Tenacious Services Leading the Evolution of HR Solutions

Tenacious Services: Leading the Evolution of HR Solutions

“We provide complete HR staffing and third-party payroll management solutions.” Amar Nath (Director & COO, Tenacious Services) With over two decades of dynamic experience in Human Resources across top-tier manufacturing, projects, logistics and financial institutions nationwide, Amar Nath has cultivated a diverse skill set while maintaining his unswerving passion for learning. His journey to establish […]

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Top HR Consultants to watch

Most Promising HR Consultants To Watch In 2024

The backbone of any profitable organization lies in Human Resources. Be it an early-stage startup or an established company, HR operations remain the top priority for every establishment. However, attracting the right talent and keeping the skilled workforce can be a back-breaking process. Since retaining good employees is the most significant aspect of any successful […]

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