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Rohan Consultancy: On A Mission To Make The set uWorld A More Knowledgeable Place

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“We, at Rohan Consultancy, provide the customers what they want and not what we want them to get.”

Ajay Mehrotra
(Founder, Rohan Consultancy)


Databases are the backbone of the business. For every company, it is essential to organise and maintain its intellectual assets in such a manner that they can easily be used. It helps decision-makers of firms in creating strategies and growth plans. But to maintain such extensive intellectual assets, businesses need the help of expert partners. Filling the void of that partner, a Bengaluru-based firm, Rohan Consultancy helps companies efficiently in managing their knowledge resources, be it technical literature, Patents or Reports. With its distinctive approach, Rohan Consultancy is etching its expertise in its niche market and rising as an industry leader

With the mission of “Making Users use their Databases Effectively”, Rohan Consultancy meets the needs of the clients by providing them with the content they require from its various partners across the globe. The company provides end-to-end solutions for their document management and knowledge management through various resources.

Rohan Consultancy incorporated in 2007, stands tall in the publishing industry with over 30 years of rich experience. Following the company’s motto of “Never Say No To A Customer”, each and every member of the company provides unmatched support to the customers. 


Every business needs a visionary leader to guide its path, Ajay Mehrotra is that visionary leader of Rohan Consultancy. Being the Founder of the company, Ajay consistently explores new market opportunities that contribute to the success of the company. With years of rich expertise and knowledge, he guides the highly professional team of Rohan Consultancy and takes the company to the next level. 

Rohan Consultancy is a dream of Ajay Mehrotra, set up with the ultimate mission of spreading the power of knowledge across the world. With his ‘Never Give Up’ attitude, Ajay Mehrotra is moving forward by overcoming every hurdle that comes his way and also encouraging his team to move forward no matter what.  

“Our objective at Rohan Consultancy is to spread knowledge across different verticals to increase the research output in India,” mentions Ajay. 


Rohan Consultancy provides Databases on Literature and IP management to corporate houses and academic Institutions so that they can strategically align their core operations for their organisational growth. The highly-qualified and professional team of Rohan Consultancy guides its clients in asset protection, valuation and overall management. In addition to this, the various  services of the company include:

  • Technical Databases
  • Document management systems
  • Training programs on the effective use of databases
  • Online Anti-Counterfeiting Services

Rohan Consultancy has been working with many renowned publishers around the world and provides their clients with the benefits of technical literature, Patents and copyright compliance. The company not only offers the service but takes one more step forward to satisfy the needs of the clients. The professional team of the organisation educates the customers on compliance and assists them to get their organisation compliant in getting copyright-cleared articles.  

Rohan Consultancy is a trusted partner for many reputed companies when it comes to Document Management Systems. Helping clients in avoiding the clutter and hassle of paperwork, Rohan Consultancy provides Document Management Systems to organise, store and recover all the documents in one place. 

The company always believes in providing only those services that customers want and not imposing any products on them. Rohan Consultancy understands the needs and requirements of the clients and then offers the solution that suits them the best.

Just selling the product to the customers is not enough, the after-service is also important to maintain the long-term relationship with the clients. Keeping this thing in mind, Rohan Consultancy also provides after-service support to its clients to ensure that customers get what they require and get the best return on their investment. The post-selling services that the company offers help it to build the trust and confidence of the client. 


Offering reliable and efficient services to the corporate world, Rohan Consultancy is a leading name in the industry. The company has a reputation for providing quality and timely delivery of services. The company represents reputed global companies like IEEE (India’s Leading Academic Electronic Publisher), IP.Com (Leading Patent Database) and Copyright Clearance Center (Copyright Cleared Articles Provider). 

Apart from this, the esteemed clientele of the company includes major multinational companies and Public Sector Undertakings. 


Rohan Consultancy is working diligently to make the world a more knowledgeable place. The company is creating a customer-centric environment that aims for the growth of every company that collaborates with Rohan Consultancy. The company is now looking forward to expanding its business vertical across the country. With the passion-driven vision of spreading knowledge, Rohan Consultancy is walking on the path to becoming an industry leader in the future. 

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