Indian Cake Artist Prachi Dhabal Deb

Indian Cake Artist Prachi Dhabal Deb Receives Prestigious Honours in the UK parliament and the Oxford University

The renowned Indian cake artist Prachi Dhabal Deb is a pioneer in the field of confectionery art, winning praise from all over the world for her unmatched icing structures. Her creations are more than just cakes; they are edible works of art that push the frontiers of culinary creativity. Kevin McCole, Managing Director of UK […]

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Dr. Swati Saini

Dr. Swati Saini: Guiding Hope and Happiness into Many Lives

“We’ve seen lives change for the better through astrology.”  Dr. Swati Saini  (CEO, Astro Advisors) Dr. Swati Saini is a multifaceted professional: Expert Astrologer, Vedic Tarot Card Reader, Dowser, Reiki Energy Healer, Psychologist, Parenting Coach, Groomer, Counsellor, and Meditator. Raised in a family deeply rooted in astrology, her journey began with a fascination for star charts […]

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Acharya Rajendra Sharma: Guiding Lives with Vedic Astrology

“My primary concern is ensuring clients feel healed, healthy and happy after the sessions.” Acharya Rajendra Sharma (Astrologer Counsellor) An astrologer is a preceptor, a guide, a friend in need and a philosopher and counsellor of the entire human race. Acharya Rajendra Sharma from Panchkula (Haryana) aptly fits into this role, whose journey into the astrology […]

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Dr Anoop Kumar Raghav: Predicting and Preparing for the Future

“Astrology is a field where a learned astrologer uses their knowledge as an umbrella to protect from the downpour of risks.” Dr Anoop Kumar Raghav (Director, Future Key India) Dr Anoop Kumar Raghav’s journey into astrology began with a prophecy. “In 1984, my teacher looked at my palm lines and told me that I would have […]

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Astrologer Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant

Astrologer Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant: On A Mission To Illuminate Life’s Pathways “I believe that recurring planetary cycles cast their impacts on people’s lives, influencing each phase of their growth, challenges, and transformations.” Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant (Founder and Chief Astrologer, Pavitra Jyotish) It was in 1985 when Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant started reading the famous […]

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Pt. R.K. Sharma

Pt. R.K. Sharma: Astrological Maestro of Healing and Harmony

“Through astrology, I strive to heal rifts, cultivate lasting unity and restore happiness & peace in every family.” Pt. R.K. Sharma (Owner, Bhargava Astrologers) It is said that every hand that is read and every star that is charted serve as a gateway to understanding the deepest potential of a human being. With over 25 […]

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Pt. Dr Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava: Legend of Nadi Astrology

“Nadi Astrology is a science of time. It stands out for its precise predictions in the Hindu astrological tradition.” Pt. Dr Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava (CEO & Founder, IINAV)  From the tender age of 9, when most children were just beginning to explore the world, Pandit Dr Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava invested himself in learning astrology from his […]

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Arun Antony, Inspiring Leaders

Arun Antony: The Startup Growth Strategist

“YE Stack helps build scalable startups with exceptional founders.” Arun Antony (Founder, YE Stack) The entrepreneurial spirit in India has soared in recent times, propelled by cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Amid this transformative wave stands Arun Antony, the visionary Founder of YE Stack – a go-to place for entrepreneurs not only to […]

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Premnath Parayath & Kiran James, Inspiring Leaders

Premnath Parayath & Kiran James: The Tech-Forward Sustainability Leaders

“We have secured contracts with over 20 corporate clients pan India, created distribution channels across India and a network with over sixty vendors in just one year.” Premnath Parayath & Kiran James (Co-Founders & Directors, Qwatt Technologies) What if the future of signage wasn’t just about visibility but about a whole new era of innovation? […]

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Krishna G & Prashanth G, Inspiring Leaders

Krishna G & Prashanth G: The Sales Transformation Pioneers

“At GrowthAspire, we’re not just shaping careers; we’re shaping futures.” Krishna G (CEO, Sales Trainer & Coach) Prashanth G (Co-Founder, Influence & Business Acceleration Coach) GrowthAspire Becoming adept at sales and selling is the key to enhancing a business’s success. Every interaction, every pitch, and every negotiation have the potential to shape the business’s future. […]

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