Krishna G & Prashanth G, Inspiring Leaders

Krishna G & Prashanth G: The Sales Transformation Pioneers


“At GrowthAspire, we’re not just shaping careers; we’re shaping futures.”

Krishna G (CEO, Sales Trainer & Coach)
Prashanth G (Co-Founder, Influence & Business Acceleration Coach)

Becoming adept at sales and selling is the key to enhancing a business’s success. Every interaction, every pitch, and every negotiation have the potential to shape the business’s future. That’s where Krishna G and Prashanth G enter the business world with their unique offerings to unlock the potential of professionals and businesses with customized training and coaching programs under GrowthAspire. With a vision to help both B2B and B2C businesses achieve their sales growth aspirations, the duo brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the table. Krishna and Prashanth are the driving forces behind GrowthAspire, where they harness their extensive knowledge and experience to enhance the way clients engage with their customers.

Views by Krishna G

“We study multiple disciplines from performance coaching, social psychology, and neuroscience, and also real-world scenarios to develop appropriate learning techniques and apply them to business growth,” says Krishna G.

Elaborating further on this,c says, “We aim to equip individuals and teams with right set of skills, tools, and behaviour essential to thrive in today’s competitive world. Our mantra is clear– clients must record 10X ROI and immediate business growth post our intervention.”

Views by Prashanth G

The Maestros Behind GrowthAspire

Krishna G, CEO, Sales Trainer & Coach

Krishna began his journey as a medical representative. He brings with him 16 years of experience in sales training and coaching. Before incepting GrowthAspire, he steered through several roles, including evolving from an Area Manager to a Business Development Manager within the Unisearch and Neuforva division of Unichem Laboratories. However, a desire to pivot into the sales industry led him to Mercuri Goldmann where he expanded his expertise as the company’s Consultant. With each step and crossing every learning curve, Krishna became a Senior Consultant and dedicated over 1000 days to classroom training across 20 industries.

Krishna G (CEO, Sales Trainer & Coach) GrowthAspire

Being in the sales industry didn’t lessen Krishna’s hunger, and the desire to foster independent growth for the sales team led him to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. With a vision to empower sales professionals by providing fresh insights and strategies, Krishna decided to build GrowthAspire with Prashanth. To date, he has developed numerous programs and collaborated with over 90 companies in sales and sales management.

Prashanth G, Co-Founder, Influence & Business Acceleration Coach

Academically, Prashanth has done Electronics Engineering. He possesses 17 years of rich experience in tech giants like Samsung & Startups in India & USA. He ventured into the entrepreneurship world in 2015. During 2014-15, he also pursued 1-year Business Excellence Program from the Hass School Of Berkeley in the USA, which equipped him with business acumen and added strategy, marketing, and finance expertise to his portfolio.

His first startup was TaxiBay, a unique platform for booking vehicles online by onboarding 82 agencies and 4500 vehicles. Although the company ran successfully for three years, Prashanth’s inner calling and passion for understanding the psychology of behaviour science made him pivot towards self-development and professional coaching and training. That’s when, with a dedication to helping leaders ace their business using behavioural science tools, Prashanth joined hands with Krishna to build GrowthAspire and pioneer transformative solutions in sales training and consulting.

Prashanth G (Co-Founder, Influence & Business Acceleration Coach) GrowthAspire

Transitioning into the business role meant learning different skills such as acquiring customers, customizing programs, delivering to the requirements and following with post-workshop implementation. Krishna and Prashanth excelled by demonstrating adaptability, resilience, and a deep understanding of the dynamic sales landscape. They successfully handled the challenges that came their way, thus positioning themselves as prominent leaders in the field.

TCC Approach: Training, Consulting and Coaching

In a few years since its inception, GrowthAspire has become a prominent training, consulting, and coaching company in India. As Krishna mentions, “Our tagline says – Sales Growth Made Simple by helping sales teams achieve their growth aspirations. 


We focus on business results rather than just learning needs.” GrowthAspire provides a tailored approach and combines insights from various disciplines to address clients’ needs. It uses the DIGTS model, emphasizing diagnosis, insights, goal setting, and training.

The duo emphasizes, “GrowthAspire core mission is to bring the best learning tools combined with technology. We want to reach & touch the lives of one million professionals and business leaders in the next five years. To date, we have served over 150 clients and businesses of all sizes.”

Collaboration with the Esteemed Cialdini Institute

In 2023, GrowthAspire has become India’s first Gold Partner with Cialdini Institute, which is Home Of Influence. Cialdini Institute is grounded on Science, Ethics, and Application Focused Influence Skills for Business Leaders. 

The collaboration with one of the prestigious institutes has marked a significant milestone, adding a new dimension to the company’s offerings and ensuring methodologies remain cutting-edge. 

“Becoming India’s first Gold Partner with the Cialdini Institute, led by Dr. Robert Cialdini, renowned as the Godfather of Influence, stands as a crowning achievement for us,” mentions Krishna with pride. 

Guiding Principles at GrowthAspire

GrowthAspire focuses on becoming the top player in coaching and makes a deep-rooted impact in the lives of budding and established business leaders. Additionally, the fact that the firm has trained and coached over 12,000 professionals and leaders is proof of their commitment to the goals.

Krishna’s inspiration comes from his profound desire to help sales professionals. He strongly believes that following ethical practices is important for a fulfilling career. Therefore, GrowthAspire empowers sales professionals with the necessary tools for ethical conduct, such as knowledge, skills, robust processes, dedicated effort and adherence to principles. 

“I draw inspiration from my own experience as well as studying business leaders’ stories that success comes from being a student always. One must never stop learning in this age of rapid changes happening all over. Anyone at any age can learn and adapt to new skills by being growth-focused,” states Prashanth.

Krishna and Prashanth’s beliefs guide GrowthAspire to shape the future of many businesses and make a lasting impact on the world of business leadership.

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