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Arun Antony: The Startup Growth Strategist


“YE Stack helps build scalable startups with exceptional founders.”

Arun Antony (Founder, YE Stack)

The entrepreneurial spirit in India has soared in recent times, propelled by cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Amid this transformative wave stands Arun Antony, the visionary Founder of YE Stack – a go-to place for entrepreneurs not only to build on ideas but also to take them to scale.

A serial entrepreneur and an alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur, Arun has built YE Stack as a ‘Founder-focused’ Venture Studio. He has devised ‘Capability Stacks’ to support aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide in their early-stage journey through the ‘Venture Studio Startup Building Model’. 

YE Stack was born out of Arun’s passion for mentoring young entrepreneurs and a keen interest in the Cognitive Psychology of Entrepreneurs. Over the years, YE Stack has evolved into a platform that enhances the founder’s ability to launch a startup faster and aids the startup in reaching the Product Market Fit quickly.

Views by Arun Antony

“In 2017, YE Stack began as a one-on-one mentoring program for aspiring young entrepreneurs. Over time, it evolved into a community for young entrepreneurs and in 2023, it transformed itself into a Venture Studio. The unique entrepreneurial design of YE Stack helps aspiring youngsters to become a part of the challenging and transformative environment of the entrepreneurial world,” states Arun.

Charting the Course to Leadership

Despite struggling through a series of setbacks and repeated failures that tested his resilience and determination, Arun didn’t succumb to despair but rather bounced back stronger. As he was working towards establishing YE Stack, Arun also focused on personal growth and the development of his leadership skills.  This holistic approach has gone a long way in developing a dynamic and effective leadership style helping him navigate the complexities of the business landscape.

The first and most fundamental step for him was to assemble a high-performing team from a diverse group of individuals. With the help of a shared vision and keeping open communication channels, he harnessed his team’s collective strength. Crafting a compelling vision that would guide the team towards a common goal was crucial. To remain informed and updated in the rapidly evolving landscape, Arun attended leadership workshops, industry conferences, and mentorship programs. Staying attuned to the latest industry trends and best practices, he learnt how to lead the team through challenges and utilise emerging opportunities.

Building Scalable Startups With Exceptional Founders

YE Stack Venture Studio helps entrepreneurs build their ideas into thriving businesses. The YE Stack Venture Studio model differs from traditional incubators or accelerators; it’s an operating cofounder to startups, helping entrepreneurs design, build, and scale their startups in the best way possible. The “0-1 playbook” frees founders to focus on solving customer problems and generating resources, while YE Stack handles other crucial aspects as a trusted cofounder. With a focus on continuous learning and development, YE Stack has built specialised ‘Learning Stacks’ for its community members. Unlike the traditional models, YE Stack engages with early-stage entrepreneurs, providing them with a comprehensive “STACK” comprising resources, expertise, and infrastructure.

Arun believes in building strong client relationships and ensuring tailored solutions according to the customer’s needs and goals. “Our targeted outreach, digital marketing campaigns and strategic partnerships amplify our presence and convey the message that we are more than a support system– we are true co-builders of startups,” mentions Arun.

What’s The Next Move?

Arun asserts, “With the YE Stack Startup building model gaining traction among global and Indian Founders, our vision is to form a dynamic team of talented individuals, whom we fondly refer to as ‘rockstar youngsters.’ These people will closely work with startup founders worldwide to boost their development and contribute to their global success.” Establishing a robust Founders community and nurturing entrepreneurial talent through its mentorship initiatives is YE Stack’s biggest achievement. 

Arun derives inspiration from the profound wisdom found in Indian philosophical texts and the guidance of revered Gurus. They help him in making a positive impact, guide his journey and motivate him with a sense of purpose and a commitment to making a meaningful difference.

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