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Plasil Natural Fertilizers: Sustaining Crop Productivity With Natural Products

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“We strongly believe that farmers can only get multiplier factors in their income if they have quantitative & qualitative yield enhancements.”

Srikanth Reddy (CEO,
Plasil Natural Fertilizers)

Plasil Natural Fertilizers is a natural nutrient manufacturer that specialises in analysing various earth-based minerals and their suitability in Agriculture and feed industries. With the commitment to making the world greener and soil healthier, Plasil Natural Fertilizers provides natural products that are best suited to the needs of farmers and the farm’s environment.

The company sources and manufactures the highest quality of natural Fertilizers that improve the quality of the soil and enhance the long-term sustainability of the soil’s natural ecosystem which helps farmers reduce the usage of chemical pesticides and fertilizers significantly.

The company manufactures and supplies the highest quality of Silicon Granules that improve the quality of the soil and enhance the long-term sustainability of the soil’s natural ecosystem.


  • Srikanth Reddy, Co-Founder & CEO

Srikanth Reddy is a second-generation Miner with extensive knowledge of natural minerals and soils. Being the Co-Founder & CEO, Srikanth is driving the growth of Plasil Natural Fertilizers. He has years of rich experience in diverse fields including Sales of Software Solutions, Running Mining Companies and using the know-how of natural minerals and soils and incorporating the best of them from all over the world to help improve soil fertility. 

  • Sharmistra Reddy, Co-Founder & CMO

The marketing brain of Plasil Natural Fertilizers is Sharmistra Reddy. Sharmistra is a financial and marketing professional who was associated with reputed organisations such as Deloitte and UBS before she started working in Plasil Natural Fertilizers. Sharmistra looks after the marketing initiatives of the company for its infinite growth.

“Our marketing strategy is simple – Provide Results. Unless results are in place, no matter how big your marketing budgets are, you would not be able to survive,” mention the Co-Founders of the company. 


The journey of Plasil Natural Fertilizers began in 2020. Initially, the company had to face difficulties because the concept was new and the resistance to change was there in the farmers. But as it is said, “the only way to go forward is through happy clients.” The exceptional quality of the company’s product has been building the trust of the farmers with great results.

The company started with only 5 customers and today, it has been able to serve more than 30,000 farmers across 5 South Indian states. The natural products of the company have produced super results on more than 50 crops both quantitatively and qualitatively. 

Plasil Natural Fertilizers Mr Rajender Holkote of Hubli, Karnataka
Srikanth Reddy with Mr Rajender Holkote of Hubli, Karnataka

Mr Rajender Holkote of Hubli, Karnataka who is using the products, mentions that he is using Plasil products for the last 3 years and is “quite happy to see the productivity of the crops”

He is using Plasil products for wheat, Mirchi, black gram and groundnut crops. He says “Plasil Products have worked well in all the crops. Seed boost is a great product and I absolutely love the way seeds germinate.”


Building the trust of the farmers with result-oriented products, Plasil Natural Fertilizers offers a wide range of products to increase yield and sustain crop productivity. The various product range of Plasil Natural Fertilizers include: 

  • Seed Boost

It is a unique product and one of its kind titanium-based seed nutrient. The experts of Plasil Natural Fertilizers firmly believe that seed has a lot of energy and vigour within itself and there is a huge need to harness it right from the seed stage. Seed boost helps crops achieve better pest resistance, increased vigour, and better growth even with reduced chemicals. 

  • Mactis

A unique volcanic, titanium-based fertilizer which also contains essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium and sulphur.

  • Plasil

Plasil is at the forefront of promoting Silicon as a nutrient and a much-needed element in the growth of plants. Though Silicon is the most common mineral and is abundant in soil and rocks, most of it is unavailable to plants. The company successfully provides farmers with this much-needed nutrient by using good volcanic elements.


Having extensive knowledge of minerals backed by scientific research, Pasil Natural Fertilisers offers the right solution for farmers to produce extraordinary results. The highly professional team of the company constantly engages with the farmers regularly. 

Plasil Natural Nutrient products have been found to increase Curcumin content, Gingerol content, Sugar content or Scoville point of the crops and help the farmers get a better price for their produce.

“We push farmers into getting their yields tested upon the use of our products and a scientific base would help them negotiate better,” says the CEO. 

Mr Chinna Reddy of Nizamabad, Telangana has been using the product for the past 2 years on his turmeric crop. After the company’s insistence, he got the curcumin content checked and was surprised to know that there was an increase of 3 % in curcumin and he was able to get a 15 %  premium for his crop. 

Constantly engaging with the farmers helps the company to understand the problems and challenges faced by the farmers. Srikanth iterates, “Pain point identification only happens upon regular interactions with farmers and by doing this, we strive to develop products which can be of great value to the farmers.”

Mr Senthil of Erode, Tamil Nadu
Mr Senthil (Erode, Tamil Nadu)

Mr Senthil of Erode, Tamil Nadu has been using Plasil’s products to increase the yield of sugarcane, paddy and turmeric crops for the last one year. He mentions, “There is a significant difference in the productivity and health of the crop. Recently because of the cyclone, most of the sugarcane in our village fell down, but our crop is intact and in great condition.”


For Plasil Natural Fertilizers, true success means ‘Happy Farmers’. Srikanth asserts, “We aim to help more than 2 lakh farmers achieve a minimum of 30% increase in  yield with 50% lower investments in the next five years.” Catering to the needs of the farmers, the company is emerging as the right choice for every farmer.

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