Rising Above Limits The story of resilient wheechair model, Nishan Nizar

Rising Above Limits: The Story of a Resilient Wheelchair Model


In the tapestry of life, challenges often weave themselves into the most unexpected corners. It is a story of resilience and never giving up that we find in the journey of Nishan Nizar – a name that stands as a testament to human spirit and courage. 

Life is a canvas with vibrant hues but is not devoid of shadows. One night in 2018, Nishan, a resident of Kannammoola, Kerala was coming home from his bike. And that night transformed his life forever. While returning home, he met with an accident. He suffered a spinal cord injury and multiple leg fractures. He was hospitalised and stayed bedridden for almost a year. Later he went to a rehabilitation centre and promised himself to rise again. That’s when he forayed into the modelling industry. 

Today, a courageous and determined Nishan is gearing up for the Mr Wheelchair India contest where he is a finalist. We connected with him to explore more about his career, the challenges he faced and his future plans. 

  • How did you become interested in pursuing a modelling career?

Nishan Nizar

Before the accident, I used to do a lot of photoshoots, yet I hesitated to pursue a modelling career as I wasn’t confident. However, the accident changed everything. It ignited a passion within me to venture into the realm of modelling. At that time, I decided to become a model not just for myself but also to inspire others who are confined to wheelchairs. 

Through my journey, I want to rediscover the world of humanity, where equal opportunities abound for every individual to unveil their unique talents.

  • Have you encountered any challenges or obstacles related to your disability in your journey to becoming a model? If so, how have you been working to overcome them?

Yes, becoming a model has been a journey full of challenges. The modelling world has its standards and obstacles, often oblivious to our health conditions. I remember when I forayed into a modelling company, I faced a disheartening lack of recognition and support, leaving me feeling discouraged. However, I didn’t lose hope and kept trying at different places. Eventually, an inclusive modelling company welcomed me with open arms, guiding me through the storm. This marked my entry into this industry. 

Currently, I am preparing for Mr Wheelchair India. I draw my inspiration from international female models – Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Another disabled model who inspires me is Thasveer Muhammad from Kerala.

  • How do you plan to approach representation and inclusivity in the modelling industry as a person with a disability?

The fashion and beauty industries have historically overlooked people with disabilities, leaving us feeling excluded. As a wheelchair model and a disability advocate, I recognize the pressing need for inclusivity within these sectors. Disabled bodies must find their rightful place in the fashion, beauty, and media industries. To that end, I am committed to actively contributing towards the creation of a more inclusive and accessible fashion industry.

  • Is there any message or impact you hope to convey to society as an aspiring model with a disability?

As a disability wheelchair model, I want this world to be more inclusive and barrier-free. I believe everyone is unique in their own ways. There’s no room for shame in being true to oneself. One should always keep trying as each try one makes in this life makes a difference. It’s in these trials that the strength flourishes, much like the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes. Opinions of others are mere fleeting thoughts – ignore them. Be brave to take risks as risks can lead to life-changing achievements.

My goal as a disability model is to break stereotypes in society, fashion, and the media. I want to show that beauty and perfection come in all forms. Let’s embrace our differences and create a more inclusive world together.

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