Premnath Parayath & Kiran James, Inspiring Leaders

Premnath Parayath & Kiran James: The Tech-Forward Sustainability Leaders


“We have secured contracts with over 20 corporate clients pan India, created distribution channels across India and a network with over sixty vendors in just one year.”

Premnath Parayath & Kiran James (Co-Founders & Directors, Qwatt Technologies)

What if the future of signage wasn’t just about visibility but about a whole new era of innovation? The answer lies in Qwatt Technologies, the brainchild of Kiran James and Premnath Parayath who are on a mission to transform the signage landscape through cutting-edge innovation. 

Views by Premnath Parayath

“In industries like Banking, Automotive, Petroleum, Outdoor Advertising, ATMs, and Multi-Store Brands, managing indoor and outdoor lighting, especially signage lighting, has been mostly manual. The responsibility falls either on the last person leaving the premises or the first arriving, sometimes even on security guards. This manual approach leads to inefficiencies and higher operational costs due to unnecessary lighting. That’s where Qwatt Technologies comes in to automate and streamline signage lighting management via two distinct solutions: The Time Switch and an IoT-based Centralized Management System,” states Premnath while shedding light on the innovative approach Qwatt Technologies brings to the fore.

James further adds, “Many businesses haven’t explored time switches due to a lack of awareness, while outdated time switches pose challenges since they have not been updated for a considerable period. The market lacks comprehensive solutions, with fragmented service and product providers. Surprisingly, centralized management and fault management systems are yet to be introduced by established brands. But, in this era of automation, the timing is perfect for a shift. With IoT solutions, there is immense potential to address these challenges and explore untapped markets.” 

The Brains Behind The Brand

Premnath Parayath, Co-Founder & Director

Premnath Parayath, Co-Founder & Director, Qwatt Technologies

Premnath boasts an exemplary career spanning around 28 years in the signage and lighting industry. With a history of managing business operations and development at General Electric (GE) and consulting roles in product development and strategy for Lighting Technologies and ADS, Premnath emerges as a seasoned expert in his field. His expertise lies in creating both short-term and long-term plans and predicting sales to achieve volume and profitability targets. His experience at OSRAM helped him understand the lighting and electrical component industries. 

Kiran James, Co-Founder & Director

Kiran James, Co-Founder & Director, Qwatt Technologies

Kiran is an innovative strategist with an astute eye for emerging opportunities. As the Vice President and Global Head of Marketing and Product Strategy at Muthoottu Mathew Group, he brings 15 years of expertise in marketing and business strategy in the financial sector. 

He has won the Best Marketing Strategy Award for his exceptional mastery in marketing, product development, business strategy, financial planning, and forecasting. He is an alumnus of IIM Jammu and brings a distinguished educational background to the table, marked by multiple postgraduate degrees in Business Administration, Brand Management & Product Development, and Digital Marketing. He has been recognised for his inspiring speeches and significant contributions, earning prominent features in esteemed national media outlets.

Being the Co-Founders of Qwatt Technologies, James and Premnath leverage their invaluable experience to strategically take the company to heights.

Towards A New Era of Innovation

Qwatt Technologies offers two solution segments- Time Switch and IoT-based Centralized Management System. The company works with chain stores in the B2B sector that follow specific guidelines for their signage solutions. To fit its product into these guidelines, it partners with signboard vendors who buy the products from its authorized distributors.

Views by Kiran James

“Our solutions facilitate remote operations, centralized management, monitoring, and automation. We aim to establish Qwatt as a leading electronics brand, addressing challenges with eco-friendly technology solutions that promote user interaction and boost customer satisfaction,” says the duo.

Qwatt IoT Module

It is a revolutionary centralized monitoring system that provides real-time visibility into signage and lighting operations and real-time health monitoring of signages while also capturing the root cause of the failure. It is built from fire-retardant UL-grade plastic and is compatible with all Qwatt Time Switches. Above all, installation and operation are quite easy, thus making it a user-friendly solution. It has become an ideal choice for its revolutionary features like communication through Wifi, electrical parameter measurement, real-time notifications and alerts and more.

IoT Enabled Digital Time Switches

Qwatt’s Time Switch has industry-leading specifications and caters to the management and safeguarding of both outdoor and indoor lighting systems. This innovative solution offers a multitude of features, including the provision for multiple programmable timings, safeguarding against voltage fluctuations and surges, easy installation, an intuitive user interface, minimal maintenance prerequisites, prolonged equipment lifespan, and the availability of on-site warranty upon request.

Kiran explains, “A time switch is a device that operates on an electric switch-based pre-set timing mechanism. Integrating a time switch into the signboard facilitates control over turning on and off of signboard lights at specific times.” 

Qwatt’s USP lies in providing integrated solutions that combine product, service, and technology. The products come with an extended warranty of up to five years, which surpasses its competitor’s coverage.

Scaling Sustainable Solutions Globally

Despite the substantial challenges within the industry, Qwatt Technologies has secured contracts with over 20 corporate clients pan-India and created a vendor network with over sixty vendors in just one year. It has its authorized distributors now operating in New Delhi (North), Mumbai (West), Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala (South). The company has launched four variants of time switches and an IoT module. 

A few of its distinguished clients include Skoda, MAX, Prestige Group, South India Bank, Federal Bank, The Muthoot Group, and Wildcraft among others.

“We are currently exploring overseas distribution channels in countries including Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, and Ghana to strengthen our global footprint,” mentions the duo while charting the growth projections and expansion plans for Qwatt Technologies.

The Future Plans

Qwatt Technologies is gearing up for an exciting expansion with the upcoming launch of its IoT-enabled LED module and power driver by May 2024, followed by Digital Display Panels by June 2024. These products will boast top-notch specifications and exceptional build quality, offering centralized monitoring, real-time fault analysis, and an impressive warranty of up to 7 years.

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