attain on TikTok. Success is all about consistency and intelligent work.

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