Here’s Why Shubhi’s Unique Approach to Managing Traffic Is Doing Wonders

Here’s Why Shubhi’s Unique Approach to Managing Traffic Is Doing Wonders


Meet Shubhi Jain, a 26-year-old girl whose day starts with her best mate mic at 98.3 Radio Mirchi, Indore, where she hustles to make the mornings of Indore somewhat better. In the afternoon, she finds herself close to nature with her venture ‘Maatiwala’. Evenings come with serving Indore by handling the traffic with Indore Traffic Police.

While there has been some progress in recent years, the sight of women managing traffic is still uncommon in India. Shubhi is challenging this norm by working to ensure that the streets of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, are secure and protected.

In 2019, a 20 days internship program with Indore Traffic Police changed everything. Although she went back to her hometown in Bina, Sagar district in MP during Covid, she returned to Indore in December 2020 for her startup ‘Maatiwala’. Due to a lack of financial resources, she took it upon herself to deliver items directly to people’s doorsteps. This experience allowed her to gain a deeper understanding of what it’s like to be on the other side of traffic and to empathise with the difficulties that people face.

One day, Shubhi rushed to Umakant Chaudhary, the DSP of Indore and requested to let her serve the traffic department. Indore traffic police were very supportive and gave her permission to join this noble cause. Hence, the path forward was set for Shubhi. 


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A Balance Between Punishment and Achievement 

Wearing the Indore Traffic Police uniform and displaying the badge was a source of pride for her. Although individuals in uniforms are often associated with greater power and authority, she never wanted to be disrespectful towards anyone.

‘We punish people who break traffic rules but do we ever appreciate the ones who abide by them every day?’ Shubhi asked this question to herself. Thus, she adopted a distinct method by expressing gratitude to individuals who wore seatbelts and helmets with a smile. As a result, the Indore Traffic Convenience Index displayed a 0.01% improvement within a period of four days.

“When I started, I was able to cover roughly 50-60 cars during the 120-second red light period. To achieve this, I needed to be very swift with my movements. If I spotted someone wearing a seatbelt, I would thank them. However, if the car window was closed, I began to use hand gestures. These repeated actions gradually transformed into my distinctive dance forms.”

Since she has joined the Traffic Police Department, she performs her actions without any expectation of reward. She does not order people to follow traffic rules but instead makes requests, emphasising that the rules are for their own well-being.

‘Not Frustrating but challenging at times’

Shubhi Jain

While in traffic, Shubhi encounters individuals of varying ages and backgrounds, she consistently maintains a positive attitude and avoids causing any grievances. Although it can be difficult, she always interacts with people in a friendly manner, and despite occasional doubts, she finds motivation to continue.

“At times, there come days when I think why am I doing this but then the universe gives me a reason to continue doing it,” mentions Shubhi. 

Every day presents unique challenges in traffic, particularly on days when cricket matches are being held or when government officials are visiting. It becomes difficult to calm down people during those times but she has now learnt it quite well. 

Shubhi’s best day as a Traffic Warden

While carrying out her duty in Vijay Nagar, an elderly man on a bicycle approached Shubhi and dabbed on her head. 

“Budhe Dada came to me and told me, “I am seeing you here for the past 25 days. Your dedication will lead you to achieve great things in life. Keep going,” recalls Shubhi.  

Those words by the old man still echo in Shubhi’s ears and provide her with the motivation to continue her selfless actions.

It’s Always About Coming Out of the comfort zone 

Shubhi believes that every woman should push beyond her limits and explore uncharted territories. “Sometimes we create gender-specific or age-specific walls and restrict ourselves. We can always break them and discover new strengths, develop resilience, and cultivate a sense of purpose,” she says.

While emphasising the importance of physical development and a healthy lifestyle for women, she adds, “If you are physically fit, it promotes a sense of empowerment and self-assurance. Women can cultivate a stronger sense of independence and self-reliance by prioritising physical development.”

She has a message for the younger generation as well, suggesting that they should strive for financial independence while also dedicating some of their time to a social cause as well.

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