Toniland | Abhishek Saraf And Prerna Saraf | Company of the year 2022

TONILAND: Making Family Time More Fun And Exciting

“At TONILAND, we provide affordable and fun family time in a clean, beautifully curated and safe environment.” Abhishek Saraf And Prerna Saraf (Partners, TONILAND) Family time is something that we all adore. The happy and smiling faces of kids can cheer anyone’s mood instantly. To spend quality and fun time with family, play zones are […]

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Rohan Consultancy | Ajay Mehrotra | Company of the year 2022

Rohan Consultancy: On A Mission To Make The set uWorld A More Knowledgeable Place

“We, at Rohan Consultancy, provide the customers what they want and not what we want them to get.” Ajay Mehrotra (Founder, Rohan Consultancy)   Databases are the backbone of the business. For every company, it is essential to organise and maintain its intellectual assets in such a manner that they can easily be used. It […]

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Plasil Natural Fertilizers | Srikanth Reddy | Company of the year 2022

Plasil Natural Fertilizers: Sustaining Crop Productivity With Natural Products

“We strongly believe that farmers can only get multiplier factors in their income if they have quantitative & qualitative yield enhancements.” Srikanth Reddy (CEO, Plasil Natural Fertilizers) Plasil Natural Fertilizers is a natural nutrient manufacturer that specialises in analysing various earth-based minerals and their suitability in Agriculture and feed industries. With the commitment to making […]

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Globus Infocom Limited | Kirandeep Dham | Company of the year 2022

Globus Infocom Limited: Transforming Education with Smart Learning Solutions

“Our cost-effective, comprehensive & advanced Education Technology solutions enable bridging the gap between the rural & urban education scenario.” Kirandeep Dham (CEO, Globus Infocom Limited)   Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world for the better. But this change is possible only if quality education is accessible to […]

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