Company Of the Year 2022

Company Of The Year 2022

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Building a company is a tough task and what is even tougher is building a unique identity in the market. It takes a well-thought-out strategy and a visionary approach to drive the business forward to the growth path. In the end, those companies that showcase their unique selling proposition rises as an industry leader. 

Here is the list of Company Of The Year 2022 that outshines their competition. 

  • ApMoSys

Category: IT Services

Standing among one of the leading IT Companies, ApMoSys provides exceptional services in diverse IT areas including Application Development, Software Testing, Energy  Audit, Mobile Application Development and R&D and Engineering. Incorporated by Bihu Prasad Padhi in 2012, ApMoSys is an ISO:9011-certified company.  

ApMoSys has a reputation for offering best-in-class consulting and IT Services with the highest quality and best performance. The company offers its product development and testing services to a wide range of industry verticals that include Logistics, BFSI, Manufacturing and eCommerce. 

  • Atticarch

Category: Interior Design & Architecture

Atticarch | Kamlesh Kumar Bhargava | Company of the year 2022

With the motto of “Transforming Spaces… Transforming Lives…”, Atticarch offers the most innovative and creative interior design solutions that not only look beautiful but are also functional, comfortable and affordable. The highly creative and professional team transforms any space into a dream space. Understanding the needs and requirements of every client, Atticarch offers customised interior design solutions while maintaining the highest quality. 

Under the guidance of  Kamlesh Kumar Bhargava (Principal Architect & Partner), Atticarch has now become a trusted name in the interior design industry. Atticarch provides its unique design solutions in various projects such as Residential  Projects, Commercial Projects and Renovation. 

  • Fiinovation 

Category: CSR Consulting

Operating in multiple disciplines of the social responsibility sector, Fiinovation is a global CSR Consulting company. It is one of the leading research and advisory firms that provide its expertise in CSR and sustainability domain.  Since its inception in 2008, Fiinovation has been helping corporates and civil society organisations with their social responsibilities and objectives. 

Being the CEO of the company, Dr Soumitra Chkraborty leads the company with his strategic planning and diligent work. Dr Soumitra also guides the proficient team of Fiinovation to provide the best-in-class services to its clients. 

  • Globus Infocom Limited

Category: Ed-Tech 

Globus Infocom Limited | Kirandeep Dham | Company of the year 2022

With the mission to transform the educational landscape, Globus Infocom acts as a single touchpoint suite of all ed-tech customisable solutions. It is a trusted “Make In India” brand with 30,000 customers and 300+ partners in Pan India.

Globus Infocom is Co-Founded by Kirandeep Dham along with her husband Ashish Dham in 2001 to provide quality education to every child. Harnessing the power of technology, Globus Infocom is tapping the potential of education to build a better future for learners. Offering the highest quality and reliable educational services, Globus Infocom has stood tall among the industry leaders for the past 21 years.

  • Industrial Inspection Services

Category: Non-Destructive Testing

Industrial Inspection Services | Rajesh Nagardas Gandhi | Company of the year 2022

Offering high-quality NDT Services, Industrial Inspection Services stands tall as a leader in the NDE Industry. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Industrial Inspection Services is known for its quality and timely delivery of its services. The company offers a diverse range of heat treatment services that include pre-heating, post-heating, Intermediate SR,  Stress Relieving, Solution Annealing and many more to the list. 

Rajesh Nagardas Gandhi is the visionary leader of the company that guides the young and enthusiastic team of Industrial Inspection Services with his extensive experience of over 38 years in the industry.

  • Plasil Natural Fertilizers

Category: Natural Fertilizers

Plasil Natural Fertilizers | Srikanth Reddy | Company of the year 2022

Plasil Natural Fertilizers is India’s one of the leading natural nutrient manufacturers that specialises in analysing earth minerals and improving the stability of Agriculture. The natural products of the company are specially created to catering the needs and requirements of the farmers. Silicon Granules of Plasil Natural Fertilizers help farmers to improve the quality of soil in their farms and also enhance the productivity of the crops. 

Plasil Natural Fertilizers is the brainchild of Srikanth Reddy who is also the Co-Founder &  CEO of the company. Srikanth has expertise and knowledge of natural minerals and soils that he uses in driving the best possible result that suits farmers the best. 

  • Rohan Consultancy  

Category: Knowledge Management

Rohan Consultancy | Ajay Mehrotra | Company of the year 2022

Incorporated in 2007, Rohan Consultancy is becoming a trusted choice for many companies for knowledge management solutions. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Rohan Consultancy assists its clients in efficiently managing their knowledge resources such as technical literature, Patents and Reports. Building the trust and confidence of its clients, Rohan Consultancy is standing tall in the industry with over 30 years of extensive experience.

Through Rohan Consultancy, Ajay Mehrotra (Founder) is pursuing his passion for spreading the power of knowledge across the globe. The young and professional team of the company follows the motto of “Never Say No To A Customer” and delivers the best-in-class service to the customer. 

  • Shankar Electricals

Category: Electrical Services

Shankar Electricals is a top-notch Electrical Contracting and Engineering company that provides a complete solution for all kinds of electrical needs. The company was founded in 1998 by Rajesh Shetty who is the Founder and MD of the company. The journey of SESIPL started with only 5 employees and offering facility maintenance services. 

Providing quality and reliable services to its customers, Shankar Electricals has marked its firm presence in PAN India. The various prominent services of the company include Energy Management, Integrated Facility Management, Operation & Maintenance, AMC Service, Structured Data Cabling and many more.

  • Skyislimit Technologies

Category: SaaS Services

Skyislimit Technologies | Dr. Manodh Mohan | Company of the year 2022

Skyislimit Technologies is helping businesses automate sales via top-notch Software and Digital Solutions. To simplify the sales process, Skyislimit Technologies introduced Salesfokuz. This platform is getting popular in the B2B community. Along with Salesfokuz, the other services provided by the company are Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, Digital Marketing and many others. 

With the mission to provide best-in-class solutions and services in the technology landscape, Dr. Manodh Mohan founded Skyislimit Technologies in 2013. The high-quality services of the company are trusted by more than 10,000 customers and CRM experts. 


Category: Family Entertainment Centres

Toniland | Abhishek Saraf And Prerna Saraf | Company of the year 2022

TONILAND is on a mission to make family time more fun and exciting. The Founder duo Abhishek Saraf and Prerna Saraf established TONILAND in 2016 to fill the void of entertainment in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. It is a chain of Family Entertainment Centres (FEC) that operates inside shopping malls. TONILAND play zones has now become synonyms for spending quality family time. 

Prioritising the happy faces of the children, TONILAND offers clean, safe and hygienic play zones for the entire family. Currently, the company has 6 operational stores in different cities like Kolkata, Rourkela, Siliguri and Bhubaneshwar. The company also organises birthday parties with customised packages.

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